What is the ShieldWall Network Plan? Project New America.

Project New America

by Billy Roper

Some interested people, potential activists and supporters, have asked me what the ultimate plan and goal of the ShieldWall Network is. They want to see all of my cards laid out on the table, face up, before they will truly commit themselves and their primary personal loyalty to the ShieldWall.

I understand their hesitancy to join the growing ShieldWall, and make it their top loyalty by jumping on board, without knowing where the driver is headed. At the same time, there’s always a risk in telegraphing your punches. It ruins the surprise.

Okay. I give. Here’s the super secret, diabolical, confidential plan: I don’t mind telling you, because it’s gonna happen, anyway, whether you’re a part of it or not, and whether everybody hears about it, or not.

Really, you don’t have to plan nature, God has already done a pretty good job of doing that for us. Any plan made by man should take advantage of the natural processes already put into motion by God, in order to be assured of success…at least, we’d be wise to not purposefully run counter to His revealed will and intent, if we want to succeed. The ShieldWall Plan is organic and natural. There are very real, observable, documented natural processes at work in America today. They simply follow human nature, and don’t require cajoling or browbeating or convincing people to follow them. I’m not trying to sell this plan, it already sells itself, because it’s what our people WANT to do, and what they ALREADY are doing, right now.

Those ongoing natural processes already at work in America lend themselves to division, polarization, and ultimately, balkanization. It is now inevitable that even an authoritarian establishment cannot maintain the multiracial empire in perpetuity. A breakup is coming. As the demographic changes which are a part of that natural and ongoing process continue to accelerate, migrations of people to separate and settle out isn’t something that has to be preached about, cheerled, begged, or forced. It’s already happening, through voluntary, regional White flight.

There is, as many of you know, the Northwest Plan, aiming to entice White Nationalists into moving to the Pacific Northwest. It may be a feasible idea for the interior of that region, but not likely for the liberal coastal enclaves which govern it and whose presence is often forwarded as a prime promotional attribute of the area. That idea presupposes that building a White mini-state in the most liberal part of the country made up of the most left-wing people and with a rising Asian population facing Asia across what will be, when America balkanizes, a Chinese lake, is a recipe for success. There are, however, alternatives, alternatives which simply take advantage of voluntary migrations already happening as people vote with their feet. It’s not that there is only ONLY alternative. There also is the planned New Albion in upper New England, and even PLEs, Pioneer Little Europes, out west in the high plains. Ultimately, I wish them ALL success, and despite our personal preferences or even our disagreements on location, I’d love to see multiple White ethnostates arise as allies and confederates. In that regard, it’s not a competition. That having been said, allow me to present the case for Ozarkia and East Tennessee.

Blacks are moving back to the deep south from midwestern and northeastern cities, and combined with the higher comparative birth rate of blacks increasing their numbers there, Whites are responding by moving from the darkening deep south to the White upper south. Herein lies the essence of the ShieldWall Plan.

The ShieldWall Plan: continue to evacuate Whites from darkening Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and south Arkansas to the Ozarks. Gain influence and power in the over one hundred contiguous counties there, straddling the Arkansas and Missouri border, that are already over 90% White and very conservative by becoming active, involved persons of influence in those communities. Similarly, encourage White flight from Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, and other neighboring states around southern Appalachia to East Tennessee, where the surrounding region likewise enjoys one hundred contiguous counties which are over 90% White. Gain access to city and county governments, institutions, and organizations. Build the ethnostate(s).  In sharp contrast to other areas of the country, Whites moving to the Ozarks and East Tennessee from the darkening deep south (as well as some from other regions of the country such as the upper midwest) are causing the White percentage in Ozarkia and East Tennessee to INCREASE.

The seeds of this plan were planted in my fictional ‘Hasten The Day’ trilogy a few years ago. The demographic trends and population change models were quantified and the data supporting the ongoing process were updated, explained, and published in the nonfiction ‘The Balk’ a year later. Things have only accelerated since then.

Our new ethnostates will not be small. They will not be isolated. They will not be landlocked, contrary to popular belief. They will grow to be a superpower. After a relatively short period of establishment and coalescence while our multiracial and nonWhite neighbors regress and collapse, New America will expand again, like a nuclear explosion pushing outwards once the atoms are bound together and compressed, their energy collected, and then released. Boom, baby. We will take it all back.

The Heartland, the red states, what coastal liberals call ‘flyover country’, will be New America, when the balkanization happens. After the United States breaks up, the large nonWhite enclaves such as St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, and Memphis will be reduced through negotiation, evacuation, siege, conflict, and cleansing. Smaller islands of color in the Midwest’s sea of White will be drowned, as well, following the pattern most recently demonstrated in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. New America will coalesce and congeal from the Appalachians to the Rockies, from the Great Lakes to the Texas Coast. But it begins here. It starts with us, in the ShieldWall.

We need people who are able to, to move to the Ozarks and East Tennessee to join us. We need those of you here, and outside the core, to network with one another and with us. We need you, throughout the Midwest and the West and the Upper South, to begin forming your own local ShieldWall Network franchises of activists and preppers in your area. We have the experience and expertise to help teach you how to organize, find and cherry pick and radicalize like-minded Whites all around you. Next, we will guide you in becoming a leader of your peers, and help you establish outposts which will grow into vehicles of local and regional control and government when the illegitimate federal government abdicates and is removed from power by the coming balkanization.

That’s the plan. I call it ‘Project New America‘. We even have a theme song. In my mind, it is clear and concise, natural and organic, and most important of all, it is already happening. Don’t mess with mother nature. Ride the tiger. This is happening. We’re headed to our future. Climb on board with the ShieldWall.