Montel Williams says Billy Roper’s endorsement can deliver enough “racist” votes for Jan Morgan to win AR. Governor’s race.

After former Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Billy Roper, the coordinator of The ShieldWall Network and an author who coined the phrase ‘Balk Right’ to describe the political philosophy of those who share his view of the coming breakup of the United States into racial ethnostates, publicly endorsed Jan Morgan for governor in the Arkansas Republican primary election against RINO cuck Asa Hutchinson last weekend, liberals lost their minds.

Hutchinson’s former stepandfetchit Trent Minner took the time to help advertise the ShieldWall Network website, as did Nate Bell. It’s nice to know they read our articles, and now many more Arkansans will, as well. Bell, famous for misquoting Hitler and promoting Holocaust museums, is so liberal that he abandoned the Republican party in 2015, when he joined with black activists to attempt to promote the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday at the expense of the Robert E. Lee birthday. That stance was so unpopular that Bell did not run for reelection.

Most telling, however, was a tweet from obsolete farm machinery and washed up former tv personality Montel Williams, who stated that an endorsement by Roper could deliver enough pro-White votes for Morgan to defeat Hutchinson, largely seen as the establishment candidate, on May 22nd.

While Williams may have overestimated how many White Arkansas voters are willing to stand up against the giant corporate interests of Wal-Mart and Tyson Foods at this point, the fact is that the tide is turning against leftists of both political parties. Most Whites, though, understand already that they will not be allowed to vote their way back into control of their destiny as a people. More and  more of them are becoming disenchanted with Civic Nationalism and joining the Balk Right. Whether they disavow our support or not, and whether they win or not, doesn’t matter. Protest campaigns against establishment candidates, especially when they help garner attention for more forthrightly pro-White projects such as the ShieldWall Network, help polarize, divide, and shift the Hegelian dialectic rightwards towards our ultimate awakening and victory. Go Jan Morgan, kick Asa!


ShieldWall Network on StormFront Action Radio

On the April 25th, 2018 StormFront Action radio program, Billy Roper was the guest co-host with Father Francis for the full hour to discuss the ShieldWall Network, the differences between Civic Nationalism and White Nationalism, as well as the inevitable balkanization which is America’s future; and the rise of ethnostates. If you missed the live call-in show, you can listen to it for free in the archive HERE. 

Being PARTICULARLY Nefarious

Completely unbiased and neutral documentary movie review mentioning The ShieldWall Network from a fair, honest, open-minded perspective. Not so much: 

Feel free to leave comments and rate the review. ;->

Jacob’s trial begins Monday morning in Charlottesville. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

New Newsweek coverage of ShieldWall Network anti-Muslim rally

A half Arab writer cites The ShieldWall Network’s March Against Sharia Law rally last year in an article to attack a Jewish social media giant for not being pro Muslim enough. 

“Billy Roper, an Arkansas-based neo-Nazi, organized a Batesville rally for ACT for America’s “March Against Sharia” in 2017. ACT for America made efforts to disavow Roper, but only after news about his inclusion in the controversial protest event spread.”


More Statewide Media Coverage of The ShieldWall Network

Last night the Arkansas NBC TV affiliate and Fox TV affiliate carried this story about Jacob Goodwin and The ShieldWall Network. Despite the funny flagrantly gay reporter, I think their coverage is even better than the generic national coverage:

Upcoming: Call in Live With Billy Roper

On 4/22 at 7 pm central I will be a guest on the  ‘The Voice of NS Reason’ radio podcast hosted by Rosemarie. The topic will be White Nationalist prepping & survivalism, system collapse, civil war, and balkanization. You can listen HERE, and register so you can call in to ask me questions or participate in the live chat:

Tips for first time ShieldWall Network meeting attendees.

So you will know what to expect:

ShieldWall Network meetings are family friendly environments. No alcoholic beverages or personal or inter-organizational drama, please.

The next ShieldWall Network meeting will be on Saturday, September 23rd, in central Arkansas, beginning at 12 noon and lasting approximately two hours. At that meeting you will also be informed about three upcoming events which we urge you to attend, two in-state in different regions of Arkansas, and one out of state. Due to this meeting being expected to be our largest so far, we have secured a private location. For that reason, those whom we have not met with previously will be provided with a rendezvous point for vetting prior to admission to the secure site. Security will be on hand both at the rendezvous point and at the meeting location. E-mail for the exact time and location of the rendezvous.

The meeting itself is free. If you would like to eat with us, dinner will be provided at $10 per plate. Live musical entertainment will be supplied to accompany the meal while you socialize and eat.

During the Introduction period, you may use your own name or a nom de guerre, if you prefer, and can share as much or as little about yourself as you would like. For networking purposes, however, we would appreciate being given a way to contact you for future events and meetings.

There will be free raffles and door prizes, as well as the auction of a unique, one of a kind handmade swastika blanket as a fundraiser for the ShieldWall Network.

You will be given a recap of recent ShieldWall Network media contacts, rallies, protests, and demonstrations, as well as our in-real-life and social media outreach and online recruitment efforts. Acknowledgements of recent contributions and donations will be given, along with a full report of how those donations have been spent, and suggestions for our next projects as well as a report on ongoing projects.

Due to its growth as one of the leading faith-based worldviews within the right wing, an adherent of Christian Identity will give an introductory testimonial presentation about that religious belief system. While The ShieldWall Network does not require that its affiliates pay homage to any particular faith, we do ask that everyone be civil and respectful of one another’s beliefs.

Our Acting State Coordinator for a neighboring state’s ShieldWall Network will speak about his recent recruitment and organizing efforts there, as a model for activism by others.

Two ShieldWall Network affiliates who were present at the Battle of Charlottesville will deliver a joint presentation about the pros and cons of the event, highlighting what was done right, and what can be improved upon for future similar events.  Following their presentation, we will announce and discuss the launching of The ShieldWall Network’s new defense arm, ‘The Phalanx’.

At the end of the meeting, we will discuss the three upcoming events schedules, coordinate transportation for them, and vote on the location of the next ShieldWall Network meeting.

Summer ShieldWall Events Schedule

June 10th- March Against Sharia, Noon at RiverFront Park, Batesville, Arkansas.

@MarchAgstSharia 1850 Chaney Dr, Batesville, AR 72501-7638 #MarchAgainstSharia

June 24th- #Trad Rally in Harrison, Arkansas, 11:00 AM at Minnie Harris Park. Protest against LGBTQ agenda, Communist Antifa, and pedophiles.

July 4th- Holiday literature distribution.

July 21st-23rd- SWN and SM summer campout.

E-mail for more details if you’d like to get involved, or help start a ShieldWall Network in your local area!

Bad Neighbors

Last time I wrote you, I mentioned two problems with bugging in on your home turf. The first problem is you are only one person. The second problem is your neighbors.

There is safety in numbers, but you must make sure all your “numbers” are indeed on your side. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link. You put yourself in danger by sharing your survival plans with the wrong people, but you also simply can’t do this alone.

You can’t wait until disaster strikes. That would be rolling the dice with your family’s fate.

You need to know now who you are dealing with and begin laying the foundations for a future survival coalition—for now let’s just call them friendships.

You don’t want to come across as the nut-job extremist in the cul-de-sac, which you are not. You are just a rational person forging relationships for mutual interests.

Best case scenario the efforts will just yield friends who will help you swap out an engine in your truck or buddies you can go fishing with on weekends. Nothing wrong with a few more friends.

Put yourself out there if you haven’t already. Introduce yourself and your family to your neighbors, invite them over, have a block party, swap home improvement help…whatever.

One evening on the street bar-b-cue-ing, and you’ll know exactly with whom you are dealing.

Sometimes you can tell whom you are dealing with just by their handshake. For most people, you can usually tell if someone is a jerk or a patsy in the first five minutes.

Within an hour, you’ll have a pretty good understanding of who these people are and if they are reliable human beings or just oxygen thieves.

As you get to know these people you may steer the conversation toward things like camping, hunting, fishing, firearms, martial arts, etc.

People love to talk about their hobbies. It’s a completely natural thing that will tell you volumes on these people.

Now you don’t have to be friends with all these people. Truth be told, that might even be a mistake.

There may be a few you will want to keep a healthy distance from. They may prove to be the ruthless guys not looking to cooperate.

But, don’t immediately disqualify the ruthless guy from your survival coalition. In fact, the ruthless guy who is willing to cooperate and has a modicum of morality and dependability can be a great addition to your team.

So now you know the good from the bad, the wheat from the chaff, the cream from the milk. Although you may be forging friendships with the wheat—don’t irritate the chaff. Keep on friendly terms with everyone in your neighborhood, if possible. That guy may change his colors when TSHTF.

Does this mean you must spill the beans to your new friends that you are building an end-of-the-world security force? No. Bad idea.

No matter how you do it, you won’t sound rational to the average neighbor—-if you want to be taken seriously later, you’ve got to be thought of as rational today.

Just keep a mental list of your prospective survival coalition team and the skills, tools, equipment and vehicles they possess.

File it away in the back of your mind for future use and enjoy your new friendships.

What if the seeds of disaster are starting to sprout? There are disaster scenarios where the public can see the event coming (like an economic collapse)—sometimes for weeks or months before it arrives.

In these cases, keep current on the news and ensure your friends in the neighborhood are current as well. Encourage talk amongst yourselves about what’s coming.

You may be surprised when your friends start talking about making plans to deal with the coming disaster. Work the mutual protection concept into conversation slowly and put your friends at ease with the notion you’ll all take care of each other.

Do you tell your new-found survival coalition about your stockpile of food?

Your underground shelter?

Your guns?

Your survival radio communications?

Remember the number one rule for both bunkers and stockpiles? “Don’t talk about your bunker or stockpile?”
Well, this is still a good rule, but as the time of the disaster approaches you will have to share this information at some point—that is if you want mutual protection.

Still, be wary about with whom you share it. Some neighbors not quite in the group, but on the cusp of acceptance, may be left in the dark for a while until you can ascertain their true intentions—it’s a judgement call—like most things in survival.

Always Safe, Always Prepared

Frank Mitchell

May 27th: Harrison, Arkansas. Anti-AntiFa Rally.

by Billy Roper

At noon on Saturday, May 27th, in Harrison, Arkansas, there will be an anti-AntiFa rally. It is being led by the League of the South and supported by The ShieldWall Network and other Nationalists. Last weekend, because I was literally unable to be in two places at once, the anti-White domestic terrorists and Communists made a laughable showing in Hot Springs where they were faced down by Confederate statue defending civic nationalists, then pranced away and declared victory.

I know, I’m not the most meek and modest guy, I own that. But they literally are spinning it as a victory because I wasn’t there, and they got a couple of people to disavow me. Okay. I’ll be in Harrison Saturday. Come say hi. Leave your masks and your purses at home, but bring some of those cute red and black flags, I want to take some home as souvenirs.

If you want to come stand with the League of the South and their allies and supporters in The ShieldWall Network, Harrison could be fun this weekend.