Why YOU are important to your people!

Even if you are unable to participate in public pro-White activism with the ShieldWall Network Phalanx, or attend ShieldWall Network in-real-life regular meetings, but would still like to be a part of our White Nationalist prepper’s organization, we welcome your involvement on whatever level you can take part.
We encourage you to join with us in contributing to the ShieldWall Network travel fund, as well as help provide new SWN patches for our growing cadre and SWN business cards and other material for our public outreach. You can donate at any level you’d like through paypal to roper_billy@yahoo.com, or through the mail via cash, check, or money order to Billy Roper, PO Box 1937, Mountain View, AR., 72560.
Remember, it’s the not size or the amount that matters, but everyone just doing what they can which will make our victory possible. It doesn’t take one person doing a lot, but all of us doing our part, to win. Everything you do adds up, and matters, when your strength is combined with ours. So, let us count on you to join a local ShieldWall Network franchise in your area, to help form one and lead it with our guidance, or to put boots on the ground for our folk, or partner with us to finance those who can. We look forward to hearing from you, soon, before it’s too late and the bell rings for it to happen.
Billy Roper

P.O. Box 1937
Mountain View, Ar. 72560


Local ShieldWall Network Contacts

The ShieldWall Network is a White Nationalist prepper coalition made up of Americans of European ancestry who understand that the collapse of multiracial democracy is inevitable. We accept that another civil war is now unavoidable. However, while the SWN does train and prepare for the balk just as other survivalists do, we limit our association to our own people. In order to prepare for the coming breakup of the United States, Whites are now organizing along racial lines in the areas of the country where we are most likely to maintain our autonomy and freedom as America balkanizes. These still relatively homogeneous areas where traditional values and culture predominate are becoming the seedbeds for future White ethnostates. In fact, the upper south is increasingly such a haven for Whites who immigrate into the area to escape the darkening deep south and other ‘diverse’ regions.

There are no dues requirements to be a part of the ShieldWall Network, and no uniforms except those for Phalanx members, who are a part of our elite defensive and public activism contingents. All donations are strictly voluntary, as is one’s level of commitment. Members may use an alias throughout their participation in the ShieldWall Network, if they so desire.

If you would like to learn more about the ShieldWall Network and get involved, we can help you make friends with your many neighbors who are already learning how to become persons of influence in their local communities. If you think you have what it takes to be a leader of your people, and would like to begin a local SWN franchise, we can help you locate, recruit, radicalize, and network your own ShieldWall unit in your area, from the grassroots level up. Contact roper_billy@yahoo.com via e-mail to be put in touch with the nearest ShieldWall Network regional coordinator in your area, or to become one.


North Arkansas

While the ShieldWall Network has members throughout Arkansas, they recognize that really the state is two separate regions divided diagonally roughly along Interstate 30. Southern and eastern Arkansas is largely black, while northern Arkansas is a seedbed White ethnostate often referred to as ‘Ozarkia’. In northern Arkansas,southern Missouri, and adjacent areas, this region includes over 100 contiguous counties which are over 90% White. For those ShieldWall members in the Phalanx, our public activism opposing Antifa, Communists, Muslims, and militant homosexuals serves to preserve the White identity and conservative values of our homeland. Others, whose professions and occupations are vulnerable to doxxing, are still respected members of our Network, but rather than participating in public protests, they contribute in other ways which are equally valuable, depending on their own preferences, personal resources, and skill sets.

When balkanization occurs, many Whites living in southern and eastern Arkansas may find themselves refugees retreating from the majority nonWhites northwards. The ShieldWall Network’s ‘Project New America’ encourages them to Come Home to Ozarkia now, as many from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas already are, as well, rather than waiting until it may be too late. They and their families are finding refuge and support among the ShieldWall Network of Ozarkia.


East Tennessee

In addition to working to establish a growing community of like-minded Whites throughout the area to benefit themselves and their families both now as well as when balkanization happens, the ShieldWall Network in East Tennessee engages in patriotic activism on behalf of America’s founding people and their traditional values and culture, all of which are under attack, across the southern Appalachians. White flight immigrants from Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, and other nearby states continue to swell our ranks.

Only a small percentage of the ShieldWall Network’s members, the Phalanx, actually participate in public activism through rallies, protests, demonstrations, and educational efforts aimed at awakening and organizing our people, but they represent the expanding influence of the ShieldWall among White communities in East Tennessee. Many people in those communities support the values of the ShieldWall Network and are grateful for its leadership and representation of their interests. The SWN actively allies with other pro-White organizations and individuals in their sphere of influence. If you are in the southern Appalachian area, you should take a stand with the ShieldWall Network of East Tennessee!

ShieldWall Network local franchises meet often for educational presentations and activism opportunities as well as social events, all of which reinforce our sense of organic community and solidarity in our common cause. These meetings help create friendships, trust, and comradeship, as well as providing a healthy outlet for families of prepared White Nationalists to interact on a personal level, face to face, in real life. We stand together now, so that we can stand together when we face what is to come. Come stand with us, in the ShieldWall!

They DO want to shut us up! Sodomites Want Hate Speech Laws Against ShieldWall.

by Billy Roper

On the eve of the SWN/LS/NSM protest against the Antifa supported militant homosexual and pedophile Knoxville PrideFest, one of the Sodomites has publicly called for an end to free speech. Fearing people learning the truth of their perverted and disgusting agenda, the faggot, in a letter to the editor, wants “hate speech” laws to limit public discourse about political and social issues. This is very illuminating:

“Hate speech should be illegal

We are only one day away from Knox Pridefest 2018. The celebration is an event that draws tens of thousands of folks from all over the region in order to be among like-minded individuals. For a few hours on Saturday, LGBTQA people will be able to let their guard down and enjoy music, food and other entertainment.

However, in order to enter the celebration area, we will come face to face with extreme hatred and ignorance by way of a group known as The Shieldwall Network, a white nationalist group. 

Billy Roper of The Shieldwall Network claims in an article that the LGBTQA community wishes to add the letter “P” to its abbreviation in order to celebrate “pedophilia.” In his article on their website, he offers no proof of his outrageous claim. It would appear that his only goal is to stir up as much anti-LGBT sentiment as he can by lying about our community.

Their presence at Knox Pridefest concerns me. In another article authored by Roper, he spells out how Shieldwall can increase their membership by approaching others at gun shops, gun ranges and hunting clubs. 

It seems clear that their organization deeply values using weapons in order to terrorize others who wish to attend peaceful gatherings such as Knox Pridefest.

Will Roper’s disturbing claims be enough to push someone to their breaking point, resulting in violence at Knox Pridefest? I pray that it won’t happen. 

As an American, I value free speech. However, I believe free speech should have limitations. In many European nations speech that spreads, incites, promotes or justifies hatred based on intolerance is illegal and not tolerated. I think it’s time we consider similar laws. Perhaps this would reduce the number of hate groups that plague our country.

Tom Cogburn, Knoxville”

You can read his letter in the Letters to the Editor section of today’s Knoxville News Sentinel here. 

Roper’s Press Release to Knoxville media about June 23rd PrideFest protest.

“East Tennessee, a beautiful area which bravely holds firm to its traditional moral values and faith, is under assault by radical homosexual militants. On June 23rd, thousands of Sodomite activists will descend on Knoxville to shove their sexual preferences in the faces of Marble City citizens. Since according to current data homosexuals are much more likely to be both the victims and perpetrators of child molestation, literally hundreds of those unwelcome visitors, statistically, will be pedophiles. In solidarity with Antifa, Communists, and other anti-Christian forces, this ‘PrideFest’ now wants to add a “P” to their unholy LGBTQ alliance. That “P” is not for “Pride”. It stands for Pedophilia. 
The PrideFest LGBTQP community, taking their parade in the footsteps of NAMBLA, will feature events specifically aimed at targeting children for recruitment into their miserable, unhealthy, degenerate lifestyles. East Tennesseeans and other persons of faith are not just concerned about the exponentially increased risk of suicides, drug use and overdose, STDS and HIV, and shorter life spans for Sodomites, we also are concerned over their souls. It is for this reason that area church congregations, patriot groups, and conservatives will be standing with The ShieldWall Network and our allies in Knoxville on June 23rd, to save the children from these depraved, mentally ill perverts. We invite all persons of faith to stand against PrideFest with us.”

Billy Roper

P.O. Box 1937
Mountain View, Ar. 72560

SWN, LS, and NSM join forces to oppose Gay Pride parade in Knoxville June 23rd.

“Turn Left At Gay”…organizers of the Knoxville, Tennessee ‘PrideFest’ have publicly stated, when accused of trying to sexualize children, that “children need to be sexualized”. Their intended child molestation is now in your face. What do you think the “P” in LGBTQP stands for? Your choice is clear. Stand with us, or side with faggot pedophiles. Side with them, and share their fate. 

The ShieldWall Network, The League of the South, and NSM are holding a joint operation in solidarity: a protest against the Knoxville Gay Pride parade June 23rd: Knoxville News and USA Today

Here is the facebook page for the event.

Building a Survival Group: What Preppers Must Know before They Get Started

Editorial comment: while much of this information is exactly what the ShieldWall Network, as a White Nationalist prepper’s collective, is already doing on a much larger scale than this author suggests, he does make some good suggestions which are applicable for our local unit leaders to follow as they tighten up their franchises in our expanding areas. 


The prepper community tends to idolize the lone wolf- the survivor who goes out alone in the wake of a disaster.

But the truth is that we humans have our strength in numbers.  If you want to truly be prepared for disaster, you need to build a survival group.


Ideally, your survival team would consist of 4-7 adults who are:

  1. Physically fit
  2. Mentally tough
  3. Able to contribute a valuable survival skill, such as hunting or building shelters.

In the real world though, it is unlikely that you will be able to build such a team.  Good luck finding a group of people without family members they’d like to take along (whom will likely be weak links, such as children).

It might not seem hard to find at least 3 people to fit this bill and build a survival team – but even finding 3 people is a lot harder than you’d think!



Rather than trying to set up a group from scratch, start with the people who can already rely on: your family.

It is easier to train your family members in survival skills than try to find all of these skills in strangers – not to mention build up trust of such strangers.

Another reason to use your family as your survival team is that you won’t have to worry about grouping with team members who may live far away from you.

Hopefully you already have an emergency communication plan in place, so your family can quickly gather and take action.

There are a lot of ways that you can get your family prepared for survival.  These include:



In the aftermath of a disaster, you’ll have to decide whether to bug in (aka hunker down) or bug out.

You don’t necessarily want the same group for both situations.  Each type of team requires a different skill set and mentality.



Most of the preppers I’ve talked to don’t bother with a bug-in survival team.  They believe that it is better to just stockpile their own supplies and hope for the best.

But what if your home ends up being the epicenter of disaster?  Wouldn’t it be smart to have an alternate bug-in location (the home of one of your survival team members) to go to?

Likewise, what if looters attack your home? Wouldn’t you prefer to have a survival team there to help you defend your supplies – even if it means having to share those supplies with the team member?

A Bug-In Survival Team Should Be:

  • Smaller group: This depends on the size of your location. You won’t want too many people because your supplies will run out faster.  But you do want enough people that you can defend your location.
  • Live close by: You don’t want anyone to have to go long distances to reach the bug-in location.
  • Be willing to invest in supplies: Since you won’t be able to obtain new resources once you’ve hunkered down, you need to have an ample stockpile. Depending on your plan, each team member might contribute supplies to one central stockpile or create a stockpile at their own homes.  It is better for each home to have its own stockpile, but this is obviously a costlier option.
  • Have knowledge of ammunitions and home-defense: The biggest threat when bugging in is that looters will come for your supplies. A group with knowledge of home defense can prevent this from happening.


bug out survival team

One of the first steps in prepping is to choose a bug out location and make a plan for how to reach it.  If you are a lone prepper, it may make sense to form a team.  When SHTF, you will get in contact and head to the bug out location together.

The bug out team needs to be:

  • No more than 4-5 people: Ever try to go hiking with a large group? It takes a heck of a lot longer because not everyone can keep the same pace.  Plus, it is a lot harder to remain stealthy when trekking with a lot of people.
  • Physically fit and ready to run while carrying a heavy bug out bag, if necessary. More on prepper fitnesss.
  • Knowledgeable of wilderness survival: This is not the time for someone to get bit by a snake or wipe their butt with poison ivy because they have no experience in the wild!

How are 4-5 people supposed to survive through a long-term disaster, you ask?

Your bug-out team – the ones you actually head out with – should be small.  However, it is smart for several small teams to plan to meet up at the bug out location.



In contrast to the bug out team, the survival community can be large.  These are the people you will actually meet up with at the bug out location.

Ideally, you’ll have enough people that you can form a self-sustaining community.  Of course, this depends on the land you have chosen for your bug out location.

We’ve talked about how much land is needed to be self-sufficient on Primal Survivor before.  It can vary from 42 square meters for a family of four to 17 acres per person.  Again, this depends a lot on the land, how you use it, and your level of knowledge.


Choosing Members for Your Survival Community

Ideally, each member of your survival community should have a skill to contribute.  This doesn’t mean that kids and other “non-skilled” members should be prohibited from joining.  They can contribute by doing non-skilled tasks like cleaning up and weeding the garden.

However, you should make sure that you have at least one team member to fill each of the following survival tasks.  I say at least one member because it is possible that one team member won’t make it to the location.

What would you do, for example, if the only person with medical skills doesn’t arrive???

Must-Have Skills Your Survival Team Members Should Fill:

  • Agriculture: Look for people who know skills like gardening, hydroponics, and aquaponics
  • Hunting: Avoid recreational hunters. You need hunters who can actually gut and clean their kill.
  • Raising animals for food: Look for people who have the full spectrum of skills related to this, such as animal husbandry and veterinarian skills
  • Foraging: Both for food and for medicinal plants
  • Medicine: This includes doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, and first aiders.
  • Mechanics and engineering: For when things break or you need to devise tools, such as water pumps or solar energy systems
  • Defense/security: Military and military veterans are great for this
  • Mental toughness
  • Ability to work together

Make sure that each member of the group knows what his/her responsibilities will be.  Have these discussions BEFORE disaster strikes!


Mental Toughness and Ability to Work Together

Of all of the survival skills, the last two are probably the most important.

As for mental toughness, you need team members who are resilient in the face of disaster.  The last thing you want is to waste precious time/energy calming down team members having a panic attack!

Likewise, you need team members who can work together (hence the word team!).  Even in non-stressful situations, it is easy for fights to break out.

In a disaster, the stress and uncertainty can cause lots of problems.

That is why you need to put your team members to the test.  More on this below.


Assigning a Leader

A lot articles about building a survival team talk about assigning a leader.

Having an assigned leader is a good idea – but you also must set up guidelines about how decisions will be made.

You don’t want other team members getting angry if they think the leader is making bad decisions or overstepping boundaries.


Putting These Skills to the Test

abseiling team building test

Once you’ve found some members of your survival team, you need to put the team to the test. The goal is to see how the team will work together or whether fights will break out.

This doesn’t necessarily mean doing disaster simulations and drills (though that is a good idea).

Here are some team building exercises you can do to see whether your group will be able to get along:

  • Go to an escape room
  • Go camping
  • Take a wilderness survival course together
  • Have a paintball competition
  • Go rafting
  • Go on a jeep treasure hunt
  • Do an obstacle course
  • Go rock climbing or abseiling
  • Play capture the flag
  • Play football
  • Take a wilderness first aid course together

Don’t be surprised when a team member’s real personality starts to show through!

After doing a few of these activities, you might not want a certain person to be on your survival team anymore.

Do you have a survival group? How many members are in it and how did you find them? Let us know in the comments below.

Media Coverage of ShieldWall Network East Tennessee Rally

Many thanks to the controlled media news coverage of the Memorial Day weekend activism carried out by ShieldWall Network affiliates and their allies in East Tennessee. One of those articles mentioned The ShieldWall Network by name, and even featured a large picture of one of our flyers with the website url address very obviously included. 

Matthew Stewart at The Daily Times has proven himself to be an exception to our generally negative perception of the lugenpresse, and we commend him for his courage in helping The ShieldWall Network advertise to many more thousands of people than the flyers themselves would have ever reached, on their own.

The Knox News coverage of the ShieldWall rally was less detailed and informative, but as a USA Today subsidiary, it will get wider (if more shallow) coverage outside of the county and state.

As stated previously, this rally is just the beginning of a summer of activism planned by The ShieldWall Network in East Tennessee.

ShieldWall Network (East Tennessee) Flash Rally After Action Report

Memorial Day weekend was an extremely active time for the The ShieldWall Network in East Tennessee, and for all of the right reasons. Saturday night dozens of flyers were distributed bearing the ShieldWall Network website address  (aryanwarrior.com) and logo, encouraging locals in the area to shed their White guilt and stand up against the Black Lives Matter and Antifa cells trying to organize in the Knoxville region.

On Sunday a friendly group barbecue social was enjoyed, then the ShieldWall affiliates and their allies held a flash rally holding two large banners, one reading “Diversity = White Genocide”, and the second saying “It’s great to be White!”, as well as Confederate and other flags, all along a busy street sidewalk . The motivation for the demonstration was an anti-White author and speaker, an elderly boomer cuck from Mississippi, being sponsored by local anti-Whites for a seminar whose theme was “Are you racist, or are you in deep denial?”. We hope they got the ShieldWall’s answer, loud and clear!

Over recent weeks other literature distributions and banner drops have been held locally, and in this case, the scene of their courageous rally was at 804 Montvale Station Road in Maryville. Local police did show up and tried to make the peaceful, first amendment exercising pro-White protesters leave, but knowing the law and the applicable city ordinances, they cited them and though they were angry at not being able to intimidate the ShieldWall into giving up and going home, the police had to let them stay.

No Antifa or Black Lives Matter was encountered in this seedbed White ethnostate for the Memorial Day Weekend rally. Many local citizens, especially young men, drove by back and forth for much of the two hour long demonstration honking their horns and cheering their support. The only vocal opposition came from some of the Judeo Zionist Methodists who had sponsored the event featuring the anti-White author, David Billings, who gave an anti-White seminar at another Methodist church and a bookstore in Maryville, all of which were blessed with ShieldWall Network flyers prior to the event, before ending up at the First United Methodist church.

Rev. Billings, for all his literary bluster, lacked the courage of his convictions enough to engage in dialogue with the pro-White group. The local Pastor who had invited him at first wanted to debate theology with the ten person strong ShieldWall Phalanx crew, then when he quickly lost the debate lapsed into singing“Red and Yellow, Black and White, They Are Precious In His Sight…”. One ShieldWall Phalanx member asked the preacher what scripture that quote was from. The minister responded that it wasn’t from scripture, it was a song, to which the ShieldWall Phalanx responded that “Achy, Breaky Heart” is a song, as well. Thus ended the theological discussion, verily.

Interviews with interested mainstream media outlets, including the Knoxville News Sentinel, did continue, however, as did more very positive interactions with the public. This successful rally is just the beginning of a summer of activism planned by the ShieldWall Network in East Tennessee and their pro-White allies throughout the region.