Appalachia is for White People.

by Billy Roper

Although I have a previous engagement at an event 800 miles away that day, the ShieldWall Network Phalanx has been invited to stand with the League of the South in Tennessee on September 29th, and I have pledged to them that we will have SWN Phalanx there shoulder to shoulder with the League in solidarity and support.

When the faggots say “It’s Going Down”, they’re either referring to their same sex husbands, that peppermint stripe, or their own closed caskets.

“Neo-Nazi organizer Billy Roper says he will join League of the South in the streets…

Confederate 28 is a Knoxville based neo-Confederate group led by Pierce that has teamed up with the Shieldwall Network. From Billy Roper’s blog:

Announcement from Confederate 28

We are very pleased to announce that the ShieldWall Network has joined our Confederation. Billy Roper [long-time neo-Nazi organizer] has been a longtime friend of ours, and he held a chair on our old Blood and Honour AD National Council. We look forward to collaborating with the ShieldWall Network, and benefiting from the expertise and decades of experience that Billy and other of their members have.

Billy Roper, a key figure in Shieldwall Network, has claimed in his podcast that East Tennessee is “the seedbed of the ethno-state.” He has bragged about the network’s presence at Knoxville Pride, citing names of local fascists like Craig Spaulding, Johan Carollo, and Kynan Dutton.”

Nice big picture of me they use there, as well as a couple of hilarious, breathless paragraphs about me. But come on, that’s from ten years ago. I’ve punked you lefties out multiple times there in Appalachia since then. You could have used one of those pictures to show how pretty and mean I am.

The only thing I’ll add at this time is that I encourage White people who will be attending to coordinate their support with the League of the South organizers so that their entry and withdrawal from the event can be conducted in a disciplined and safe manner.

Antifa like to whine and cry whenever I can’t be in two places at once, and they feel left out. While we’re working on perfecting the cloning technology, just keep dropping my name to use as a bogeyman and clickbait. You got my attention that way, so I’m sending some friends. Enjoy. 



SWN, LS, and NSM join forces to oppose Gay Pride parade in Knoxville June 23rd.

“Turn Left At Gay”…organizers of the Knoxville, Tennessee ‘PrideFest’ have publicly stated, when accused of trying to sexualize children, that “children need to be sexualized”. Their intended child molestation is now in your face. What do you think the “P” in LGBTQP stands for? Your choice is clear. Stand with us, or side with faggot pedophiles. Side with them, and share their fate. 

The ShieldWall Network, The League of the South, and NSM are holding a joint operation in solidarity: a protest against the Knoxville Gay Pride parade June 23rd: Knoxville News and USA Today

Here is the facebook page for the event.