Did ZOG cause the latest attack on conservatives?

Last week, the Tennessee ShieldWall Network publicly announced that they would be attending the CPAC365 rally in Knoxville in order to protect and defend, if necessary, the conservatives who had been threatened with attack by violent Communist Antifa and Black Lives Splatter members.

In response, Jordan Reid, the token nigger of Jam City Antifa, published an article claiming that there would be violence at the event, and verifying that radical leftists would be there to protest.

When the well-dressed Tennessee ShieldWall Network Phalanx showed up, with their entry tickets in hand, they were singled out by Knoxville Police Department officers who verified on video that they were on orders from the Secret Service to not let them in, and to arrest them if they tried to enter, even though they had not broken any laws and possessed tickets to the rally. The lapdogs of the Zionist Occupied Government refused to say why. TN SWN were forced to leave, and followed out of town.

Later, the purpose of their being shut out became obvious, when Black Lives Splatter and Antifa radicals attacked conservative CPAC365 conference attendees once the TN SWN had been safely removed and the Communist’s allies in law enforcement had cleared the way for Antifa to have a free rein, unopposed. It’s one thing when Antifa hide behind law enforcement, whom they and BLM pretend to hate. We all know that when law and order breaks down in the coming civil war, we’ll have to use construction equipment to dispose of their bodies. But for Z.O.G. to purposefully remove the only people willing to fight back against Antifa and then allow the Communists and black terrorists to attack unarmed, innocent elderly citizens who had been at the event, is despicable. Most importantly, this singular act reveals once again on whose side law enforcement is on.

Then, AFTER the fact, the Z.O.G. enforcers moved in to arrest several Antifa and Black Lives matter members. That is how they work. They are not there, like the ShieldWall was, to prevent violence, but rather to respond to it with arrests, once White conservatives had already been victimized. The Trump administration, through its protective arm, the Secret Service, wanted it that way.

Local Black Lives Splatter activist David Hayes actually attempted murder during the unwarranted attack when he pushed an unarmed person into traffic. Here is a video of him being arrested at the scene afterwards. 

As another indication that the anti-White establishment takes it easy on their Antifa and BLM street activists, Hayes was only charged with ‘disorderly conduct’.

In collusion with the police and Secret Service, the local lugenpresse has not reported on the attacks or the subsequent arrests. The controlled media covers for the radical anti-White left, as well as for the Zionist Occupied Government for which it is the propaganda arm.

Obviously, the attacks would not have occurred had the ShieldWall Network Phalanx not been forced to leave by ZOG. In fact, David Hayes was protesting in favor of pedophilia just last weekend when the same ShieldWall Network Phalanx patriots who were turned away from the CPAC365 conference identified him by name and address publicly, prompting him to first deny his identity, then flee the scene before he could commit any acts of violence. The contrast between what happened in the two instances is clear, one week apart. Is this perhaps the outcome law enforcement desired? Are they responsible, through negligence or worse, for the violence?

Hayes, who has been arrested multiple times for attacking Whites and was already up on previous charges, faces an arraignment hearing at 10:00 AM on October 1st. Concerned citizens from the community will be there to watch justice being served…or not.

CPAC 365 in Knoxville

On Friday, September 21st, ShieldWall Network Phalanx members will attend the CPAC 365 meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee, to help protect and defend conservatives from the violent Communist Antifa who have threatened to disrupt the conference.

ShieldWall: fighting for those who can’t or won’t fight for themselves…yet.


The Tennessee ShieldWall Network website can be found HERE.

They DO want to shut us up! Sodomites Want Hate Speech Laws Against ShieldWall.

by Billy Roper

On the eve of the SWN/LS/NSM protest against the Antifa supported militant homosexual and pedophile Knoxville PrideFest, one of the Sodomites has publicly called for an end to free speech. Fearing people learning the truth of their perverted and disgusting agenda, the faggot, in a letter to the editor, wants “hate speech” laws to limit public discourse about political and social issues. This is very illuminating:

“Hate speech should be illegal

We are only one day away from Knox Pridefest 2018. The celebration is an event that draws tens of thousands of folks from all over the region in order to be among like-minded individuals. For a few hours on Saturday, LGBTQA people will be able to let their guard down and enjoy music, food and other entertainment.

However, in order to enter the celebration area, we will come face to face with extreme hatred and ignorance by way of a group known as The Shieldwall Network, a white nationalist group. 

Billy Roper of The Shieldwall Network claims in an article that the LGBTQA community wishes to add the letter “P” to its abbreviation in order to celebrate “pedophilia.” In his article on their website, he offers no proof of his outrageous claim. It would appear that his only goal is to stir up as much anti-LGBT sentiment as he can by lying about our community.

Their presence at Knox Pridefest concerns me. In another article authored by Roper, he spells out how Shieldwall can increase their membership by approaching others at gun shops, gun ranges and hunting clubs. 

It seems clear that their organization deeply values using weapons in order to terrorize others who wish to attend peaceful gatherings such as Knox Pridefest.

Will Roper’s disturbing claims be enough to push someone to their breaking point, resulting in violence at Knox Pridefest? I pray that it won’t happen. 

As an American, I value free speech. However, I believe free speech should have limitations. In many European nations speech that spreads, incites, promotes or justifies hatred based on intolerance is illegal and not tolerated. I think it’s time we consider similar laws. Perhaps this would reduce the number of hate groups that plague our country.

Tom Cogburn, Knoxville”

You can read his letter in the Letters to the Editor section of today’s Knoxville News Sentinel here. 

Roper’s Press Release to Knoxville media about June 23rd PrideFest protest.

“East Tennessee, a beautiful area which bravely holds firm to its traditional moral values and faith, is under assault by radical homosexual militants. On June 23rd, thousands of Sodomite activists will descend on Knoxville to shove their sexual preferences in the faces of Marble City citizens. Since according to current data homosexuals are much more likely to be both the victims and perpetrators of child molestation, literally hundreds of those unwelcome visitors, statistically, will be pedophiles. In solidarity with Antifa, Communists, and other anti-Christian forces, this ‘PrideFest’ now wants to add a “P” to their unholy LGBTQ alliance. That “P” is not for “Pride”. It stands for Pedophilia. 
The PrideFest LGBTQP community, taking their parade in the footsteps of NAMBLA, will feature events specifically aimed at targeting children for recruitment into their miserable, unhealthy, degenerate lifestyles. East Tennesseeans and other persons of faith are not just concerned about the exponentially increased risk of suicides, drug use and overdose, STDS and HIV, and shorter life spans for Sodomites, we also are concerned over their souls. It is for this reason that area church congregations, patriot groups, and conservatives will be standing with The ShieldWall Network and our allies in Knoxville on June 23rd, to save the children from these depraved, mentally ill perverts. We invite all persons of faith to stand against PrideFest with us.”

Billy Roper

P.O. Box 1937
Mountain View, Ar. 72560

SWN, LS, and NSM join forces to oppose Gay Pride parade in Knoxville June 23rd.

“Turn Left At Gay”…organizers of the Knoxville, Tennessee ‘PrideFest’ have publicly stated, when accused of trying to sexualize children, that “children need to be sexualized”. Their intended child molestation is now in your face. What do you think the “P” in LGBTQP stands for? Your choice is clear. Stand with us, or side with faggot pedophiles. Side with them, and share their fate. 

The ShieldWall Network, The League of the South, and NSM are holding a joint operation in solidarity: a protest against the Knoxville Gay Pride parade June 23rd: Knoxville News and USA Today

Here is the facebook page for the event.