Video of Speech at 2018 ArkLaTex Regional White Unity Conference

Billy Roper speaking at the 2018 ArkLaTex Regional White Unity Conference

Topics covered include the importance of IRL networking and public activism, the coming civil war, prepping, the ShieldWall Network, balkanization, doxxing Antifa, and future White ethnostates. Just over a half hour. Filmed with a cell phone by a volunteer present at the meeting, so you have to pay attention!

ADL Releases Blistering Expose on ShieldWall Network

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (Brotherhood of the Circumcised), a Jewish hate group formed to protect a Jewish factory owner, rapist and murderer, has just published a brand new hit piece on The ShieldWall Network.

The author of the poorly written article, (((Joanna Mendelson))) is a shrill Jewess hack researcher for the Jewish organization which has been investigated for acts of espionage on  behalf of the rabidly racist terrorist state of Israel against the United States. Her birthday is 11/7/72, meaning she’s 45 and won’t be spawning any more demon seed. She hopes that her three kike daughters won’t have to make Aliyah. Keep dreaming. If the aging shrew, who also goes by the surnames Feldmar and Lehrfeld (oy vey!, poor Schmucks!) had given birth to any male children, Joanna reportedly had already volunteered to perform the mohel ritual herself, as she does for others throughout Sherman Oaks, California. Such a cute family she has. 

Hopefully all three daughters will grow up to marry black men and outbreed.

Here is the article:

  • Shield Wall Network (SWN) is a small white supremacist group based in Mountain View, Arkansas, with chapters in Tennessee and West Virginia.
  • SWN promotes racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric. Members organize white supremacist rallies and conferences, and attend events organized by other white supremacist groups.
  • SWN’s primary goal is to build a white ethno-state.


The Shield Wall Network (SWN) is a white supremacist group, led by Billy Roper, whose goal is to build a white ethno-state. They are based in Mountain View, Arkansas.

Formed in early 2017, the racist and anti-Semitic SWN includes several dozen members scattered around Arkansas, and a handful of members in Tennessee and West Virginia. Roper and his followers organize white supremacist rallies and conferences, and attend events organized by other white supremacist groups.

To date, the group’s events have been relatively small, attracting just a dozen or so attendees. Occasionally, SWN members collude with other white supremacist groups, such as the National Socialist Movement, the League of the South, and/or the Knights Party, a Harrison, Arkansas-based Klan group, and these collaborative events can attract several dozen participants.

SWN has some paramilitary characteristics. The standard uniform for members consists of a black button-up work shirt with small SWN patches on the left chest and shoulder area of the right sleeve, and a large patch on the back. Members typically wear camouflage or black pants and black boots. They train in military-style formations.

The SWN patch, previously used by White Revolution (one of Billy Roper’s previous groups), is an upside down “V” on a reddish-orange background (also known as a Lambda). Roper once claimed to have chosen the symbol because of the Spartan defense at Thermopylae against the Persians, which is supposed to signify the defense of Europe against “nonwhite hordes.”


Billy Roper, who founded the Shield Wall Network (SWN) in early 2017, is a longstanding white supremacist and Christian Identity adherent who was involved with several white supremacist groups in the 1990s and early 2000s, including the neo-Nazi National Alliance.

In 2002, disagreements with other National Alliance members prompted Roper to leave that group and form a group of his own, called White Revolution. In 2011, after White Revolution failed, Roper became involved with the Knights Party. In early 2016, Roper briefly joined forces with Paul Mullet, a Christian Identity adherent from Bainbridge, Ohio, to form Divine Truth Ministries, a new faction of Aryan Nations, but that group also failed.

As part of SWN’s mission, Roper promotes “Project New America,” a plan to build Ozarkia, a white ethno-state that will start with “forty contiguous counties straddling the Arkansas and Missouri border that are already over 95% white.” Roper explains on his blog, The Roper Report, that after “evacuating” whites from “darkening” Louisiana, Mississippi and southern Arkansas, the SWN will gain control of city and county governments, institutions and organizations, and quickly expand into a large surrounding area that is “around 90% white.”

“After the United States breaks up,” Roper explains, “large nonwhite enclaves such as St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, and Memphis will be reduced through negotiation, evacuation, siege, conflict and cleansing.”

Roper’s second-in-command is Chris Quimby, of Cabot, Arkansas. Like Roper, Quimby was previously involved with the National Alliance.  He later joined Roper’s White Revolution as the group’s North America membership coordinator.

SWN Activity:

SWN has more than two dozen members but has yet to independently organize an event of any significant size without working with other white supremacist groups to bolster attendance. SWN typically partners with the Knights Party and the League of the South.

August 26, 2018, Knoxville, Tennessee: Five individuals associated with the SWN counter protested a demonstration against President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

June 23, 2018, Knoxville, Tennessee: Several associates of the SWN protested Knox Pridefest.

June 2, 2018, Harrison, Arkansas: Billy Roper participated in anti-LGBT event alongside a dozen or so members and associates of the SWN and Knights Party.

May 26, 2018, Marysville, Tennessee: Several individuals associated with SWN, joined members of the National Socialist Movement and the League of the South, distributed white supremacist propaganda and held a flash demonstration. They gathered to protest David Billings, the author of “Deep Denial: The Persistence of White Supremacy in U.S. History and Life,” who was in Maryville to give a presentation at a local church.

April 28, 2018, Harrison, Arkansas: Approximately six members of the SWN attended the Knights Party’s annual Faith and Freedom Conference.

March 24, 2018, Bentonville, Arkansas: Billy Roper led several members of SWN in a protest of a “March For Our Lives” rally.

January 21, 2017, Knoxville, Tennessee: Several members of the SWN attended an “anti-Infanticide” rally along with members of the Traditionalist Worker Party and the League of the South.

January 6, 2018, Memphis, Tennessee: Approximately 10 individuals associated with SWN and the League of the South held a demonstration in support of Confederate monuments.

November 11, 2017, Central Arkansas: SWN members held a private training event.

September 29-30, 2017, Crossville, Tennessee: Billy Roper organized a white supremacist gathering as a substitute event for the Annual Stormfront Smoky Mountain Summit. The event was attended by members of the SWN, the Knights Party, Traditionalist Worker Party, National Socialist Movement and the League of the South.

Harrison, Arkansas, June 24, 2017: Approximately 34 members of the Knights Party and Billy Roper’s Shield Wall network protested the second annual Pride Fest in Harrison, Arkansas.

Harrison, Arkansas, May 27, 2017: Members of the SWN joined by members of the Knights Party and the League of the South, rallied against antifa.


A Great Weekend of Fellowship at the Knights Party Congress

After a well attended and constructive ShieldWall Network meeting Friday evening, ShieldWall Network coordinator Billy Roper and a couple dozen SWN affiliates have been enjoying a weekend of fellowship and networking, meeting several new people and strengthening existing alliances, as well as making plans for future activism and projects. A new regional ShieldWall Network Coordinator was named for Western Arkansas, as continued growth requires the new division for the purpose of SWN Phalanx training sessions and the vetting of new members. The next three scheduled meetings and protests were discussed, both in the state and out, as well.

On Saturday afternoon, Mr. Roper gave a very well-received speech at the Knights Party Congress, bringing the attendees up to speed on recent activities and encouraging them with an inspiring explanation of why we are winning, with the hard right of the ShieldWall Network, The Knights Party, and their allies going on the offensive at last, and our enemies being on the defensive. At this point, as things accelerate, Antifa in Arkansas can only count a success if they run so fast and dig such a deep hole to pull over themselves and hide in that we haven’t doxxed them all, yet. That’s literally all they have left. So, they’re losing, we are advancing, and the time to move faster is NOW.

Meanwhile, the much ballyhooed Central Arkansas Democratic Socialists of America Leftist Conference in Little Rock at the main branch of the public library was miserably attended, perhaps after some of the faggots, Communists, and token niggers were scared off by the rumor that the meetings would be protested, for some reason. The half dozen Anarchists, not famous for their ability to plan or follow directions or play well with others, although being anti-police and anti-government, hid in a taxpayer funded government building behind closed doors, hiding behind the police. Or so they thought. They were so distracted with fear that they left a bag of IWW flyers sitting in the window of the East room, and didn’t even cover the license plates of their vehicles. Marvin and Martin were nowhere to be seen.

Billy’s full speech was videotaped and will be released at a future date. Other conference attendants videotaped segments of the talk, which we will make available soon. The Knights Party Family and Leadership Conference continues today.

The Satanic Temple rally in Ark. for Religious Freedom to be protested by Neo Nazi group

This transcript of the David Pakman Show, a left wing podcast, discussing tomorrow’s ShieldWall Network Phalanx counter-protest at the Arkansas state capitol, is entertaining. By the way, we’ve received confirmation that The Knights Party will be joining the ShieldWall Network at the rally tomorrow to stand together in solidarity. 

The Satanic Temple rally in Ark. for Religious Freedom to be protested by Neo Nazi group

The Satanic Temple has been fighting a legal battle in Arkansas over the installment of a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the State Capitol, and now a rally is being held in Arkansas on Thursday, August 16th, where The Satanic Temple’s statue of Baphomet will be displayed. Aside from displays on TST properties, this will be the first time Baphomet will be displayed out in the public sphere.

The rally is intended to bring together religious leaders of different faiths to discuss the importance of the First Amendment and its protection for religious pluralism as being essential to preserve American democracy.

According to The Satanic Temple’s spokesperson, Lucien Greaves, “Freedom of Religion means that the government must not be allowed to endorse one religion over another or inhibit any religious voices from access to public forums in favor of another. By installing a Ten Commandments monument on their capitol grounds while rejecting other privately donated monuments of religious significance, the Arkansas State government has flagrantly violated a founding Constitutional principle, for which we call upon the people to rally with us to defend.”

The appearance of the 7½ foot bronze statue on Capitol grounds has been a long time coming. In August 2015, Arkansas Legislature passed a bill introduced by State Senator Stanley “Jason” Rapert to install a Ten Commandments statue on State Capitol grounds. By rejecting The Satanic Temple’s subsequent offer to donate its statue of Baphomet on Capitol grounds, Arkansas violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment by endorsing one religion over others.

The Satanic Temple’s application was blocked by an emergency-session bill that requires all monuments have legislative sponsorship. While the bill prevented the Baphomet statue from being considered, ironically it only magnifies the degree to which the State legislators are endorsing one religion over others and thereby deliberately rejecting the U.S. Constitution.

In April, the Ten Commandments monument was installed in Little Rock and in July, The Satanic Temple filed a motion to intervene in a federal lawsuit opposing the Ten Commandments monument. The Satanic Temple is now seeking a court order to require the state to install the statue of Baphomet on the Capitol grounds.

Greaves explains, “This isn’t a rally of secularists versus people of faith, Satanists versus Christians, or outsiders versus Arkansas. This is a rally for all people who hold sacred the founding Constitutional principles of Religious Freedom and Free Expression that have fallen under assault by irresponsible politicians like Senator Rapert. We welcome people of all backgrounds and religious beliefs to stand with us.”

Unfortunately, infamous American Neo Nazi Billy Roper has determined that The Satanic Temple is full of commie leftists, and will be protesting the event with his Neo Nazi organization, the SheildWall Network.

In a ShieldWall, every man is responsible for protecting the man to his left with their shield, held in their left hand, covering their neighbor on that side, and attacking the enemy with their right hand spear. To that end all members of the shield wall are equally reliant and dependent on one another.

Neo-Nazis Call on ‘White Christians’ to Oppose Satanic Temple Rally. The convergence of conservative Christian and White Supremacist groups suggests this is really a struggle over who is a “real” American and who is not.

As The Satanic Temple prepares for its rally for religious liberty in Little Rock, more radical groups have announced their intent to demonstrate at the Arkansas capitol as well. Over the weekend, Billy Roper, a neo-Nazi based in Arkansas, announced a counter-protest and called on “all White Christians” to support him. Roper added, “This particular group of Satanists are Anarcho-Communists, and celebrate homosexuality and race mixing. We anticipate they will be supported by Antifa.”

Billy Roper is one of the more infamous Neo Nazis in America. Here’s a sampling of some of his speech and beliefs.

“Every non-White on the planet has to become extinct. We need to remove these minor-league amateur races out of the game, and refine the playoff brackets a bit, if you get my meaning. The whole world is ours, and the only part of the earth that non-Whites should inherit is however much it requires to cover them.” — January 2005 interview on Blood & Honour Radio

“I’m a biological racist. I’d rather have the entire species become extinct except for one white boy and one white girl who were raised by a pack of wild wolves, than our race go under and the world [be] inherited by Asians and mulattos who can play the classical violin and recite Shakespeare.” — June 2003 essay in White Revolution Report

“The enemy of our enemy is, for now at least, our friends. We may not want them marrying our daughters, just as they would not want us marrying theirs. We may not want them in our societies, just as they would not want us in theirs. But anyone who is willing to drive a plane into a building to kill jews [sic] is alright [sic] by me. I wish our members had half as much testicular fortitude.” — Sept. 11, 2001, E-mail to National Alliance membership celebrating Al Qaeda attacks on the World Trade Center just minutes earlier

In the first Unite The Right rally last year in Charlottesville, several of Billy Roper’s followers from the Shieldwall network attended, and one of them, Jacob Scott Goodwin, was convicted of malicoius wounding in the beating of DeAndre Harris in the parking garage.

Since Goodwin’s arrest, Billy Roper has been supporting him through a legal defense fund.

He has also radicalized Goodwin’s parents, particularly his impressionable mother, as detailed in this excellent documentary titled, Path To Radicalizatoin: A Mother Turns To Hate

I guess for a Neo Nazi like Billy Roper, it doesn’t matter that most members of The Satanic Temple are white, as the black community has historically not been very involved in Satanism for various reasons. White people have to be Christians, and non lefty commies of course. Oh and of course no gays. Can’t forget about the gays.

Antifa might show up in support of The Satanic Temple, but the two groups are not aligned and TST does not use the same tactics as Antifa. The Satanic Temple focuses on fighting for religious freedom, mainly through legal battles, and Antifa focuses on fighting against fascist groups, mainly by taking to the streets in black bloc at events and rallies, and disrupting their organizing through infiltration and hacking.

In any case, the fascist right wing of America might bring more violence upon our tarnished history. This is a group of Satanists with a very large statue of Baphomet, which is commonly used to represent Satan/Satanism, being protested by militant Neo Nazis who support genocide against all non white christian straight people.

This could end very badly. The Satanic Temple is incredibly brave for what they are doing.


LIVE The Roper Report Saturday Night!

LIVE The Roper Report this Saturday the 7th at 8 pm central, Billy will be joined by Stephen Landser and Sparrow of PBR Productions. (Yes, a real live Nazi GIRL!!!) Join the live chat and amaze your friends! It slices, it dices, it shoahs and triggers, it’s…The Roper Report!

Civil War 2.0 podcast

Coming Tuesday, July 3rd on The Roper Report podcast, listen to Balk Right leaders Tom Kawczynski of the National Right and Billy Roper of the ShieldWall Network discuss, on the anniversary of the end of the Battle of Gettysburg, the turning point of the last civil war; and on the eve of the July 4th holiday on which we remember what arguably was our nation’s first one, how the coming Civil War II (or III) may begin and play out as America balkanizes. The Roper Report is on bitchute, and audiomack, and Youtube.

They DO want to shut us up! Sodomites Want Hate Speech Laws Against ShieldWall.

by Billy Roper

On the eve of the SWN/LS/NSM protest against the Antifa supported militant homosexual and pedophile Knoxville PrideFest, one of the Sodomites has publicly called for an end to free speech. Fearing people learning the truth of their perverted and disgusting agenda, the faggot, in a letter to the editor, wants “hate speech” laws to limit public discourse about political and social issues. This is very illuminating:

“Hate speech should be illegal

We are only one day away from Knox Pridefest 2018. The celebration is an event that draws tens of thousands of folks from all over the region in order to be among like-minded individuals. For a few hours on Saturday, LGBTQA people will be able to let their guard down and enjoy music, food and other entertainment.

However, in order to enter the celebration area, we will come face to face with extreme hatred and ignorance by way of a group known as The Shieldwall Network, a white nationalist group. 

Billy Roper of The Shieldwall Network claims in an article that the LGBTQA community wishes to add the letter “P” to its abbreviation in order to celebrate “pedophilia.” In his article on their website, he offers no proof of his outrageous claim. It would appear that his only goal is to stir up as much anti-LGBT sentiment as he can by lying about our community.

Their presence at Knox Pridefest concerns me. In another article authored by Roper, he spells out how Shieldwall can increase their membership by approaching others at gun shops, gun ranges and hunting clubs. 

It seems clear that their organization deeply values using weapons in order to terrorize others who wish to attend peaceful gatherings such as Knox Pridefest.

Will Roper’s disturbing claims be enough to push someone to their breaking point, resulting in violence at Knox Pridefest? I pray that it won’t happen. 

As an American, I value free speech. However, I believe free speech should have limitations. In many European nations speech that spreads, incites, promotes or justifies hatred based on intolerance is illegal and not tolerated. I think it’s time we consider similar laws. Perhaps this would reduce the number of hate groups that plague our country.

Tom Cogburn, Knoxville”

You can read his letter in the Letters to the Editor section of today’s Knoxville News Sentinel here. 

Ordering books for AFP/CCC Conference

Anyone who will be attending the joint American Freedom Party/Council of Conservative Citizens conference June 15th-17th who would like to reserve an autographed copy of one of Billy Roper’s books to pick up at the conference, please let him know so we will know how many to pack. Thanks!

E-mail to pre-order, listing which title and how many copies you would like to pick up at the conference.

If you can’t take the heat, get back in the oven.


After The Death Of A White Nationalist, The Alt-Right Vows Revenge On Journalists

by: Some temporarily anonymous cowardly (((anti-White))). 

“Billy Roper, a Neo-Nazi who heads a group called the ShieldWall Network, paid tribute to Dodson and gave out Jacob Rosenberg’s address in a blog post. The post was taken down after WordPress received “a valid complaint regarding the publication of private information.” On his eponymous Roper Report, the Neo-Nazi said:

Ultimately, we are all Andrew Dodson. They [Antifa, journalists, etc.] want to kill us all. They want to deplatform us all. They want to bankrupt us all. They want to take away our families and our girlfriends or our wives. They wanna take away our livelihoods. They wanna take away our freedom. They want to censor us. They want to shut us up. They want to bury us, not just figuratively but literally. And so, since we are all Andrew Dodson — they wanna kill us all — our only response is to kill them back. Whenever they dox us, we dox them back. Any of them: their family, their friends, Jew reporters. We have to show them that we are not afraid, we are not intimidated, we’re not going to go quietly into that good night. We’re going to hit them back so hard they’re not ever gonna wanna get up again.

[Emphasis added.]

It’s worth noting that Rosenberg never published private information such as Dodson’s address, phone number, Social Security Number, email address or anything else. He and the Arkansas Times only reported on his name and noted that he once resided in Arkansas. Roper made no such distinction and called for the mass doxing of journalists and their families.

He continued this tirade by boasting of he and his compatriots’ “Aryan” blood. “They should be afraid of us!” he announced. “We are Aryans! We are conquerors, our ancestors conquered the entire world, because they were Aryans!They never feared a non-white!” He continued to harp on this point — that they share the blood of the “conquistadors” and “vikings” and “crusaders” — adding that they should not be afraid of striking back against their enemies.”