After Roper Endorsement, Morgan Wins Over 30%!

Despite a primary election eve endorsement of multimillionaire incumbent establishment supported Governor Asa Hutchinson, the corrupt RINO liberal whose NeverTrumper opposition to conservatism made the President’s statement of support a stab in the back to Jan Morgan, who was a staunch supporter and the Chairperson of Citizens For Trump, it was still a very close race, indeed, in Arkansas. Traditionally, any primary campaign against an incumbent officeholder barely counts as a protest from the party’s fringe, or in this case, from its populist base. However, Hutchinson’s widely known left-wing policies and views almost overcame the support he enjoyed from Wal-Mart Inc., the world’s largest retailer, and Tyson Foods, the world’s largest meat processor, both of which are headquartered in Arkansas and heavy backers of the Governor. The state’s big controlled media outlets, including the NBC and Fox TV outlets whose News Director takes his orders from leftist Arkansas Times editor Max Brantley, and the state’s biggest newspaper, the Democrat Gazette, shepherded by Jewish editor Paul Greenberg, all supported Hutchinson, as well.

It is estimated that through his endorsement of Hutchinson, Trump lost up to 5 points in expected Republican voter turnout on his behalf in Arkansas in 2020. The incumbent Governor, who refused to debate Morgan during the campaign, was given 4 million dollars to propagandize with by his corporate and liberal supporters, while the challenger raised about $144,000, largely through small donations from private citizens.

Jan Morgan, the conservative challenger, did best in rural areas of the state and in those northern and western counties with overwhelmingly White populations, as was expected, but she also carried Yell county, one of the regions most deeply affected by illegal immigration of Mestizos sponsored by the poultry industry. Another example of her support lay in Newton County, which is the Whitest county in Arkansas at over 99% White, and which she also won. Voters in those areas responded most favorably to Morgan’s hard line anti-immigration positions, which stood in contrast to Hutchinson’s support for sanctuary city programs and lax immigration enforcement. Her strong second amendment stance, c ompared to the Governor, also resonated with voters in the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountain regions. Hutchinson met with the anti-gun ‘Moms Demand Action’ lobbying group at the capitol, posing for a group picture with the hoplophobic activists. Liberals in the Republican Party painted Morgan as a xenophobe and bigot because she declared her indoor gun range and shop as a “Muslim Free Zone”, refusing to sell them firearms or ammunition.

A week prior to the election a former state legislator turned anti-White NeverTrumper, partnered with an effeminate past “aide” of Hutchinson’s, attacked former state gubernatorial candidate Billy Roper’s endorsement of Jan Morgan. Although they and other liberal activists in the establishment state media and political machine called on Morgan to disavow Roper’s endorsement, she never caved in to the pressure to turn her back on the White voters of Arkansas. In fact, silly monkey and washed up former  TV talk show hostess Montel Williams publicly weighed in on the drama despite having no business being involved in the state’s politics, claiming that Morgan would not disavow Roper’s endorsement because she needed the “racist” votes which his support would potentially bring to her. Whether or not Williams was correct that Roper’s endorsement brought a large number of votes Morgan’s way is difficult to measure based on currently available exit polling data, but he may have been correct. Arkansas, as the rest of the country, is polarizing and dividing more and more every day, with an increasing number of White citizens no longer being intimidated into silence by the “racist” label used as a weapon by the left to keep them from acting in their own interests.

Despite the outcome, Morgan stated that her campaign had “laid the foundation for grassroots political movements in Arkansas” to oppose the establishment. As for Trump’s endorsement of Hutchinson, Billy Roper personally visited multiple polling places around the state on election day, speaking to a number of precinct workers who bitterly confided to him without hesitation that the President’s betrayal had “just about” proven to them that he is as corrupt as any other politician, and that the whole electoral system is a rigged and fixed game from start to finish. According to the mood of voters he interviewed, many Jan Morgan supporters chose to stay home rather than cast their ballots once they heard of Trump’s endorsement of Asa, in disgust. In fact, there was only an 18% voter turnout. They likely will do the same, come November in the general election.

That’s how Civic Nationalism dies, and Identity Politics fills the vacuum. That’s how we go Balk Right.

Future Political Systems: Hail Caesar!

by Billy Roper

After the ShieldWall Network’s long-term goal of aiding the rise of White ethnostates to fill the coming vacuum of power following the inevitable balkanization of America, the Balk Right will have to develop a political system of governance. Not to put the proverbial cart before the horse, but it’s never too early to begin discussing some alternatives. After all, different regional ethnostates may find that dissimilar systems better fit their local culture and historical traditions than others.

Most people who are dedicated to securing the existence of our people and a future for White children come into the movement either through libertarianism or Civic Nationalism, and graduate into White Nationalism. As they further harden and radicalize, many mature into National Socialism. The matriculation process takes longer for some than others. Some, indeed, envision further evolutionary progress into traditional and organic natural political structures, such as feudalism and monarchism, eventually eclipsing National Socialism. After all, how far a leap is it from a fascist dictatorship to having an ethnostate ruled by a king? Indeed, such would be a guarantee that the racial nation didn’t devolve into Strasserian egalitarianism, ultimately  abandoning its very core ideals of eugenics, discipline, and the greater good outweighing individual “liberties” and a mythical and ill-advised equality of outcome for everyone White. The Roman Republic blossomed into Empire, not the reverse, after all.

In Plato’s ‘Republic’, arguably the most astute political philosopher of Western Civilization argued that a good monarchy is the best of all governmental systems, and the a bad monarchy is the worst. Then again, he had never met Karl Marx, who would contend the same about Communism. Obviously, the ShieldWall Network tends to side with Plato rather than Marx. While the question of insuring character and integrity in a monarch is a thorny issue addressed unsuccessfully in the Bible, the Magna Carta, and finally in the Declaration of Independence, it’s one that we may have to deal with again in years to come, as post-balk warlords consolidate territory and resources.

Until then, here is a cogent discussion of some alterations and alternatives to traditional feudalism.