How to red pill your community…

…One normie at a time.

The following is a true story recounted by a female ShieldWall Network affiliate who recently took an opportunity to question a Zionist Christian on the basis of her support for Israel. The virtue-signaling evangelical, not even well brainwashed enough to parrot the lie that those who call themselves Jews today (Rev. 2:9 and 3:9) are God’s chosen people, or that God will bless them that bless Israel (where are the blessings?), just froze:

(In the thrift store going through a craft bin….. Woman walks over and starts going through same bin….. I look at her …. Her shirt says “Support Israel” with the 6 point star under the words…….. So…..)
Me- “What’s going on in Israel?”
Her-“What do you mean?”
Me-“your shirt says support Israel and as I’m not very good at keeping up with current events I was wondering why I should support them”
Her-“Well….. Because……. “
Me-“Because why?”
Her-“Well… Because they need our help”
Me-” with what exactly? I mean did they have an earthquake or something and need food or what?”
Her-” well no. I don’t think so…. We just need to support them”
Me-” well I’d need to know exactly why I’m supporting a foreign country before I’d actually support them, I mean that’s just common sense. So if you could explain to me why you support them maybe I’d understand better why they need my support.”
Her-(huffing impatience)” well …. Just because…. I support them because……….. (Sound of frustration)…… Nevermind I’m done talking to you”
Me-” have a nice day”
Let this be a lesson that not everyone who supports Israel really supports them, they obviously have no idea what they are supporting. I hope she is asking herself why the hell she wears that shirt when she has no idea what it means.

ShieldWall Network (East Tennessee) Flash Rally After Action Report

Memorial Day weekend was an extremely active time for the The ShieldWall Network in East Tennessee, and for all of the right reasons. Saturday night dozens of flyers were distributed bearing the ShieldWall Network website address  ( and logo, encouraging locals in the area to shed their White guilt and stand up against the Black Lives Matter and Antifa cells trying to organize in the Knoxville region.

On Sunday a friendly group barbecue social was enjoyed, then the ShieldWall affiliates and their allies held a flash rally holding two large banners, one reading “Diversity = White Genocide”, and the second saying “It’s great to be White!”, as well as Confederate and other flags, all along a busy street sidewalk . The motivation for the demonstration was an anti-White author and speaker, an elderly boomer cuck from Mississippi, being sponsored by local anti-Whites for a seminar whose theme was “Are you racist, or are you in deep denial?”. We hope they got the ShieldWall’s answer, loud and clear!

Over recent weeks other literature distributions and banner drops have been held locally, and in this case, the scene of their courageous rally was at 804 Montvale Station Road in Maryville. Local police did show up and tried to make the peaceful, first amendment exercising pro-White protesters leave, but knowing the law and the applicable city ordinances, they cited them and though they were angry at not being able to intimidate the ShieldWall into giving up and going home, the police had to let them stay.

No Antifa or Black Lives Matter was encountered in this seedbed White ethnostate for the Memorial Day Weekend rally. Many local citizens, especially young men, drove by back and forth for much of the two hour long demonstration honking their horns and cheering their support. The only vocal opposition came from some of the Judeo Zionist Methodists who had sponsored the event featuring the anti-White author, David Billings, who gave an anti-White seminar at another Methodist church and a bookstore in Maryville, all of which were blessed with ShieldWall Network flyers prior to the event, before ending up at the First United Methodist church.

Rev. Billings, for all his literary bluster, lacked the courage of his convictions enough to engage in dialogue with the pro-White group. The local Pastor who had invited him at first wanted to debate theology with the ten person strong ShieldWall Phalanx crew, then when he quickly lost the debate lapsed into singing“Red and Yellow, Black and White, They Are Precious In His Sight…”. One ShieldWall Phalanx member asked the preacher what scripture that quote was from. The minister responded that it wasn’t from scripture, it was a song, to which the ShieldWall Phalanx responded that “Achy, Breaky Heart” is a song, as well. Thus ended the theological discussion, verily.

Interviews with interested mainstream media outlets, including the Knoxville News Sentinel, did continue, however, as did more very positive interactions with the public. This successful rally is just the beginning of a summer of activism planned by the ShieldWall Network in East Tennessee and their pro-White allies throughout the region.

How to become less anti-social.

One of the road-blocks for recruitment and radicalization of new affiliates and allies along the way to becoming a person of influence in your community following the ShieldWall Network plan is being anti-social. Having untrendy or unpopular political views doesn’t help that “outsider” feeling. However, here are some ways that you can practice being more outgoing.

Pete is an advanced social skills coach and founder of Beard Strokings. He teaches his clients to be charismatic in genuine ways, in order to deeply connect with people through conversation. If you’re ready to transform your social and dating life, check out Conquer Confidence 2017.


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel anti-social. If I’m working on a big project I go into “work mode” and tend to avoid chitchatting so I can get more work done. Then after a long period of reinforcing that habit I begin to find it harder to connect with people.

If you choose to avoid conversation consistently your brain learns that conversation is hard. And if you avoid it for long enough you’ll struggle to remember how to do it well. If you choose to avoid people consistently your brain will spend less time being externally focused on others. Instead you’ll be more focused on your internal thoughts.

You may be familiar with gems like these…

  • “I can’t think of anything to say.”
  • “She doesn’t like me.”
  • “These people are better than me.”

And they’ll trip you up when you’re trying to make friends. The good news is that this happens to everyone. But what can you do to pull yourself out of it?

Saying Anything Is Better Than Saying Nothing

Each time you make the choice to stay in your head instead of saying something (anything!), you make it slightly harder for yourself to be social. Because the next time you’re faced with that same choice you’ll be more likely to make the same decision you made last time.

So it follows that each time you make the choice to say something instead of staying in your head, you make it slightly easier for yourself to be social next time.

Should I say “Thanks, have a great day” to the café staff as I’m walking out? Or should I just say nothing?

Should I say “Hi, how are you?” to the person who sits next to me on the bus? Or should I stare at my feet?

Should I ask the taxi driver how his day has been? Or should I scroll through my Facebook feed?

Even if these interactions last for ten seconds before going back to silence, deciding to initiate them is psychologically better for you than staying in your head. Your brain will go, “Oh, maybe focusing externally is something I should do more of instead of rattling around in this echo chamber,” and your negative thoughts will decrease.

If you’re feeling antisocial, expect to fail at this a bunch of times, but start small to keep yourself from getting discouraged. Start with Step 0 below and f*ck it up until you consistently get it right, then tackle the next step.

You’ll notice your confidence increase with every step. You’ll genuinely feel more comfortable around people, more motivated to talk, and more willing to take bigger risks if you just open your mouth and do this.

Step 0: Make eye contact and smile.

Keep doing this with new people and try new ways of doing it until you consistently get smiles back. Their smiles will make you feel more confident and will prepare you for the next step.

Step 1: Go out of your way to greet service staff with things like “Hi, how are you?”, “Thanks, have a great day,” etc.

Keep trying this in different ways until you consistently get positive comments back. Their positive comments will make you feel more comfortable.

Become A Social Person

Step 2: Say “Hi” when walking past people.

Keep trying this until you consistently get positive responses back and feel comfortable with it.

Step 3: Make quick observations and verbalise them. Like “Oh what a cute dog,” or “Nice shirt.”

You can end the conversations there. Keep trying this in different ways until you consistently get positive reactions back.

Step 4: Make a real effort to continue the initial conversation in ANY direction.

Just say anything after the initial introduction. Like “Where are you from?” or “What’s the dog’s name?” or “You look like you’re on your way to something important.” You can end the conversations there. Keep trying this in new ways until you can consistently continue conversations beyond the initial introduction, and get the reactions you’re looking for.

If this sounds difficult to you it means you’re probably not at Step 3 yet. Getting to Step 3 makes Step 4 easier, and so on. (And if you need more help with this, my site has a guide that will also help you figure out what to say and how to say it.)

Step 5: Add something personal about yourself, like “I want to get a dog one day.”

Add, “It’d be nice to have something to take care of,” or “You know I usually avoid taking risks but I’m starting to wonder if I should change that,” or “I love __. I could talk about it for hours.”

Rather than trying to impress people with what you say, just aim to keep yourself entertained or engaged. Keep trying this until you consistently get the reactions you want.

Step 6: Ask something that makes the other person think.

Say things like “What made you decide to get into that?” or “Are you usually lucky or unlucky?”, or “What’s something your friends would say you’re great at?” Anything that they have to reflect on before answering.

Now you’re having a legit conversation. Keep trying this until people consistently open up to you.

Step 7: Start group conversations.

For example: “Where are you guys from?” on a walking tour, or “Did anyone see that thing in the news today?” with your co-workers. Keep trying this until you can comfortably lead and continue these group conversations.

And of course do this without being the loud and obnoxious guy who doesn’t know when to shut up and listen.

Build Confidence

Step 8: Play a character in conversation.

If I’m telling a story about the time Steve ate a rotten egg, for example, I might temporarily impersonate his voice and body language and re-enact the situation, rather than just saying, “He cried to mummy and spewed.” Keep trying this until people consistently laugh at your characters.

Step 9: Invite people to things that you organise. Get friends to bring friends you don’t know.

Now you’re leading the social circle. Keep trying this in different ways until people consistently accept your invitations.

At this point the world is your oyster. You’re taking much bigger risks than you were when you started this whole thing because you’ve built a consistent habit of getting out of your head and saying SOMETHING.

This isn’t the end of the road. It’s just a solid foundation that lets you take control of your social life. From here you’ll decide what risks you want to take, and which direction you want to grow in. And if you’re struggling with any of the steps, add your own smaller steps. For example you can ask the time or directions before verbalising observations if that’s easier.

So get up and say something (anything!) to the next person you see. It’s a skill you develop by doing it. Not something you’re born with.

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Designed to Fail

America is a divided nation and supports two distinct narratives – the narrative of survivors and the narrative of victims.

The survivor mentality created America and is defined by its core values of independence, equality, and freedom. It is supported by institutions promoting growth, independence, sovereignty, and the common denominator of American nationalism. The survivor narrative is the narrative of President Donald Trump.

The victim mentality was created to deconstruct America and is defined by its core values of dependence, inequality, and escape from freedom. It is supported by institutions promoting regression, dependence, internationalism, and the common denominator of globalism. The victim mentality is the narrative of the Left and Liberalism – America’s newest religion.

Nationalists and Globalists have irreconcilable differences because their fundamental premises are diametrically opposed to one another. Americans must choose between them.

Together We Are Strong,

Robert Taylor

What can I do?

If you feel you need to “wait for instructions,” or otherwise depend on others — especially those in positions of leadership — to guide and assist you, our country will not survive these perilous times. You must act as though the future of our country depends on you alone, for in a very real sense it does. It depends on the creative, responsible, exemplary initiative of yourself and those you inspire to similar patriotism.

If — in a very real sense — our nation’s future depends on you alone (and on similar patriots you inspire), don’t simply be a spectator who watches others do courageous, remarkable things. Do them yourself! Lead out!

Just as our Founders — or other great figures in history — suffered considerable adversity and personal hardship for their principled allegiance to the will of God, you too can expect adversity as you stand forth in the cause of reclaiming America. “No good deed ever goes unpunished,” as the saying goes.

This will likely prove true the more you become a significant player in our country’s future, as the Adversary will predictably seek to destroy your efforts — and as God Himself may undertake to try you, to test the depth of your commitment to His will.

Of course, not all adversity comes from outside sources — since we often bring it upon ourselves by our imperfect nature. But it helps to bear in mind that, no matter the source of our difficulties and challenges, a wise Father can help us deal successfully and productively with all our struggles, provided we rely on Him, and not upon our own wisdom or strength.

Don’t give up. If you persist in well-doing, relying on God to bless and sustain you against all odds and the hardships you can expect to encounter, you will emerge victorious over the forces of evil that confront our country, and you will be a beacon of reason and righteousness, and thus a tangible inspiration, to those around you.

That’s all anyone can expect of another in the cause of reclaiming our republic. If enough of us catch the vision of such selfless grassroots activism, and spread it infectiously to others, we will succeed in preserving the “blessings of liberty [not only] to ourselves [but to] our posterity.”

Together We Are Strong,

Robert Taylor

An Outspoken Woman

By Billy Roper

I sat reading my military history book quietly, thinking about the impact of the battle of Tours on Western Europe and minding my own business, when a lady walked in who made my day. No, this isn’t that kind of story. I was in a doctor’s office waiting room, doing just that while my wife and the kiddo were finding out how serious his persistent cough was and what modern medicine could do about it, and she was pushing eighty.

She plopped down next to me and picked up two news magazines on the small table between us, both displaying President Trump on the cover. That triggered her.

“You know the news media is all so biased against him, it’s a wonder anybody knows anything any more”, she declared. When I smiled and nodded, saying, “Yes, ma’am, they’re all liberals, aren’t they?”, that was all the encouragement she needed. She cut loose.

“I just love it here, do you know why?” (No, ma’am.)

“Well, let me tell you, I moved here from Atlanta. Have you ever been to Atlanta?” she asked. She looked over the room, judging the people there. Then she went on.

“Yes, ma’am, I have. I guess you felt kind of outnumbered there, huh?” I answered. She was fair complexioned with graying blonde hair and blue eyes. She nodded and grinned, winking at me. A finger wagged my way.

“You know when I called the realtor here after I found a little house on four and a half acres that I could afford on Zillow, I asked them, you know, if this place was MULTICULTURAL.” I grinned back, shaking my head. “They’re really not supposed to say that, you know, but the girl kind of paused and then said “Not really”. I knew this was the place for me.”

This was amazing. I told her that was why a lot of people moved here, from both the north and the south, just to be among their own kind. All people naturally wanted to be among their own kind, we both agreed. We had the attention of everyone in the waiting room, by now. Her name was Dorothy. Dorothy did not speak softly.

“My granddaughter is in her twenties. She served a year in Afghanistan in the Army. She came back telling me that the war is not about what we think it’s about, it’s about oil. I told her that there might be a revolution in this country. She said, “Good, we need one!”. She says that she wishes that she could go back in time with me to when I was a girl and we had our own schools, our own water fountains and bathrooms, before…”

(Another lady two rows of chairs away, facing her): “Well, I don’t know about a revolution, more like another civil war, and I can tell you what side I’m gonna be on!”

I noticed that the three other men in the room were staring down at their gun magazines and newspapers grinning like possums, just enjoying hearing it. A couple of other women nodded along. In the corner a County Sheriff’s Deputy sat watching over his shackled female prisoner. He was paying close attention, but didn’t seem to be in disagreement.

Those paid protesters, they’re just Communists and minorities all trying to destroy America!” she exclaimed. Nobody countered this assertion. The deputy caught my eye, and nodded, then looked back down.

Well, if those Black Lives Matter folks come here, I’ll run over them. Then I’ll back up just to see what I hit. Whomp, whomp,!” Dorothy imitated the sound of a human speed bump being flattened. The other lady laughed out loud, and the deputy just shook his head, still smiling down at his lap.

One of the men spoke up, a gentleman in his fifties: “There ain’t enough of’em around here to do nothin’. What, one in the Wal-Mart, one at that health food store?  You can count’em on one hand in the County!”

Dorothy was unconvinced. “Maybe so, but if they think we’re soft, like a bunch of sheep, and weak, when stuff happens, they might come. When they do, I’ll be ready.” She then proceeded to describe in detail the guns that she had and how often she shot them and what she planned to do when the time came, her and everybody on her road. They’d talked about it.                                                  

     “I didn’t ever call myself racist, not until this last election, but I reckon I am, now. THEY want to rule over US. THEY want to outnumber US. It’s all a bunch of gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!”

The younger brunette lady across from Dorothy spoke up again. “Me, too, I always voted Democrat until this time, but I just couldn’t. Why, I’d never even heard of that Soros before, but I just couldn’t.”

“I don’t hate nobody,” the baseball capped gentleman added, “but I believe in taking care of my own, and letting others take care of theirs.” Everybody nodded their agreement at that, and he went back to his paper.

It was my turn to help out a bit. “Yes, Sir. But they don’t take care of their own, and they won’t leave us alone. The Mexicans want the whole southwest of the country for their own…”

     Dorothy took back over. I let her. “And they’re doing it, too, just like the…the BLACKS are doing in Atlanta. Taking over!” A third of the room had moved to the Ozarks from the deep south. Another third had moved down from northern cities. They weren’t about to argue with her. Then she threw long.

“The way I see it, we’re gonna HAVE to fight, as much as I don’t want it. Us, or our kids and grandkids,” she added.

“By then it might be too late, if we wait that long,” I piled on for good measure, to add to the psychological effect pulling the others along in compliance. They chewed on that.

“I know it. ‘Cause by then, THEY’LL be the majority, and we’ll be done for, unless we just each take a part of the country and go our separate ways,” she went full balkanizer on me. There it was.

I nodded, weighing in my mind how much more the room could take, how much further to push it, what to add, were they ready for the Jewish Question…I didn’t think so, but they were silently in assent that multiracialism had failed, and the sad, inevitable conclusion about to unfold might include civil war and the breakup of America.

Usually I’m the one gently leading people along, helping them say more and more politically incorrect things. I’m the radical flank effect. Me, remember? Not some courageous lady older than my mom. Yeah. She was hard to keep up with. In fact, I’d have had to start sieg-heiling and goose-stepping around right there in the doctor’s office to right wing virtue signal past her.

Even now, I can’t remember how many red pills she plopped out as the whole room listened, spellbound. She had sat her grandson down and told him not wear those pants saggin’, that’s what blacks did in prison to let each other know they were ready and willing to take a man, did he want to take a man that way? One hit after another, I can’t remember them all. They were soaking it up. Heck, so was I. It felt good to be in the damn audience for a change, and feel the waves of it rolling around me. So, this is what it’s like, Well, I’ll be. Huh. It’s been a while.

I kept hoping fervently that my wife would finish up with the doctor and come back out so she could witness this. She’d think I just made it up, I feared. She didn’t. Miss Dorothy got called back to see the nurse before my wife and the kiddo came out. I tried to do her justice in describing the episode, but I felt like I hadn’t done a convincing job explaining the experience. Then, an hour later, we were walking out of the Wal-Mart with the kiddo’s prescription in hand as Dorothy was walking in. We stopped and I introduced her to my family, and there in the center of the Wally World parking lot she vented some more about how rap music is just a drumbeat away from hopping around a fire in a loincloth and all of the Mexicans need to go back whether they were born here or not. Oh, and the Muslims, we had enough problems with the blacks and the Mexicans without letting in those murdering Muslims.

Now, I introduced myself to her by name, and I didn’t see any flicker of recognition in her eyes like I sometimes do when people have heard of me. There was neither the fear that the hand they had just shaken might still have Zyklon B stains on it, nor the awe of being confronted with a small-time celebrity. I’m reasonably confident that she didn’t know me from Adam. So, she wasn’t performing for my benefit. We got the real deal. So did everyone in the doctor’s office, and I’d hazard a guess, so do many of the people whom she encounters.

I’m going to recruit her for The ShieldWall Network.

Her strength of personality, her bold character, and her forthrightness were captivating, not just to me, but obviously to the entire room. It doesn’t matter whether some of them didn’t agree and stayed silent to avoid an argument. If they did, it was nice to be on that side of things, for a change. It doesn’t matter if any of them were red-pilled much, or how deeply the encouragement to be more open and politically incorrect seeped. If they were hostile to White interests, they shut up. And really, that’s all we need them to do, is shut up and get out of our way. They followed the bandwagon effect, because it cuts both ways. I’ve done it. Dorothy did it. You can do it, too.

I’ve written for years about the courage of the little black girl in the pink dress who marched down the street in Selma while White adults cursed at her, compared to the average White man of today who’d rather die than be called a racist. If that offends you, compare your level of testicular fortitude instead to the old White lady I met in the doctor’s office yesterday morning. If, like me, you feel driven to do more for our people because of her example, then Dorothy and I will be content that we did our jobs for the day.

Finding Like-Minded People

One of the primary goals of the ShieldWall Network is, instead of just filling up the organization with warm bodies, actively seeking out men and women who see the world largely as we do. Granted, there are going to be few whom we will encounter in our day-to-day ‘cherry-picking’ recruitment forays who are already red-pilled fully, but someone who agrees with us on three-quarters of the issues, so long as they go along with the program, are not our 25% enemy, they are our 75% friend. Obviously, anyone who condones certain behaviors such as homosexuality or race mixing cannot be a part of the ShieldWall, nor do we want people who use illegal drugs or are otherwise criminals. Those general, common sense caveats aside, though, there are many millions of White Americans from all walks of life and socio-economic levels who can find a place in the ShieldWall where their strengths can combine with ours. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, construction workers, police officers, and housewives may all have something to offer in our mutual support web. Remember the values and assets we are looking for, and seek them out.

It may be tempting to reach out lazily to our fellow White Nationalists and known patriots, then limit ourselves to that small pool of potential recruits. The truth, though, is that most of our people, even those who largely agree with us and who would be very useful for the ShieldWall Network, are not yet politically active. Most of them are too busy working to pay their bills, or taking care of their families, or simply have never felt motivated to do more politically than vote occasionally, and complain a lot. Our responsibility is to change that, for the ShieldWall Network isn’t solely about prepping, for anticipating and planning  responses to any number of crisis scenarios; it is about creating a grassroots, community-based local connection of persons of influence, and to make persons of influence of each member of the ShieldWall, itself, in their local communities.

One of the methods potentially utilized by members of the ShieldWall to become a person of influence in their local community is to volunteer with your local Republican Party. Granted, only a small percentage of those active on the city and county level of Republican party politics will be amenable to our message, but the ten to twenty percent who are is higher than the same percentage of the general population, especially now.

One of the best books I can recommend describing how to get started in local political networking, one step at a time, was written by science fiction writer Robert Heinlein. Although a libertarian, rather than a Nationalist, his “Take Back Your Government” is as pertinent now for us as it was a half century ago when he wrote it.

Of course, we also will be recruiting ShieldWall Network members at gun and knife shows, hunting expositions, shooting ranges, Tea Party meetings, and dozens of similar locations, all of which are ‘target rich environments’ for the kind of individual we are looking for. Remember, you have a responsibility to the ShieldWall to be on the lookout for the next recruit who will stand beside us. Who have you talked to about the ShieldWall, today?