Not all women are waiting their turn to be victims.

The Shield Maidens

Not all women are waiting their turn to be victims.

By: Tina Roper

The very intelligent well spoken black male in the beginning of this video tries to warn his fellow well mannered people about possible dangers in an apocalyptic world. His opinion of the biggest threat to his people? No, it’s not starvation, or lack of shelter, or even the shortage of cocoa butter…. He warns his people of… White children and women who know how to use firearms!

Yes, it’s true, white women and children are legally participating in firearm safety and training. I’m glad that this highly educated black man is aware of that fact and sharing his knowledge with his peers. That means, that at least some of them had fair warning that not all of  us “crackers” ( his word) are sitting around waiting to be raped, robbed and killed by one of the misunderstood…

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Shield Maidens Wear

The ShieldWall Network ladies auxiliary now has their own t-shirts!

The Shield Maidens

shield maiden2

Stay Noble Wear has designed this awesome graphic so you can purchase shirts to show off your affiliation with The Shield Maidens network!

A huge thank you to them for this!

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The ShieldWall Network now has a Ladies Auxiliary: The Shield Maidens

From: The Shield Maiden website.

A shield maiden was a woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior.

We, here, in this Shield Maiden group also choose to fight as warriors in this battle to preserve our people’s culture and existence. We choose to put our differences aside in order to fight for the future of our children. We support our men who stand in the Shield Wall, we stand behind our men, as we are the last line of defense for our children and race. Strong women on the home front today, build strong children for tomorrow and with our support and encouragement our men are enabled to lead and fight proudly on the front lines. We Shield Maiden sisters support each other and build each other up in order to ensure that our women have the tools and skills they need to be an effective warrior on the battlefield.

March 18th, Central Arkansas

Last reminder, if you’re in Arkansas or an adjacent state and would like to attend the ShieldWall Network meeting in central Arkansas one week from today, March 18th, e-mail me at We’ll be having subsequent meetings every other month on the third Saturday of those alternating months, in different locations around the state.

Plutocratic Power Plays

Right now around one million people, more than ten percent of the state’s population, are out of power in Michigan due to late winter storms. As many middle-income subdivisions are still in the dark, electrical power repair crews are being routed away from blue collar and working class areas, and sent to first restore power to wealthier neighborhoods. It’s become so obvious that utility spokesmen have had to publicly deny that such is their policy, following a growing wave of public protests. Seriously, how many millionaires do you think are sitting shivering in the dark in Detroit, tonight?

Now, imagine if this happened on a larger scale, such as would be the case in a regional or nationwide E.M.P. attack which caused the entire power grid to crash, frying the circuitry and hardware. Where would YOU rank on the government’s priority list?

Right. Me, too. That’s why having an in-place network of mutually supportive preppers in your area may be crucial to you and your family’s well-being, some day.

The ShieldWall Network. When the 1% and the government let us down, we’ll pick each other up again. Get on board, now.

Networking and Mutual Support for (WN) Preppers

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

If you’re looking for a great website for preppers, with a lot of informative articles which don’t fall through the cracks of rationality into tin-foil hat conspiracy theories, may I recommend ‘Doomsday Preppers‘? They also feature links to other survivalist-oriented websites, such as this one  from ‘The Prepared Page’ which discusses the importance of making prepping a family activity, in order to pass on your worldview to the next generation: a goal all of us should hold dear. It, in turn, connects to the American Survival Guide website, which sprang forth from a paper magazine I used to read loyally as a teenager. I even connected with local militia and survivalist groups through it, back in the 1980’s, through a section it sponsored called ‘The Survivalist Directory’.

Isn’t it good that preppers are networking with one another in this manner? Shouldn’t White Nationalist preppers…

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Suidlanders (A South African ShieldWall Network)

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

Endemic in modern Western society is a passive, submissive vapidity. Nothing is well organized, or strongly led, or tightly focused or disciplined. In fact, most people seem shy about even suggesting that organization, leadership, focus, or discipline are needed. Many resist any discipline, authority, or leadership. Rampant individualism as a cause feeds into the opposite as an effect, making people into a herd of cows with no bull. No wonder many of our people are such easy prey. This can be seen as evident through the lack of response to White genocide ongoing both here and even to greater extents in places such as South Africa.

Not all White South Africans have a victim mentality, though. Some Afrikaners, Boer Protestant Christians, have organized to not only defend themselves in the case of violent revolution and civil war (which they anticipate imminently), they even have different contingency plans…

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Private Forum Growing

The private forum for ‘The ShieldWall Network’ affiliates at  is growing! It’s very easy to register, just send me an e-mail at when you do, to be invited to the private forum.

We are discussing the potluck for the March 18th meeting there, currently, as well as the exact location and meeting itinerary. Join in!

Upside Down

“Be ready for it. Be prepared. Don’t lose your way. We’re going to need all the people who can think through this, plus some, to avoid a blood letting that will make the French Revolution or the American Civil war look like tea with the parish ladies.”

According To Hoyt

*I started this post about 24h ago, and then life pulled me away, and I got home too late to write.  I tried to finish it last night, but got lost in the weeds.  This morning I started discussing it with son over breakfast, and I THINK I figured out what the stops would be for people born and raised here, and what I have to address.  So, once more, with feeling.*

After the last week — sweet slithering mother of soycakes and tofu, that was SOME week — I was in a private group, where one of my friends said that our problem right now is not left against right; it’s not political correctness against free thinkers; it’s not even SJWs against Libertarians.  No.  It is the elites against everyone else and, of course, vice versa.

He said we’re in the middle of a great populist spasm.

This is…

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Industrial Strength Emergencies

This week’s heavy storms and tornadoes made more of us think about natural disasters, as well as the man-made types which are most often on our minds. There also is a need to consider larger, industrial strength emergencies.

Industrial Strength Emergencies

by Robert Taylor

Emergencies and disasters come in all forms, and I strive to cover as many scenarios as possible with these email updates to my readers.

It’s become clear to me recently that many of my readers are business owners as well as survivalists and preppers, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to do a piece on industrial emergency preparation for those concerned about disasters in the workplace.

Often, especially when it comes to businesses, just the act of preparing is a very revealing process.

Planning and preparation helps industries and corporations discover any hazardous problems or conditions that could aggravate a situation if left unrecognized. When there is preparation, deficiencies are immediately brought to light.

Some of these deficiencies could include resource-lack (e.g. lack of personnel that are adequately trained, lack of supplies, lack of equipment, to name a few).

Knowing these details beforehand helps correct any lack in the soonest possible time.

It also prevents major losses and casualties as well as financial organizational collapse.

Another advantage of preparing for an industrial emergency is that it helps promote appropriate safety and awareness among the workers as well as present a company that is concerned with the welfare of all its staff.

The first step in industrial emergency prep is to establish a team. As much as possible, set-up a good planning group. A leader must be chosen as based on their appropriate capabilities and skills. Particular tasks should also be assigned to teams or individuals.

It’s also important to assess the preparations the organization currently has against risks such as power failure, damage in structures, among others.

In an emergency such as flooding, contacting the manager of the local floodplain as well as other flood officials helps organization and industries learn the risks involved.

Using building materials that are flood-resistant, erecting a physical barrier as well as anchoring structures and tanks is one of the ways to prepare in advance for flood emergencies.

Meanwhile, preparing against high winds is by reinforcing the roof as well as the side panels.  Covering windows is also important, covering the doors and removing any objects that are loose from the industrial plant’s site is a must.

As much as possible, have a backup emergency power such as a battery storage, power and heat system combined.  It is also vital that contact utility info be obtained in case of a power outage.

It is important that there is a plan developed during, before as well as after a particular emergency.  Protocols should be established for the welfare of the employees, especially their safety and similarly the readiness of the site.Emergency power should also be updated as well as the options for power supply.

Communication emergency systems must also be established.
Responsibilities for each staff member with regards to the recovery, shutdown and restart procedure should be outlined.

An evacuation plan should also be developed including employee support.
Procedures on shutting down the utility and the safe processing of operations is a necessity.

Methods in protecting records, inventory and materials must also be developed.

Staying in touch with the operations emergency center on your own state is important.  In this stage, the appropriate preparation, shutdown, emergency backup and evacuation should be started.

All in all, the final stage is the recovery process and the assessment of the damages brought by the emergency as well as in prioritizing needed repairs.