The Roper Report (TRR) podcast: Activists Act!

The Roper Report

In this week’s episode of The Roper Report, Billy’s Balkanization Podcast, the ShieldWall Network’s upcoming Oktoberfest Social on October 14th is announced and Billy shares with us the first half of his 10 point lecture seminar on activism from the 2017 StormFront conference.

The following are Billy’s notes from the conference:

1. 2001-2002: German Embassy in DC. Israeli Embassy 3X. Battle of York, PA. U.S. Capitol.
Our tactics then were to set a date, time, and location with a cause attached. Contact all allied groups and organizations to let them know this was where the event would be. Contact ARA/Black Block and goad them into coming out in opposition to us, shaming them into it. Pick a Fight. Then contact local and regional media and telling them that there was going to be a big, newsworthy confrontation between the two sides. Then going back and playing it up to…

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Jacob Goodwin (Charlottesville Hero) legal defense fund.

The Roper Report

Here is the Fundraiser page for Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense fund, if you would like to contribute via credit or debit card online.

Jacob Goodwin is a brave young man who has been arrested in Arkansas pending extradition for a warrant out of Charlottesville, VA.. Support free speech. Please help his family and friends with his legal defense fundraiser. Any amount would be appreciated.

Jacob Goodwin, a 22 year old young man who has never had so much as a parking ticket, is alleged to have defended himself against a brutal, violent thug who has already been charged with assault in the incident. A politically motivated witch-hunt led to charges being filed against Jacob, as well. Now, he has been arrested and is facing extradition to Virginia. Lawyers for his legal defense have been procured both in Arkansas and Virginia, but his family and friends desperately need your help with…

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Please help this Hero of Charlottesville.

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

This afternoon, Tuesday, October 10th, 2017, a personal friend of mine and fellow ShieldWall Network affiliate named Jacob Goodwin was swept up by a unit of seven heavily armed U.S. Marshals. This young man, who has never had so much as a parking ticket, was arrested on a warrant out of Charlottesville, Virginia. He is now being held awaiting extradition.

Recently, the white NAACP activist named Shaun King, who pretends to be black, had been accusing Jacob of having been present when the black thug DeAndre Harris assaulted White first amendment exercisers during a legally permitted expression of freedom of speech there. Harris has now been formally charged with assault in the encounter.

Jacob will be legally represented both in Arkansas in fighting against extradition, as well as in Virginia, if extradition occurs. However, The ShieldWall Network will be fundraising from now until the situation is resolved…

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Stormfront Conference 7.0 After Action Report

Traditionalist Worker Party Tennessee

This article was written from the perspective of a TWP officer who helped organize the conference. The article only reflects his own personal opinions and inference, it doesn’t necessarily speak for every person in attendance, nor for all the people who helped organize the conference. We only hope to shed light on the day, for those who weren’t in attendance, as Antifa and their lapdogs in the mainstream media have been sowing a lot of misinformation. Enjoy. 

Stormfront 7.0 was a logistical nightmare, due to the event being placed solely into our hands only 10 days before it was suppose to take place. The organizers overcame numerous roadblocks and issues that arose each day that led up to the conference. By the Grace of God, we were able to hold a successful and safe conference, in face of all adversity.

It all started when a member of TWP was asked…

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Multiple White Ethnostates

The Roper Report

In his most recent “Radio Free Northwest” broadcast of October 5th, 2017, Harold Covington discusses ‘The Advertising Expertise of the Alt Right’. Most interesting to readers of ‘The Roper Report’, though, is Stephen Landser and Lord Goyhammer’s ‘Race and Nation’ podcast discussion, which is repeated in this broadcast. The gentlemen, in response to Covington’s explosive Brandenberg series, talk about the inevitable reality of the Balkanization process, and that there will almost certainly be more than one White ethnostate emerging in its aftermath. They specifically talk with great clarity about what has come to be called the “Ozarkia” option, and correctly point out that Covington and Roper’s visions of future White ethnostates are not mutually exclusive nor even necessarily competitive visions.

Not only are they correct, but there may even be other large White enclaves which would be sustainable after Balkanization, at least for the short term, such as the…

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White Nationalism Changes Tactics

The Roper Report

by Louis Ellison

No Longer Telegraphing Punches

The new tactical approach to activism espoused by veteran White Nationalist organizer Billy Roper of The ShieldWall Network in his speech at the StormFront conference on September 30th (video of the speech here) seems to have been widely accepted by his peers on the far right. Richard Spencer and Identity Europa apparently embraced the strategy of not announcing rally plans ahead of time in their return to Charlottesville, Virginia, for another torch-lit procession the following weekend, October 7th, and Dr. Michael Hill and Matt Heimbach of the League of the South and the Traditionalist Worker Party, respectively, have announced a White Lives Matter rally by The Nationalist Front allies to be held in Shelbyville, Tennessee, on Saturday the 28th of October – but they didn’t ask for a permit from local police. Instead they TOLD police they would be there, utilizing public city…

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Talking Points 6-10

Mrs. Roper

Billy Roper shares with us the second half of his 10 point lecture seminar on activism from the 2017 StormFront conference.
The following are his actual speaking notes from that seminar:
Activism: Activists Act
6. Large scale agitation propaganda: Billboards, as in Harrison. Little Rock Nine statue modifications. George Lincoln Rockwell’s man in gorilla suit.
7. Indirect action: to soften an area of a topic up, like indirect artillery fire prior to an engagement: precede activism with coordinated calls to local talk radio stations, letters to the editor of  local papers online, comments on local news stories, and through word of mouth, face to face, on a community grassroots level as The ShieldWall Network uses networking to become persons of influence in our communities. This means getting active in local government and even, when possible, running for local public office in order to secure those associations, networks, and…

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ShieldWall Network Oktoberfest Social: 10/14/17

The Roper Report

The ShieldWall Network, in conjunction with the Arkansas Goys Club and other Alt Right and Nationalists throughout the state, will be holding an OktoberFest Social on Saturday, October 14th, 2017, at 5 pm central time. Come out and enjoy meeting new racially conscious friends, great food, and camaraderie! This event will be held on private property in central Arkansas. No pictures or video will be allowed.

E-mail for details!

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New NewsWeek article links Billy Roper to anti-Muslim violence

The Roper Report

America’s ‘Largest Anti-Muslim Hate Convention’ Proceeds Despite Concerns From Rights Groups

“…the SPLC discovered that a neo-Nazi organizer, named Billy Roper, was staging the event. Other events went on as planned, but clashes broke out between violent protesters and counterprotesters, which resulted in a series of arrests…”

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