Upcoming Events

September- ShieldWall Network Phalanx training sessions in North Arkansas, Central Arkansas, Western Arkansas, and East Tennessee. Contact your local SWN regional coordinator for details on the date, time, and locations of Phalanx training for your region.
September 22nd; WN from Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri will meet for a private seminar led by ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper on MidWest IRL activism. By invitation only.
September 29th; ArkLaTex Regional White Unity Conference in north Texas. Ten pro-White organizations will be coming together for networking and coalition building. Speakers, seminars, raffles, food, Bible study, and fellowship, in a secure family-friendly environment. SWN Coordinator Billy Roper will be the keynote speaker at this conference.


NO: media, protesters, attitudes, infighting, drama, or public. 

The meeting place will NOT be given out prior to the event. For information on receiving an invitation, contact roper_billy@yahoo.com or whiteknightsoftexas@gmail.com.

Contact roper_billy@yahoo.com for details.

The establishment corporate capitalists at Paypal have deleted our account there because we will not bear the mark of the Beast. If you cannot attend our public events, or prefer to help out quietly from behind the scenes, you may still send concealed cash, or check or money order made out to Billy Roper, to help with the travel fund for this month, or towards more Phalanx patches, flags, and business cards, to P.O. Box 1937, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560.


To network with the the ShieldWall online, join vk.com.