Crisis Scenarios

A new Pew Research Center poll of over 1,500 American adults across a broad demographic spectrum revealed that after the election, the United States is more deeply divided than ever before.

Eighty-six percent of those surveyed described the country as more deeply divided than in the past, compared to just forty-six percent who felt the same in 2009, when Barack Obama was elected. A few months into Obama’s first term, that percentage had risen to sixty-one percent.

So, more Americans see the nation as more deeply divided now, after the election, than before it, or even during the divisive Obama regime. Interestingly, a solid majority of Americans polled said that they expect the polarization and division of the nation to worsen, not improve, over the next year.

The Russia Times quoted Lew Rockwell yesterday saying “I don’t want to say this is two nations, American novelist John Dos Passos some years ago said we’re two nations. We’re actually probably 22, or 222, or whatever. The US is far too big; it’s actually a good idea to break it up. So the fact that these fissures are showing, I think it is telling the truth…” in an article entitled ‘Divided States of America: US is multiple nations, good idea to break it up’.

During the Friday “Good Morning America” broadcast, ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd said the country today is “akin” to where it was at the start of the First Civil War.

I think we’re obviously in unprecedented times with a lot of things that happened unexpectedly including election day for most people in the country,” Dowd said the morning of Inauguration Day. “I am struck by where the country is today, which, to me — it’s much more akin to where we were in 1861 and how divided the country is.”

Like canaries in the coal mine, those with the most access to inside information, America’s super-rich, are prepping for “massive civil unrest” and “a breakdown of civilization”.