Why YOU are important to your people!

Even if you are unable to participate in public pro-White activism with the ShieldWall Network Phalanx, or attend ShieldWall Network in-real-life regular meetings, but would still like to be a part of our White Nationalist prepper’s organization, we welcome your involvement on whatever level you can take part.
We encourage you to join with us in contributing to the ShieldWall Network travel fund, as well as help provide new SWN patches for our growing cadre and SWN business cards and other material for our public outreach. You can donate at any level you’d like through paypal to roper_billy@yahoo.com, or through the mail via cash, check, or money order to Billy Roper, PO Box 1937, Mountain View, AR., 72560.
Remember, it’s the not size or the amount that matters, but everyone just doing what they can which will make our victory possible. It doesn’t take one person doing a lot, but all of us doing our part, to win. Everything you do adds up, and matters, when your strength is combined with ours. So, let us count on you to join a local ShieldWall Network franchise in your area, to help form one and lead it with our guidance, or to put boots on the ground for our folk, or partner with us to finance those who can. We look forward to hearing from you, soon, before it’s too late and the bell rings for it to happen.
Billy Roper

P.O. Box 1937
Mountain View, Ar. 72560


Surviving A Home Invasion

ShieldWall Editorial Note: Once, a group of Antifa decided to break into a home occupied by three skinheads in Pittsburgh. Their home invasion turned bad when my friend Mike Stehle came down the stairs opening fire, hitting one of them in the top of the head with predictable results. Sic Semper Antifa. Charges were dropped in the justified shooting, which you can read more about here. 

Imagine this scenario: You’re sitting at home watching reruns of ‘The Simpsons’ and there’s a knock at your front door.

“Who’s there?” you say. Hello, my daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies to raise money for military veterans and we’d like to show you her selection.”

Being the real patriot you are, you’re tempted to open the door to “do your part” – but are smart enough to look first and notice two tough-looking thugs with guns… and no little girl in a uniform.

You’re about to be the victim of a home invasion. So what do you do? Reach for your .45? Your shotgun? Claymore mine?

As a tried and true gun owner, your first instinct may be to start blasting away, but a home invasion requires tactical thinking BEYOND just the “point and shoot” reaction many gun owners have instilled in themselves from typical range training…

Here Are Four Tips To Survive A Home Invasion

  1. You need a “code word” for your family so that they all know how to spring into action, even if they’re in separate rooms from each other. Forget the Spec Ops secret code – “ESCAPE” works much better than “RED WOLF”. 

Simple…to the point.
  2. Have a “safe room” set up in your house where everyone can retreat to at the same time.
It needs to be stocked with several items to be prepared for surviving the upcoming fight, including a phone you can use to call law enforcement.
  3. DON’T leave your safe room!
 Assuming you have those you love with you, don’t be one of the idiots who puts on his cape and decides to go take the fight to the guys invading your home.
  4. Create a “fatal funnel”. Hunker down in a corner to the opposite side of the opening of the door so you have maximum time to make a shooting decision and are the last thing the home invaders see when busting in.
You have the advantage in this case because they have to assess the room before making a move (is anyone in the room; where are they; recover; reorganize; act)
. You just have to decide whether to shoot or not and you already know that either it’s a bad guy coming for you or the police coming to rescue you (hint: don’t shoot the police)
. Stay in place until the police arrive, even if you think the threat is gone.

The Harsh Reality Of Home Invasions

Look, home invasions don’t just happen in high-crime neighborhoods.

They happen EVERYWHERE (even in rural areas where home invaders know that there’s no one around to hear your screams).
OWNING a gun isn’t the same as knowing what to do with it tactically should you ever be faced with such a violent invasion of your castle.

And I’m not just talking about “point shooting” or getting a 1″ shot group between the eyes – I’m talking about all the other sneaky tricks that support your firing skills and are even MORE important.

source: moderncombatandsurvival.com

What If Everything We’ve Been Told Is A Lie?

By Chuck Baldwin

What if everything we’ve been told about 9/11 is a lie? What if it wasn’t 19 Muslim terrorist hijackers that flew those planes into the Twin Towers and Pentagon? What if the Muslims had nothing whatsoever to do with the attacks on 9/11? What if everything we’ve been told about the reasons we invaded two sovereign nations (Afghanistan and Iraq) is a lie? What if the 17-year-old, never-ending “War on Terror” in the Middle East is a lie? What if our young soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who have given their lives in America’s “War on Terror” died for a lie? What if G.W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump have been nothing but controlled toadies for an international global conspiracy that hatched the attacks of 9/11 as nothing more than a means to institute a perpetual “War on Terror” for purposes that have nothing to do with America’s national security? Would the American people want to know? Would the truth even matter to them?
The sad reality is that the vast majority of Americans who would read the above paragraph would totally dismiss every question I raised as being unrealistic and impossible—or even nutty. Why is that? Have they studied and researched the questions? No. Have they given any serious thought to the questions? No. They have simply swallowed the government/mainstream media version of these events hook, line and sinker.
It is totally amazing to me that the same people who say they don’t believe the mainstream media (MSM) and government (Deep State) versions of current events—which is why they voted for and love Donald Trump—have absolutely no reservations about accepting the official story that the 9/11 attacks were the work of jihadist Muslims and that America’s “War on Terror” is completely legitimate. These “always Trumpers” are dead set in their minds that America is at war with Islam; that Trump’s bombings of Syria were because President Assad is an evil, maniacal monster who gassed his own people; and that Trump’s expansion of the war in Afghanistan is totally in the interests of America’s national security.
What if the Muslims had NOTHING to do with 9/11?
What if Bashar al-Assad did NOT gas his own people?
What if America’s “War on Terror” is a completely false, manufactured, made-up deception?
What if America’s military forces are mostly fighting for foreign agendas and NOT for America’s national security or even our national interests?
What if America’s war in Afghanistan is a fraud?
What if the entire “War on Terror” is a fraud?
The Trump robots have bought into America’s “War on Terror” as much as Obama’s robots and Bush’s robots did. Bush was elected twice, largely on the basis of America’s “War on Terror.” Obama campaigned against the “War on Terror” and then expanded it during his two terms in office. Trump campaigned against the “War on Terror” and then immediately expanded it beyond what Obama had done. In fact, Trump is on a pace to expand the “War on Terror” beyond the combined military aggressions of both Bush and Obama.
But who cares? Who even notices?
America is engaged in a global “War on Terror.” Just ask G.W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX News, The Washington Post, the New York Times and the vast majority of America’s pastors and preachers. They all tell us the same thing seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Liberals scream against Trump, and conservatives scream against Maxine Waters; but both sides come together to support America’s never-ending “War on Terror.”
But what if it’s ALL a lie? What if Obama and Trump, the right and the left, the MSM and the conservative media are all reading from the same script? What if they are all (wittingly or unwittingly) in cahoots in perpetuating the biggest scam in world history? And why is almost everyone afraid to even broach the question?
Left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, secular or Christian, no one dares to question the official story about the 9/11 attacks or the “War on Terror.” And those who do question it are themselves attacked unmercifully by the right and the left, conservatives and liberals, Christians and secularists, Sean Hannity and Chris Matthews. Why is that? Why is it that FOX News and CNN, Donald Trump and Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer and Ted Cruz equally promote the same cockamamie story about 9/11 and the “War on Terror?”
Why? Why? Why?
Tell me again how Donald Trump is so different from Barack Obama. Tell me again how Ted Cruz is so different from Chuck Schumer. They all continue to perpetuate the lies about 9/11. They all continue to escalate America’s never-ending “War on Terror.” They are all puppets of a global conspiracy to advance the agenda of war profiteers and nation builders. The left-right, conservative-liberal, Trump-Obama paradigm is one big giant SCAM. At the end of the day, the “War on Terror” goes on, bombs keep falling on people in the Middle East who had absolutely NOTHING to do with 9/11 and the money keeps flowing into the coffers of the international bankers and war merchants.
All of the above is why I am enthusiastically promoting Christopher Bollyn’s new blockbuster book The War on Terror.
Of course, Bollyn is one of the world’s foremost researchers and investigators into the attacks on 9/11. He has written extensively on the subject. But unlike most other 9/11 investigators, Bollyn continued to trace the tracks of the attacks on 9/11. And those tracks led him to discover that the 9/11 attacks were NOT “the event” but that they were merely the trigger for “the event.” “What was the event?” you ask. America’s perpetual “War on Terror.”
As a result, Mr. Bollyn published his findings that the attacks on 9/11 were NOT perpetrated by Muslim extremists but by a very elaborate and well financed international conspiracy that had been in the planning for several decades. Bollyn’s research names names, places and dates and exposes the truth behind not just 9/11 (many have done that) but behind America’s “War on Terror” that resulted from the attacks on 9/11.
And Christopher Bollyn’s investigative research brings out the truth like nothing I’ve read to date. His research connects the dots and destroys the myths.
Mr. Bollyn’s research is published in a book entitled (full title): The War On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Middle East. I mean it when I say that if enough people read this book, it could change the course of history and save our republic.
This is written on the book’s back cover:
The government and media have misled us about 9/11 in order to compel public opinion to support the War on Terror.
Why have we gone along with it? Do we accept endless war as normal? Are we numb to the suffering caused by our military interventions?
No. We have simply been propagandized into submission. We have been deceived into thinking that the War on Terror is a good thing, a valiant struggle against terrorists who intend to attack us as we were on 9/11.
Behind the War on Terror is a strategic plan crafted decades in advance to redraw the map of the Middle East. 9/11 was a false-flag operation blamed on Muslims in order to start the military operations for that strategic plan. Recognizing the origin of the plan is crucial to understanding the deception that has changed our world.
Folks, 9/11 was a deception. The “War on Terror” is a deception. The phony left-right paradigm is a deception. FOX News is as much a deception as CNN. The “always Trump” group is as much a deception as the “never Trump” group. America has been in the throes of a great deception since September 11, 2001. And this deception is being perpetrated by Republicans and Democrats and conservatives and liberals alike.
I do not know Christopher Bollyn. I’ve never met him. But I thank God he had the intellectual honesty and moral courage to write this book. I urge readers to get this explosive new book. If you don’t read any other book this year, read Mr. Bollyn’s investigative masterpiece The War On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Middle East.
Again, I am enthusiastically recommending this book to my readers, and I make no apologies for doing so. The truth contained in this research MUST get out, and I am determined to do all I can to help make that possible.
Order Christopher Bollyn’s blockbuster book The War On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Middle East here:
I am confident that after you read this book, you will want to buy copies for your friends and relatives. The book is under 200 pages long and is not difficult reading. However, the facts and details Bollyn covers are profound and powerful. I have read the book three times so far and I’m not finished.
Frankly, Bollyn’s book made so many things make sense for me. His book dovetails and tracks with much of my research on other topics. Truly, his book helped me get a much fuller understanding of the “big picture.”
What if everything we’ve been told about 9/11 and the “War on Terror” is a lie? Well, Bollyn’s book proves that indeed it is.
Again, here is where to find Christopher Bollyn’s phenomenal new book The War On Terror: The Plot To Rule The Middle East:

20 Preppers Speculate What Civil War 2.0 Would Look Like in America

From The Organic Prepper

The division in America has become so dramatic over the past year that many people can only foresee it heading one place: Civil War.

There’s a pronounced uptick in violence and protests (often going hand in hand.) Free speech is being crushed by the opposition with the mere threat of violent responses. Statues and memorials are being vandalized or defended. Protesters show up armed and armored, ready for battle. The media throws gasoline on these flames with reports solely laying the blame on one side. Some groups are openly planning sedition and no one is trying to stop them.

Our country has reached a point of such division that it’s hard to imagine how we could once again become united.

The events are snowballing…

Historian and strategist Gregory Copley wrote:

Yes, there is a civil war looming in the United States.

But it will not look like the orderly pattern of descent which characterized the conflict of 1861-65. It will appear more like the Yugoslavia break-up, or the Russian and Chinese civil wars of the 20th Century.

It will appear as an evolving chaos…

…It is significant that the gathering crisis in the United States was not precipitated by the November 7, 2016, election of Pres. Donald Trump, and neither was the growing polarization of the United Kingdom’s society caused by the Brexit vote of 2016.

In both instances, the election of Mr Trump and the decision by UK voters for Britain to exit the European Union were late reactions — perhaps too late — by the regional populations of both countries to what they perceived as the destruction of their nation-states by “urban super-oligarchies”.

The last-ditch reactions by those who voted in the US for Donald Trump and those who voted in the UK for Brexit were against an urban-based globalism which has been building for some seven decades, with the deliberate or accidental intent of destroying nations and nationalism. It is now crystallizing into this: urban globalism sees nations and nationalism as the enemy, and vice-versa.

The battle lines have been drawn. (source)

And this makes sense if you consider that the majority of Clinton voters were from heavily populated urban areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City. As well, Mr. Copley points out, the urban globalists control the greater part of the media.

Urban globalists control most of the means of communications [is this new “means of production”; the 21st Century marxian dialectic?] and therefore control “information” and the perception of events.

“Nationalists”, then, are operating instinctively, and in darkness. (source)

He’s certainly not wrong.

Oh – and before someone chimes in and starts hysterically talking about “white nationalists” – Mr. Copley isn’t referring to the KKK. He’s referring to people who put national interests ahead of global interests.

Some folks believe that Civil War 2.0 is already happening.

It’s interesting to get a perspective from a spectator outside the United States. Russian political commentator Dmitry Kosyrev says that the war has been raging in America for the last few years.

“Democrats are doing wild, suicidal things because they are not just on the defensive, but on the verge of collapse, as the Trump administration breaking down their ‘evil empire’… Their goal is not the destruction of Russia, but the salvation of their own project,” Kosyrev pointed out, referring to the ongoing scandal over alleged “Russian interference” in the US 2016 presidential election.

“Democrats do not have a majority in Congress or their own army, but the war they have been waging is a hybrid one,” the commentator wrote.

“Therefore, in the media zone, they are advancing with a wild, schizophrenic rage. However, they haven’t yet fully monopolized this sphere,” Kosyrev noted, adding that their outrage against the very existence of the Russian English-language TV channel Russia Today is also a “military phenomenon.”

“The essence of what is happening is that the Republicans are now advancing,” he explained, “It simply happens in dozens of small, internal episodes.”

“As one could see, the Democrats have a lot to lose in this war,” the commentator said, adding that the ongoing civil war still has no end in sight. (source)

Unsettling when viewed from a distance, right?

So, what would a second Civil War look like?

I asked you, the readers, for your opinions on what a Civil War would look like if it erupted in American.

With the incendiary situation going on across the country, there’s been a great deal of talk about the potential of civil war erupting in America.

IF such a terrible thing would occur, how do you think it would happen? How do you believe we’d all be affected? What would you foresee?

This is all speculation, of course, but share your thoughts in the comments below.

Of course, this is all speculative, but there are some pretty interesting answers. Here’s what you all had to say:

1.) Laura…

…the cities would be hit hard, outlying areas will become balkanized…and as far as ‘it’ happening, it started with ‘the resistance’…just hasn’t gone hot yet. And PS it won’t be a civil war, when it goes hot it will be along the lines of race and economics, nothing like the Civil War which was a federal vs state issue (control).

Note: Balkanization is defined as the “fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or uncooperative with one another.” (source)

2.) Jeriann…

I see it starting in the streets of the South. Then the National Guard gets sent in, then local militias build to fight the National Guard. Civil unrest runs amuck. People flee the Southern states, going north and west. Seeds of hate growing in their hearts against the government for allowing this to happen. Groups are gathering in homes to discuss the next step. Hoarding of food and gas begins. Desperation sets in. Peopllosese faith in government both local, state, and federal. The reality sets in we are vulnerable to Russia, China, Isis, fear and despair over take the people. They cry out in the streets, camps are set up for our protection and to provide for us.

3.) Chris…

I wonder what it would be fought over….where would the lines be drawn? Racial? Political? Economics? Who will be fighting who? I think flat-out every man for himself anarchy is a more likely scenario than what we would consider a civil war.

4.) Koi…

This is what the government wants to happen so they can have Martial law, and throw the Constitution in the trash.

5.) Ryan…

It’ll be based on race, the easiest distinguisher for low information people with anger and a desire to fight. I’m not sure how white people on the left would distinguish themselves as allies though, they’ll probably get caught up in the carnage. The real question I have is: how long will TPTB allow the bloodshed before they implement the next phase of police state

6.) Andrea…

If it really took off, if you don’t live in a major city, I think the main effect you’d feel is a shortage of goods. Truckloads of deliveries not being able to get safely to certain destinations would eventually just stop coming.

7.) Tony…

If this did go down I think it will be short lived. The government would turn off the communication systems and money supply to the country. The stock market will crash and the one-percenters will load up on shares and make billions once order is restored and the market rebounds.

8.) Lyle…

A civil war totally manufactured by the media.

9.) Joshua…

There is nothing left to hold civil society together. No shared values. No shared history. No shared worldview. In many places, not even a shared language. What we see now is the Balkanization of America. In essence, we as a people have already seceded from each other.

10.) Marvin…

Here are the options
1. Nothing’s gonna happen, well, except ALL statues will be removed, confederate, union, MLK, presidents, baseball players, even poor ole Elvis.
2. A lot more protests and more deaths.
3. North Korea drops an EMP and we thin the herd.

11.) Sherri…

In a way I think it’s already been going on for sometime. Internet trolling, hackers, some laws aren’t really enforced.

12.) Brian…

The UN will get called in. One World Order implementation.

13.) Liz…

I think a financial crisis of sorts , most likely causing serious uproar. An outside source of the United States coming in to try to look like helpers , I think they get a lot of people to follow them then off more than half, I think they want the very young. Madness, looting, complete anarchy until people begin to fight back.

14.) Scott…

It’s not just America, the civil divide is being pushed toward civil war in Europe and UK too!
The economic crash will be global as will the response…
this is the endgame that has been coming a long time.
Expect microchipping of the population through FEMA camps for starving and preppers being shot for hoarding food.
Make sure your food is not all in one place, have multiple caches so if one or two are discovered it doesn’t leave you with all the others queuing up for a loaf of bread and swiping your new microchip.

15.) Tim…

…Someone in our government will get the idea, if they haven’t already, that the best way to bring us back together as a nation is to give us a common enemy. Then with the help of the Media, they will demonize this enemy to the point where we as Americans can no longer just sit idly by. All the sudden, all the other issues disappear and the US government is back in control of the hearts and minds of its people.

16.) Pat…

I think the polarization is so extreme and so deep-seated that the very best thing for the majority of people would be for the USA to split into 3 or 4 separate countries. I don’t think we will have peace until this happens (if it ever happens). The alternative is likely to be extreme control by the government to a degree that none of us ever want to see or experience.

17.) Ivar…

What will begin as a somewhat ideological war (Antifa versus the Alt-Right) will sooner or later devolve into an outright race war. At that time, Antifa will cease to exist (split up in ethnic gangs). The Whites in Antifa will be on their own, and not last very long… The Alt-Right will continue to exist, although it might adopt a different name.

Since Whites own most of the land and ammunition, and are better trained and prepped, they will most likely win this race war.

I do not think it is likely that the race war will end soon. I’m afraid it will continue until America is all-White. Once faced with an existential threat, people can do crazy things to make sure it can never ever happen again.

This could have as a consequence that not only North America becomes all-White, but South America too.

A similar process will happen in Europe. It is quite likely that the Europeans will not only drive Islam from their continent, but remove it from the globe completely and repopulate the entire Middle-East.

These Antifa provocateurs and Islamic terrorists are taking a terrible gamble. Their tactics either succeed (and the entire world turns Communist or Islamic), or it will be the eradication of all the people they represent.

18. Renny…

I foresee a lot of guerrilla-type warfare. If Martial Law was instituted, I could easily imagine the Antifa types committing acts of vandalism, bombing things, holding up supply trucks. Sneak attacks with huge shocking impacts, like attacking children at a school or something. It would become dangerous for people to be in certain areas based on their race.

This could result in extreme violence against innocent non-combatants. Schools would shut down, public gathering areas like malls and markets could be targeted. Businesses would be unable to continue due to repeated vandalism. This would, in turn, affect the supply chain, which would increase theft as desperate hungry people did what they had to so they could feed their families.

19. Kendall…

This will be a race war, flames fanned by the likes of George Soros in order to destabilize the country. It’s a Marxist agenda that separates black vs. white and causes problems where there were none before. Paid protesters, activist groups funded by billionaires, and the crushing of free speech through violent protests will all boil over into more division.

Confusion will occur because this won’t be a clear-cut, North vs. South issue. The “enemy” would be hard to identify and easy to be mistaken for. How can you tell if someone is right-leaning or left-leaning?

United we stand…divided, billionaires make lots of money off our pain. Just like every other war, it all boils down to money and control.

20.) A…

I think we’re already seeing civil war, courtesy of Bush, Obama, Trump and now people who want to further ‘fundamentally change America’. The ‘war’ is between those who think the American dream is so-called equality for all, free stuff like healthcare, maternity leave and cell phones (coz that’s what our Founding Fathers intended – NOT!) and those of us who want to retain Her glory, where Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is all that matters. We won’t see the death toll of the 1860’s, but we’ll see even more hatred, fear and division, combined with occasional attacks like Charlottesville. A nation divided cannot stand and sooner or later, whether

We won’t see the death toll of the 1860’s, but we’ll see even more hatred, fear and division, combined with occasional attacks like Charlottesville. A nation divided cannot stand and sooner or later, whether it’s a natural disaster, an external attack, financial crippling or just plain consequences of our action, there will be chaos, with FEAR being the biggest killer!

People keep talking about this one event…

I think it’ll be more of a slow and painful process, with serious consequences for our children’s children worldwide! The Beacon on the Hill WILL go out, and the world will be plunged into darkness

Some ugly and terrifying pictures painted there…

Thank you, Readers, as always, for your insight and participation.

How would you prepare for something like this?

Just like any other disaster, unless you are right in the midst of the conflict, your primary concerns would be supply shortages and self-defense.

Prepping for a long-term supply shortage is the number one thing you should do in order to be ready for this.

You also have to be prepared to defend yourself, your family, and your home.

  • This article explains why it’s essential for preppers to be armed
  • This book discusses home security for preppers
  • This book talks about self-protection for people who aren’t black belt ninjas (the title says it’s for women but I think anyone could get extreme value from it.)
  • This course dives deep into the psychology of civil unrest and how to keep yourself and your family safe.

It would be wise to be discreet about your supplies, as shortages and hunger will cause otherwise decent people to commit acts they would have otherwise never considered.


What do you think?

In the comments section, let me know what you think about the looming prospect of civil war. Tell me…

  • If you think it’s already here, just undeclared.
  • What you think the ramifications will be.
  • How you think the lines will be drawn.
  • Who stands to benefit the most.
  • What the trigger might be that would really kick things off.
  • How you feel people should prepare for this

Alternatively, you may think we are in no danger of Civil War 2.0 actually occurring. Explain your reasoning.

More reasons to move to a White ethnostate seedbed.

US Murders Concentrated in Non-White Counties

Sixty-eight percent of all murders in the U.S. occur in just 5 percent of counties – all of them concentrated in nonwhite-inhabited regions, a new study by the Crime Prevention Research Center has shown.

Some Civic Nationalists argue that race doesn’t matter. They say that even if the Naturalization Act of 1790 did limit citizenship to Whites, the Founders did not remove alleged nonWhite citizenship from nonWhites already here which had been granted under the Constitution. In saying this, they reveal their ignorance of U.S. history, since the Constitution hadn’t even been ratified at that time. CivNats are Tories, like the British Loyalists in the first Revolution, and are our enemy.

In Ozarkia, we have over 100 contiguous counties which are over 90% White. No place is perfect, but this is about as good as it gets, racially and culturally, in Weimerica. Some people say they are “making a stand” in majority nonWhite areas, rather than immigrating to our future homelands. There were Whites who made a stand in the Valley of the Little Big Horn with Custer, and behind the walls of the Alamo with Travis, and on the decks of the Titanic with the band, too. We’ll press F for them when SHTF.

Our ancestors had the good sense to vote with their feet moving across the continent from the East Coast, and to the East Coast from Europe before that, leaving behind their jobs and security and making a new life for themselves and their families in a better place. The best of our people are no less brave and adventurous today, than our ancestors were back then.

Fifty years ago, Billy Roper’s parents, one from south Arkansas and the other from southern Louisiana, met in southern Mississippi and recognized even then the demographic destiny of the darkening deep south. They researched and planned their move to north Arkansas, where Ozarkia continues to develop as a new generation travels in their wagon ruts. Today, he calls you home, to a place that feels like the home you’ve never had.

Ironically, the British tried to keep the American colonists in one place, too, by discouraging them from migrating, in the Royal Proclamation of 1763. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now, Tories. You can’t keep our people under your thumb. They are waking up and moving on up. Cue ‘The Jefferson’s’ theme song.

It took a whole of trying, just to get up the hill. But now, we’re up in the big leagues. It’s our turn at bat. As long as we live, it’s you and me, baby, and ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

We finally got a piece of the pie…

The Next Big Crisis in America Is Unfolding

By Andy Snyder, Founder, ManWard Digest
Rooster’s Crow
It’s milk dumping season. That’s right… thanks to dirt-cheap prices and a system so manipulated by Big Government that it can’t work efficiently, many dairy farmers are forced to dump their product in their fields. Last year alone, American farmers were forced to toss out 100 million gallons of good milk. It’s no wonder farmers are killing themselves at record rates. Times are tough.

We went for a bit of a stroll last night. It’s what we do most nights this time of year.

We walked up the hill behind our house – taking a break to look at the tomatoes, the broccoli and the peas. Further up the hill, we stopped to check in on the corn and the watermelon patch. All the way up, we leaned against the fence and watched our beehives do their very best to stay cool during an early July heat wave.

As we gazed at our crops, we wondered if they’d be enough.

You see, while few folks have any idea what’s happening, there’s a fresh crisis brewing in America.

We liken it to the devastating financial crisis in 2008. But this time it’s not just money that will disappear.

No. This time, lives are on the line. And no bailout package can right these wrongs.

The Fed can print all the money it wants… but it can’t make more food.

Even the Big Can’t Keep Up

What’s happening is scary. The numbers are shocking.

Get this. Over the last four years, farm incomes have been cut in half. The problem is so bad this year that the average American farmer is expected to lose money in 2018.

And with no money in the game, farmers are closing up shop like never before.

There are fresh reports that the number of farmers in America is about to plunge below 2 million for the first time since our nation expanded west more than 200 years ago.

It hardly matters what type of farm – crop, pig, beef, poultry – they’re all feeling the pain.

But perhaps nowhere is the pain more pronounced than in the dairy sector. That’s where we’ve seen the number of farms plunge by more than 90% over the last generation.

You’ll recognize the sad reason why.

We certainly can’t blame everything on Walmart. But what it’s done in recent months is a strong example of what’s happening across the nation and across a vital industry.

As is the case for most things it sells, Walmart goes through a lot of milk each year – hundreds of millions of gallons.

If it can earn an extra dime or so from each gallon that hits its coolers, it will make big money.

That’s why the company recently made a big move. It jumped into the dairy business. Cutting out a sizable middleman – Dean Foods – Walmart built its own processing facility.

Immediately after hearing the news, Wall Street took 12% off of Dean Foods’ share price.

The put-out dairy processor did what it had to do. It called more than 100 farmers in eight states and canceled their contracts.

Many of them were forced to sell their cows and close up shop.

But that’s not the scary part. This is…

Walmart’s new facility covers just a sliver of its domestic stores. The new facility will produce milk for just 600 of its 5,000 stores in the U.S. – and, even so, it represents a full 3% of the nation’s dairy capacity.

As Walmart ramps up, it could soon be responsible for more than 25% of the industry – just as it’s responsible for a quarter of the nation’s total grocery sales.

Needless to say tensions in the heartland are high. Folks in the know are gearing up for the next crisis.

“If the farms keep getting bigger and bigger and they keep hiring immigrants, they can make all the milk they want to,” said one farmer whose family farm has been in operation for 180 years. “People like us will be the ones working for them.”

The New Face of Too Big to Fail

But it’s not just Walmart.

In fact, the company that many say could put Walmart out of business is jumping headfirst into the food business.

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods was a game changer.

“Your margin is my opportunity” is one of Jeff Bezos’ favorite sayings. And when he reached out to grab one of the nation’s most popular grocers, the food industry heard his message loud and clear.

Competing grocery stores immediately began slashing margins. And one of the easiest ways to do it was to focus on the suppliers with the least amount of leverage – the mom-and-pop farmers.

But like we said, margins for small-farm America are nonexistent. This year, in fact, they’re negative.

Farmers will be forced to close shop and get a job greeting customers at the very stores that put them out of business.

Most consumers will never stop to think about what’s happening. They’ll enjoy lower prices and convenient shopping… just as they enjoyed booming housing prices and the boats they purchased with their home’s surging equity in 2007.

But once again, this mess will become so big that it can’t support itself.

With one tariff misstep… a bad drought… or even another corporate financing goof… a system that many will agree is too big to fail will fail.

And when it does – when a company like Walmart or Amazon can no longer balance its books – Washington won’t be able to print its way out of the mess like it did when the system went belly-up in 2008.

Nope, by then it will be too late. The backbone of the industry will be gone – having sold its farms to some corporate beast.

It will be painful. You can’t print food.

But many readers will say it won’t happen anytime soon. They’ll say the system is too strong… that the system is working as it should.

We’d bet those are the same folks who tossed their keys on the floors of their houses, locked the doors and walked away in 2008.

It’s going to happen. And when it does, we’ll be glad our garden is lush and bountiful.

This is a disaster we won’t be able to walk away from.

Only our Know-How will preserve our Liberty.

Be well,


Bringing Our Sisters Home

(As both our friends and our foes know, the SWN is opposed to the Incel movement, MGTOW, White Sharia, and the Manosphere. The most recent batch of misogynistic comments on The Roper Report podcast’s Youtube version, falling into bitter and frustrated vitriol against Billy Roper for being a ‘White knight’ and ‘worshiping p%**@’, because I had a female guest and treated her respectfully, led to the suspension of comments there, as well as the reprint of this article on the subject by the venerable Harold Covington.)

[From NF Bulletin #18, July 2018]

If I had to pick the absolute worst thing that political correctness has done to us, I would say that would be the way it has driven a now almost insurmountable wedge between men and women. On several occasions in the recent past, I’ve expressed my concern about the growing level of hatred, contempt, and anger which has arisen between men and women involved in the so-called “alt.right.” Yeah, yeah, I know we’re not alt.right, and I know there is something called alt.lite with all kinds of hair-splitting and discussion of various kinds of people who should not be among us at all, but let’s just take all the usual disclaimers as read, please. This isn’t about the alt.right.

Nowhere else is the genocidal and anti-human nature of left-wing political correctness more apparent than in the division it has erected between the sexes. Nothing else has caused more suffering, anguish, disruption to civilization or loss to the world’s White gene pool than the creation of a society where men and women view one another as adversaries and competitors, instead of partners. The instigation and propagation of this hatred between men and women is the Beast’s greatest success story, possibly in the long run a greater victory for the Darkness than Zionism, Marxism, or both world wars.

Nothing serves the Beast’s ultimate agenda of population replacement and White genocide more efficiently. When men and women hate one another, the number of babies born drops like a stone, and we get closer and closer to that point of no return where our racial extinction becomes inevitable. White men are becoming increasingly embittered and misogynist, and White women increasingly feminist, misandrist, and hypergamic, that is to say only marrying up, seeking mates based only on superior social status, wealth and material goods. Hypergamy leads to serious damage to the gene pool and a plunge in White births.

The level of conflict and hatred between the genders has reached the point where there are well-populated internet tendencies such as MGTOW, (Men Going Their Own Way), the incel movement, and the so-called manosphere. Women display their own animus toward men of their own race by simply withdrawing, and having nothing to do with us, basically going off into a corner and bitching about men to one another. In some cases White women have gone over completely to feminism, perversion and political correctness, although not as many as it sometimes appears, I think. I suspect that if honestly offered the old deal, from an honest and decent man with a real trade or profession who looks and comports himself like a man and not an overgrown child, then most women would jump at it.

Let me make clear that I am not only referring to a small group of internet cultists here, which is essentially what White nationalism is right now. I’m referring to men and women as a whole, the remaining portion of the world’s Caucasian population throughout the Western world which has at least the potential to recover themselves morally and socially, and to return to some form of sanity and productive life. That is—big if—if our wee little Movement can ever get our act together, and we can purge the politically correct toxins from our moral and social systems.

We’ve always had this problem; gender representation in all forms of White right or racial dissident movements has always been badly lopsided. Generally speaking, right wing and racial groups, or I should say audiences, since we’re all internet now and there are no more real world organizations consisting of actual human bodies, anyway, our audiences have a membership which is about 95% male; of which probably about 60% of that audience is over the age of 50, which is I think a little bit better than it used to be, and maybe 80% of our audience is over the age of 30.  In other words, like all dissident movements, we attract the very people who are most seriously affected by the crisis on a personal level, and who have been personally sodomized by America. I won’t get into the whole yadda yadda about boomers this and Millennials that, we’re not talking about that here, we’re discussing the entire White population of the world, of both genders.

After we lost the last of our buildings back in the early 90s, we used to hold meetings in rented motel banquet rooms. Some guy would take a photo of the speaker for the newspaper or the newsletter from the rear of the room, and all you saw was the backs of grey heads, with the few women present having blue hair. Not a body under 55 in the whole room. The internet has changed that, at least. I will say that there has been some marked improvement in the age level of the White nationalist and separatist audience over the past few years. We’re getting some women now although not anywhere near what we should be, even some of child-bearing age, which never used to happen. Young White men and women are being damaged more and more by political correctness, especially when it comes to college admission and to being able to get a meaningful degree that will actually let a young person earn a living, in an environment which is no longer physically or politically safe for young people of our skin color. I know a lot of young White men are coming to us now because of the way they have been personally victimized, unfortunately by White women in many cases.

Let me make clear just what I’m driving at here. In the past I’ve said that there are some problems which our movement should not even attempt to solve, until such time as we have full state power in a land of our own, but the problem of misogyny and hatred between the genders is not one of them. I believe this issue is so crucial to our racial survival that even in our present discombobulated state, we need to begin making an effort to resolve this situation now.

We have to start re-building bridges between ourselves and our sisters. I’ve said that I wish it was possible to sit down across a negotiating table from some kind of women’s delegation with the authority to speak for and commit Western women to some kind of treaty or social compact, that would involve our sisters deserting the enemy camp and returning to our side where they belong, on the quid pro quo that we men would in turn grow our asses up, cultivate a work ethic, and stop acting like perpetual adolescents in an American Pie movie. And stop doing a lot of other really nasty things that women have every right to complain about.

                                       Vive La Différence!

In the 1890s France was considering giving women the vote, and some famous French feminist whose name I can’t recall was given the honor, unique for a woman at that time, of addressing the National Assembly in full session. All male of course. They sat there attired in their full formal dress suits with the cravats and the white gloves and the spats, wide shoulder sashes, decorations, top hats and other such 1890s politicians’ fripperies. All very French. The lady was up on the podium haranguing them with her feminist rap, which was listened to in polite silence. She concluded her speech with “Really, monsieurs, you must acknowledge that when one comes right down to it, there is very little difference between men and women.” At this remark, the entire French Chamber of Deputies spontaneously rose to its feet as one man, and shouted out “Vive la différence!”

Men and women are different. Not inherently inferior or superior to one another, just different. To say that one sex is in any way inferior or superior to another is like saying that apples are inferior to oranges or vice versa. They are two different fruits; the idea of them being equal or unequal to one another isn’t a real thing.

The differences between men and women are about 20% environmental and psychological, that 20% being subject to a certain limited degree of possible manipulation and alteration, but by no means as much so as feminists would like to have us believe. That’s the part we both need to work on. Beyond that, gender differences are 80% genetic, biological, structural, and biochemical. It’s therefore pointless and absurd to try and create in men and women two “equal” humanoid organisms. It can’t be done, and it is clearly the intention of Nature that it not be done.

Men, on the whole, are physically larger and stronger than women. There are evolutionary reasons for that having to do with the biological functions for which both genders were designed by Nature, or God if you will. Yes, there are individual exceptions, more so in today’s politically correct culture as White males degenerate into Dilbert-esque cubicle rats and Mom’s basement dwellers, and women become more masculine in character, which seems to somewhat augment their physical size. But in more or less organic, non-politically correct societies of all races, men are always larger and stronger. 

As an aside, one of the most sinister developments in recent years have been several statistical surveys and studies indicating that sedentary American White males are actually losing their virility in the physical as well as the moral sense; White sperm counts have been dropping for almost twenty years. We are becoming less than men in every sense.

Nature through millions of years of evolution has given human men and women a natural division of labor, one which cannot be repealed by feminism or affirmative action. This natural division of labor can’t be changed by mentally disturbed women running around naked and screaming in public, which is apparently the latest feminist thing. It can’t be changed by anything, it’s hard-wired into all of us by whoever or whatever brought us to be.

That natural division is simple: the man with his strength and propensity for violence provides the food, the shelter, and the protection from enemies for the family unit. The woman bears and raises the children. This is how human beings are supposed to live; indeed, the only way they can live past a couple of confused and chaotic generations of the kind we are experiencing now. It is innate. It is biological. It cannot be changed, and any attempt to tamper with it produces disaster and destruction, as we are now learning in Obama’s America, the house that Barry and Hillary built, and which we are learning cannot be dismantled quickly even by a duly elected President of the United States.

No baby creatures are more helpless than human infants. Snakes and alligators are self-sufficient from the time they hatch, birds and kittens and puppies are up and functioning and providing their own food in a matter of weeks. Human babies must be fed initially by a mother’s milk for a period of months, and then on specially treated and prepared food for another year or so. They cannot defend themselves or escape from an enemy unaided. Children cannot really live on their own with any hope of survival for the first ten or eleven years of life.

The whole “traditional nuclear family” so hated and railed at by liberals and feminists is an institution ordained by God/gods/Nature/The Force/the Great Pumpkin or whatever to make sure that the human species continues to exist. The primary purpose of the man-woman relationship is to produce children and care for them until they are adult enough to fend for themselves. The emotional and cultural side benefits to marriage are valuable and have produced our whole civilization, but they are in fact incidental by-products of the central process of continuing the human species. The father and the mother are not the most vital part of the picture, although they are essential: the children are.

Primitive non-White societies in Africa and the Third World still follow this pattern, in many cases increasing their fecundity through polygamy. In Western cultures, for the most part, men and women have generally mated for life down through the years; there are some records of polygamy in ancient Aryan cultures but not as many as elsewhere. The ancient Norse and Germans practiced it, but gave it up about the turn of the last millennium. For good or for ill, once the White race became Christianized, polygamy vanished, except for odd minor exceptions like the Mormons for about 50 years.

Men and women are two halves of a whole. Neither can or should exist without the other. The idea of two halves of the same organism competing with one another, dominating one another, or existing in enmity with one another is an obvious recipe for destruction. This is why the Beast promotes the idea that men and women are some kind of natural enemies, as it promotes any and all things which are destructive and poisonous and breed confusion and unhappiness among our people. The Beast hates us, and want us all dead, and it uses every weapon to bring this about, including feminism.

Homosexuality is a loathsome perversion. It is absolutely and utterly wrong, because it denies the natural division of labor between man and woman and because it precludes the production of children. The instinctive loathing that the overwhelming majority of normal people feel even today for faggots and dykes is an inner recognition on the part of our genetic makeup (or souls, if you are Christian) that what is going on is unnatural and counter-survival (or sinful).

This is why politically correct brainwashing and social engineering, relatively successful in obtaining a grudging acceptance of mud people as equals, seems largely to have floundered when trying mentally and emotionally to coerce people into accepting the open practice of sodomy. This is especially true when it involves a sodomitic threat to children: Whites are still capable of anger and action when the local school board tries to bring in Heather Has Two Mommies, about the only thing left they will react to. Millions of years of genetic codes triggering biological survival behavior cannot be overwritten by fifty years of Hollywood propaganda or suppressed by hate speech laws.

In order for us to recover the peace, the happiness, the stability and the strength we once had, White people must seek to re-create a world based on natural order, and that most specifically includes a return to what are referred to as traditional family values, with the gainfully employed father as the head of the family and the full-time mother and homemaker as the family’s heart. This does not in any way involve enslaving women; in the very real sense it liberates them from feminism and Judaic values and the true slavery of the marketplace. The women of the future will have a freedom which they have all but lost today—the freedom to be real women.

What feminists want, claim, or advocate is not relevant to anything in the real world. They more than liberals as a whole are doomed to eventual defeat and disappointment, however much they may have achieved a very temporary and very slight, superficial success in the English speaking world. Feminism is essentially a form of sexual perversion, because it distorts what is natural in the sexual roles of men and women. Feminism, like integration and all forms of liberalism, can only be imposed on both men and women at the point of a gun, literally or economically.

Remove the force of the Beast’s law and the economic necessity for women to work simply to make ends meet, and feminism will die, and die quickly. Within a generation it will be nothing more than a bad memory.

Local ShieldWall Network Contacts

The ShieldWall Network is a White Nationalist prepper coalition made up of Americans of European ancestry who understand that the collapse of multiracial democracy is inevitable. We accept that another civil war is now unavoidable. However, while the SWN does train and prepare for the balk just as other survivalists do, we limit our association to our own people. In order to prepare for the coming breakup of the United States, Whites are now organizing along racial lines in the areas of the country where we are most likely to maintain our autonomy and freedom as America balkanizes. These still relatively homogeneous areas where traditional values and culture predominate are becoming the seedbeds for future White ethnostates. In fact, the upper south is increasingly such a haven for Whites who immigrate into the area to escape the darkening deep south and other ‘diverse’ regions.

There are no dues requirements to be a part of the ShieldWall Network, and no uniforms except those for Phalanx members, who are a part of our elite defensive and public activism contingents. All donations are strictly voluntary, as is one’s level of commitment. Members may use an alias throughout their participation in the ShieldWall Network, if they so desire.

If you would like to learn more about the ShieldWall Network and get involved, we can help you make friends with your many neighbors who are already learning how to become persons of influence in their local communities. If you think you have what it takes to be a leader of your people, and would like to begin a local SWN franchise, we can help you locate, recruit, radicalize, and network your own ShieldWall unit in your area, from the grassroots level up. Contact roper_billy@yahoo.com via e-mail to be put in touch with the nearest ShieldWall Network regional coordinator in your area, or to become one.


North Arkansas

While the ShieldWall Network has members throughout Arkansas, they recognize that really the state is two separate regions divided diagonally roughly along Interstate 30. Southern and eastern Arkansas is largely black, while northern Arkansas is a seedbed White ethnostate often referred to as ‘Ozarkia’. In northern Arkansas,southern Missouri, and adjacent areas, this region includes over 100 contiguous counties which are over 90% White. For those ShieldWall members in the Phalanx, our public activism opposing Antifa, Communists, Muslims, and militant homosexuals serves to preserve the White identity and conservative values of our homeland. Others, whose professions and occupations are vulnerable to doxxing, are still respected members of our Network, but rather than participating in public protests, they contribute in other ways which are equally valuable, depending on their own preferences, personal resources, and skill sets.

When balkanization occurs, many Whites living in southern and eastern Arkansas may find themselves refugees retreating from the majority nonWhites northwards. The ShieldWall Network’s ‘Project New America’ encourages them to Come Home to Ozarkia now, as many from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas already are, as well, rather than waiting until it may be too late. They and their families are finding refuge and support among the ShieldWall Network of Ozarkia.


East Tennessee

In addition to working to establish a growing community of like-minded Whites throughout the area to benefit themselves and their families both now as well as when balkanization happens, the ShieldWall Network in East Tennessee engages in patriotic activism on behalf of America’s founding people and their traditional values and culture, all of which are under attack, across the southern Appalachians. White flight immigrants from Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, and other nearby states continue to swell our ranks.

Only a small percentage of the ShieldWall Network’s members, the Phalanx, actually participate in public activism through rallies, protests, demonstrations, and educational efforts aimed at awakening and organizing our people, but they represent the expanding influence of the ShieldWall among White communities in East Tennessee. Many people in those communities support the values of the ShieldWall Network and are grateful for its leadership and representation of their interests. The SWN actively allies with other pro-White organizations and individuals in their sphere of influence. If you are in the southern Appalachian area, you should take a stand with the ShieldWall Network of East Tennessee!

ShieldWall Network local franchises meet often for educational presentations and activism opportunities as well as social events, all of which reinforce our sense of organic community and solidarity in our common cause. These meetings help create friendships, trust, and comradeship, as well as providing a healthy outlet for families of prepared White Nationalists to interact on a personal level, face to face, in real life. We stand together now, so that we can stand together when we face what is to come. Come stand with us, in the ShieldWall!

Wal-Mart doesn’t flinch from selling Billy Roper’s books!

Despite the recent controversy over their “Impeach 45” shirt and threatened boycott, after visiting the Wal-Mart corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas on Thursday, Billy Roper confirmed to his readers that Wal-Mart will continue to carry three of his books. They are…

His alternate history of the Civil War, ‘Look Away’: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Look-Away/707306663

A scholarly work on ancient anthropology, ‘PaleoAmerican Ethnic Diversity’: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Paleoamerican-Ethnic-Diversity/546849887

And his most recent fiction novel, an alternate history of an America where slavery never happened, ‘Commonwealth’: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Commonwealth/520832591