Tennessee ShieldWall Network Website Up!

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Take a look at the new website for the ShieldWall Network chapter in Tennessee! It lists their mission statement, upcoming events, and contact information, as well as a blog and introduction to the organization regionally.


This portal will serve as an entryway for interested Whites from throughout Appalachia to contact the TN SWN directly in the future. Our people in adjoining states can now begin to build their own networks overlapping the leadership of the cadre. The TN SWN chapter will serve as a model for other future regions in the coming months as the ShieldWall Network continues to grow. We encourage our folk to get to know one another and make those connections locally now!

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After Action Report: The Stand For Decency in Johnson City

The Roper Report

Pictured: David Hayes in his favorite position. 

The joint League of the South/ShieldWall Network rally for decency and traditional morality stood in stark contrast to the flouncing faggots in the Gay Pride parade in Johnson City, Tennessee, today. Law enforcement had established separate designated areas for the pro-morality ralliers, as well as the Antifa who came out, no pun intended, to support butt pirates and curly flossers. LS and SWN livestreamed their perspective of the parade through independent local media. Their signs, clear for everyone to see, proclaimed homosexuality to be an abomination, and cited Bible verses condemning the rump ranger lifestyle.

Following the parade’s end, Antifa and BLM were chased from the area by the LS/SWN group after some words were exchanged and police intervened to defend the leftists. Despite the barricades and barriers, the Commies and Coons were lucky to have team blue on their side so they…

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ShieldWall Network Expansion Update

The Roper Report

In addition to our meetings later this month in the Midwest (KS,IA,NE) and the ArkLaTex where ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper will be speaking, the SWN will soon be opening new chapters in both Ohio and Indiana. There are ready-made cadres of founding members in those states already assembled and ready to be formalized. If you live in either region and would like to be put in touch with White Nationalist preppers near you, let us know.

Today at noon est watch the livestream of the League of the South and the ShieldWall Network Phalanx public defense of traditional values against the Gay Pride parade in Johnson City, Tennessee HERE: https://www.facebook.com/franklinpress/

People seem to have really enjoyed the interview last night on the Hobbscast radio show. You can listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVqknrGN194

Join Billy, Rose, and Milissa at 6:30 pm cst tomorrow (Sunday) for a live discussion of survivalism…

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Ten Pro-White Groups Coming Together for “ArkLaTex White Unity Conference”!

The Roper Report

On September 29th in northern Texas, TEN different pro-White organizations will meet for networking and coalition building at the ArkLaTex Regional White Unity Conference.

Speakers, Seminars, Raffles, Food, Family Friendly Environment, Bible Study, and more!

NO: media, protesters, attitudes, infighting, drama, or public. 

The meeting place will NOT be given out prior to the event. For information on receiving an invitation, contact roper_billy@yahoo.com or whiteknightsoftexas@gmail.com.

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Three podcasts featuring Billy Roper coming next week!

The Roper Report

Sunday, September 9th, at 8 pm cst, listen to Billy Roper and Tom Kawczynski LIVE on The Roper Report call-in show. Join the chat or call in, or just lurk and listen:


AND Monday…

Listen to Billy Roper on The Faustian Spirit podcast livestream at 8 pm cst Monday, 9/10, on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_kf_xKJJBsfM_NOP73bWzg/

PLUS the regular The Roper Report podcast coming out at its regularly scheduled time at the end of the weekend!

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White extremist groups are growing — and changing

The Roper Report

Experts say the term “hate group” is increasingly difficult to define, as extremist groups grow in number, diversify in ideology and use codewords to spread their messages.

“…Although many extremist groups focus on increasing their online reach, Billy Roper, a self-described white nationalist and founder of the ShieldWall Network, a community of race-war “preppers,” emphasizes the need for more visible demonstrations of free speech.

“Unfortunately, the internet sometimes discourages actual activism because people are too content to just sit, click and clack on the keyboard all day without actually being in person, but we’re trying to change that a little bit,” he said.

Roper encourages physical meetings of members of the far-right, from private gatherings to public rallies. Rallies, however, can become violent when far-right extremist groups are confronted by counterprotesters…”

Read more here. 

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Women increasingly drawn to right-wing populist parties, study shows

The Roper Report

Anectdotally, we’ve seen more ladies lately, especially single women, joining The ShieldWall Network and coordinating actively online and IRL, too. Our analysis is that this is due to so many White men being cucked, gutless betas who are more afraid of being doxxed than of their country being overrun by nonWhites. The ladies, understanding instinctively the consequences of becoming a minority, are stepping up to do the job that White men should be doing, but won’t. Those White men should be ashamed. Those White women should be proud. We are definitely proud of them. 

Right-wing populists are often depicted as angry white men. A new study, however, has found that women are increasingly supporting right-wing populist parties, and they are often more radical than their male peers.

Aggressive far-right protesters took to the streets of Chemnitz this week demanding authorities take a tougher stance on migrants in Germany. Most of…

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East Tennessee ShieldWall Network Disrupts Baby Killing Celebration

The Roper Report

On the heels of getting radical leftists, including violent domestic terrorist Communists and Antifa, removed from their own meeting venue permanently, and disrupting liberal open border and pedophilia enabling rallies, the ShieldWall Network of East Tennessee has once again taken a bold stand to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children in their region.

Protesters, counter-protesters clash over abortion at Knoxville protest of Supreme Court pick

“…Shortly after the rally began, five white nationalists — clad in all black and carrying signs that read “Abort Feminism,” “Unborn Lives Matter,” and “Mommy, why?” — marched up to the space where Badgett was speaking into a microphone. Some wore bandannas or masks to cover their faces; at least one sported various neo-Nazi tattoos. 

A counter-protester, who said his name is Johan Carollo, argues with protesters at a rally to oppose the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. The rally was held in front of the City-County Building in Knoxville on August 26, 2018.

As a handful of police officers stood by, a few attendees engaged the counter-protesters in a heated and wide-ranging debate that at times drowned out the speakers at the rally…

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Unintended Compliments

They say that a curse by the devil is a blessing. The acrimony of faggots, niggers, kikes, and Communists must be a compliment, then.