To Whom It May Concern

Cover Our People With Love

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been approached enough times in the past few weeks that I find the need to address this openly. While I am humbled and fully appreciate the praise for what I’m doing with Cover Our People With Love, I have no intention of ever applying for 501(c)(3) organization status. I do not do what I do for financial gain, popularity points, etc. I have no desire or need to have the government involved in what I do either. The only reason I even have a name/blog for what I’m doing is because in the beginning I had some people who wanted to see the blankets or get updated on what I was doing with the materials they were donating before I went public with what I was doing. It has just kind of unintentionally evolved from there. Anyways, I’m not going to apologize that…

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Preparing for a Worst Case Scenario: The 10-Week Plan, Part 2

For Part 1, go here.

Ok, so you’ve thought over Part 1 and you’ve come back.  Great!

Let’s get started.

Before anything else you have to understand that you have very limited time in the way of making purchases (you never know what is going to be banned next by Executive Order or agency decree, or as things get sportier, how much and how fast prices will sky rocket on necessary items) and then learning to use what you’ve purchased, so you need to read this, comprehend it, and take decisive action!  No putting this off until after the “holiday weekend” or after you get that new flat screen tee vee (you and your family’s gratification should be realized by getting what you need to survive what’s coming!).  Everything mentioned herein will get…

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Justice Is Coming

The Roper Report

As many of you no doubt have heard by now, Jacob Goodwin was found guilty of malicious wounding last night by a majority nonWhite female jury in a mock trial in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was, after all, May Day, the date on which Communists celebrate. His formal sentencing will be August 23rd. It has been confirmed through his parents that there will be an appeal of the verdict, of course. The jury, not of his peers, recommended a ten year sentence, some of it suspended, with a $20,000 fine and “sensitivity training”. That’s where we are in America, right now. A 22 year old with NO criminal record who didn’t draw a drop of blood or leave a bruise, is facing a stiffer sentence than many convicted killers.

Please do not doxx the jurors, the judge, or the prosecutors. Please do not indulge in threats against the Antifa which will…

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The Roper Report (TRR): Charlottesville On Trial

The Roper Report

In ‘Charlottesville On Trial’, Billy gives a detailed, blow by blow account of the first day of the trial of Jacob Goodwin in Charlottesville, Virginia, from the jury selection process to the multiple perjuries of alleged victim DeAndre Harris. The full background of Jacob’s case is recapped, along with a realistic assessment of what the outcome may be for us, as well as for our enemies. THEY, not we, are the ones who are really on trial, for WE will be the final judges, juries, and arbiters of justice, when the final battle is over. Billy also gives a full report on this past weekend’s Faith and Freedom Conference with The Knights Party, The League of the South, and the ShieldWall Network in the Arkansas Ozarks, responds to Christopher Cantwell’s latest race-mixing excuses, and explains why CivNats really are cucked.


Also available on the Billy Roper Youtube channel.

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2018 Faith and Freedom Conference Report

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

The 2018 Faith and Freedom Conference, hosted by The Knights Party at the Christian Revival Center in the Arkansas Ozarks April 27th, 28th, and 29th, was a wonderful opportunity to network, learn, and recharge the batteries. With just under one hundred people from all over the United States present over the weekend, it was the most heavily attended meeting at the location for several years, demonstrating the growth of the White Nationalist movement and the increased activism of its adherents overall.

Speakers for the annual conference included Pastor Thomas Robb, Rachel Pendergraft, Tom Bowie, Dr. Ed Fields, Steve Kukla, Jason Robb, and Dr. Michael Hill, the keynote speaker. A brief excerpt from Dr. Hill’s rousing speech at the conference can be watched HERE. The weekend of food, fellowship, and fun was capped off by a series of very informative survivalist and prepping seminars following the church service…

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Autographed copies of ‘Ethnostate’!

The Roper Report

Due to repeated requests, we will offer autographed copies of ‘Ethnostate’ for $15, shipping included. Paypal to Please be sure and include your mailing address and how you would like the book inscribed.

Following up on his controversial yet blockbuster book ‘The Balk’, Billy Roper updates the demographic and sociopolitical manifestation of the ongoing polarization and division of the United States. The coming breakup of America, or ‘balkanization’, is accelerating. Once you read this compendium of articles and essays from different sources and absorb their implications, you will agree, and be ready to prepare for the future.

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Tennessee State Legislator Endorses ShieldWall Network Vision

The Roper Report

Pictured: ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper negotiates with Memphis city defenders prior to the balkanization. 

Just hours after ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper commented that after the United States balkanizes into ethnostates the two White regions of Ozarkia and Franklin would reduce the black environs of Memphis in between them by siege and meet in the middle to shake hands in front of Graceland as the Soviets and Americans did at the Elbe in 1945, a black nationalist state legislator from Memphis is publicly quoted echoing corresponding sentiments from the opposing end of the political spectrum. Read why Rep. Antonio “Two Tone” Parkinson wants Memphis to be a black ethnostate seceded from East Tennessee. 

From the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

Talk of Tennessee secession is in keeping with an American tradition

When an angry state Rep. Antonio Parkinson suggested secession after Tennessee legislators punished Memphis financially for removing Confederate statues, he…

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“New American” Joads

Locust blog

by Everitt Foster on April 24, 2018

I just had to laugh when I read that the globalists now think “globalist” means “Jews.” I mean, a lot of Jews are globalists, but there are plenty of boomers, cucks and lolbertarians in their ranks too, not to mention born again corporatist liberals who love big companies because they’re easier to co-opt and use their influence to undermine society. The corporations make money, the Left destroys society.

It will probably land me on everyone’s hate list to say this, but multiculturalism has taken Europe and the European diaspora and turned what was once a high trust society based on consanguinity (to which the American founders appealed prior to the Declaration of Independence) into a paranoid dystopian future, minus all the cool stuff we were promised by the great sci-fi authors.

Let’s do a quick run down. Jews are paranoid the younger generation…

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The Neonazi Mind – Tom Purcell about the Depiction of his Friend Billy Roper in the Media

Goldstein Web

Conservatives are often accused of being just like Nazis. It is easy to shrug it off, but to be honest repeated accusations corrode the soul. So what do we share and how do we differ? We share that we disagree with the political left in one way or another. We also share a scepticism about the media. The differences could fill endless pages. Neonazism is a cult with a mythology which spans from the Khazar myth over central bank babble, Holocaust denial and “Talmudism” to crocodile tears over Palestinians. It’s peppered with conspiracy theories about secret services and actions which Israel supposedly undertakes to grab land and grow and grow and grow to the size of New Jersey. The following text is perfectly legal under German law. You find the TV documentary it talks about as a YouTube video on top of this article. I perfectly trust that any reader…

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Original German Book Sale: Hitler Youth Training Guide

The Roper Report

A handful of very rare original German books of historical interest are being offered for sale to benefit the ShieldWall Network travel fund.




Offered for sale is a very interesting 5 x 7-3/4 inch, 348 page hard cover book that was first published in 1934 by the Reich Youth Leadership, printed by Ludwig Voggenreiter Verlag in Potsdam. Offered here is a very nice copy that was published in 1938. The heavily illustrated book contains everything the youngest member of the Hitler Youth in the German Third Reich, the Pimpf in the Jungvolk, had to know in order to become a functioning member of his unit. Explained are lots of sports exercises, shooting training, activities out in the field like how to read a compass, how to read a map, how to put up…

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