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Billy Roper and The ShieldWall Network endorse Jan Morgan for Governor

Unusual For Incumbent Gov. To Have Serious Primary Race: Why now?

RINO (Republican In Name Only) Cuck Asshole Hutchinson, an anti-White liberal, got his start in politics when he worked to destroy a White Christian political organization and send its members and supporters to prison. He hasn’t gotten any better since. In fact, he is infamous for signing the extradition order sending one of his own citizens, Jacob Goodwin, to Virginia without review or consideration to rot in prison there after a mock trial. Many Arkansans who are not slaves to the Wal-Mart/Tyson corporate cabal in the state are now awakening to the Hutchinson puppetry.  When Asa met with ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper shortly after returning to Arkansas from Washington, where he became a part of the Deep State, Hutchinson expressed to Roper his support for amnesty for illegal immigrants in the state, as well as granting them in-state college tuition rates and scholarships. This, along with other revelations about statewide  machine politics, prompted Roper to run for Governor against the establishment himself.  On May 22nd, Billy Roper and the ShieldWall Network endorse Jan Morgan in the Republican primary election for Governor of Arkansas. 

From ‘Conduit For Action’. 

The May 22 primary between incumbent Gov. Asa Hutchinson and Jan Morgan is unlike any we have seen in decades. How? Incumbent governors haven’t had a competitive race in their own primary in a very long time.

People born after mid-1972 have never voted in a primary election where an incumbent governor had a competitive primary race. Not since Governor Bill Clinton ran for re-election in 1990 has an incumbent governor had a meaningful primary.

Incumbent governors ran for re-election in 1994, 1998, 2002, and 2010. In two of those years, (1994 and 2010) the incumbent governor escaped without any primary election opponent. In the other two primaries the incumbent governor received at least 85.44% of the vote in his primary.[i]

The only published poll for this Republican primary is the Talk Business & Politics-Hendrix College Poll of 676 GOP voters.  The poll was conducted on April 17-19. In the poll Hutchinson had 57.5%, Jan Morgan 30.5%, and 12% undecided. The poll was reported as good news for Hutchinson, but is it?

  • First,  the early poll with 42.5% not saying “Hutchinson” shows a huge problem for the Governor, considering he has been governor for four years and considering over the past 24 years incumbent governors have had no more than token opposition.
  • Second, Morgan was relatively unknown to voters. When the poll was done, there were no Morgan campaign signs to be found; no campaign ads for Morgan airing; and the liberal media paid little attention to Morgan, while filling up newspapers and media reports with everything Hutchinson had to say.

Morgan’s campaign has been largely word of mouth and social media. Yet, she is being met with large crowds wherever she speaks. Hutchinson and Morgan spoke at separate events in Benton on May 3. She drew the much larger crowd which would not have fit in the venue where Hutchinson spoke.

The positives for Governor Hutchinson are: he has the power of incumbency, a huge campaign war chest to fund his media barrage, and has done a lot of favors.

The negatives for the Governor are: Morgan is an articulate speaker with a solid conservative message of believing “in smaller, transparent, Constitutional government that puts more money and freedom back in the hands of the people.” The Morgan campaign has developed into a true grassroots movement. And, Hutchinson is carrying a lot of political baggage from positions that run counter to the traditional republican base.

If you have to ask, “What baggage?” you have been only listening to the liberal media. SOME of Hutchinson’s negatives with conservatives include:

Fiscal issues such as:

  • Broken promises not to raise ANY taxes.
  • Supporting more taxes even after the legislature refused to pass them.
  • Spending state funds on “Arkansas Works” which provides Obamacare Medicaid Expansion coverage primarily to able bodied working age people, at a time when Arkansas’s disabled citizens are not served or are under-served, and they have had to resort to a lawsuit.
  • Proposing across the board increases for state agencies without examining whether some agency budgets should be reduced because the programs may not be working or are low priority programs.
  • Growing the size of government

Social issues:

  • Insisting the legislature take back the religious freedom legislation it passed and substitute a watered-down version.
  • Opposing legislation to prevent sanctuary policies on public college campuses.
  • Opposing the so-called bathroom bill concerning self-identification as the opposite gender.
  • Refused to sign the law banning Sharia law.

Business issues (Claiming to be business friendly… but):

  • One of his first actions as Governor was to try to take away the capital gains reform promised by the 2013 legislature.
  • Keeping Arkansas a high tax state, while giving way money to pick winners and losers in business.

Second Amendment:

  • Opposing the campus carry legislation to allow the staff of universities to carry a concealed handgun. He insisted the bill be totally transformed into a highly regulated new permit called “enhanced carry.” One of the many restrictions required all concealed handgun trainers to teach the enhanced carry course which caused many trainers to quit the business. Even worse, legislators tried to get Hutchinson to fix the trainer issue but Hutchinson refused to include a correction in his special session.
  • Meeting with the anti-gun group Moms Demand Action which is funded by radical leftist, Michael Bloomberg, but refusing to meet with Arkansas gun rights advocates until after the debate was over.
  • Refusing to acknowledge that Act 746 of 2013 authorizes true constitutional carry (both open carry and concealed carry without a license)

And if those weren’t enough negatives to overcome.  Trump voters in Arkansas remember that during the presidential campaign Hutchinson said: “It is up to Arkansas to stop the Donald Trump show. The next generation of conservatives cannot allow Donald Trump to take everything we stand for and throw it away.

Even if Hutchinson were to be able to use his money and incumbency to drown out Morgan and win the primary, would his negatives be too much to get re-elected in November? The Republican nominee will face a Democrat and a Libertarian candidate. Would conservatives turn out to vote for Hutchinson?

Even back in 2014 liberal editorial writer, John Brummett, wrote he thought Hutchinson, as a Republican, would have an easier time passing liberal legislation than a Democrat governor would. In other words, the Republican majority in the legislature would be more likely to defeat liberal policies proposed by a Democrat than by Hutchinson.[ii] Under that thinking, why would conservative come out to vote for Hutchinson if he were the Republican nominee.

But who knows.  There is still a primary election. And, this is the first time an incumbent has had a competitive primary in very long time.

Republican Primary May 22. Early voting has started.


[i] 1994. Governor Jim Guy Tucker did not have an opponent in the Democratic primary. Tucker was the incumbent because he filled part of Bill Clinton’s term when Clinton was elected president.

  1. Governor Mike Huckabee received 90.24% in his Republican primary. Governor Huckabee was an incumbent because he filled out Governor Tucker’s term after Tucker resigned due to a criminal conviction.
  2. Governor Mike Huckabee received 85.44% in the Republican primary. This was the second time he ran as an incumbent. The partial term he served did not count against his two four-year terms.
  3. Governor Beebe did not have an opponent in the Democrat primary.


Virginia Public Radio Segment on ShieldWall Network

The “Fresh Air” segment of Virginia’s Public Radio broadcast has featured a new story about Billy Roper and The ShieldWall Network, this one by Sandy Hausman, pictured, whom I’m willing to bet is not Irish. 

Called “Road to Radicalization”, the three and a half minute long segment can be listened to at their site, where it begins by discussing political prisoner Jacob Goodwin’s case.

“After their son’s arrest, a group came forward to befriend the couple. It’s called The Shield Wall Network, and it’s headed by Billy Roper – a white nationalist who claims his race is on the verge of extinction. The Southern Poverty Law Center says he’s the voice of violent neo-Nazism in America.

But Roper provides financial and legal assistance to Goodwin’s parents, and they’re grateful.

“There is no way in this whole world that we could ever, ever repay you!” Tamara tells him.

She invites Shield Wall troops to train on her property, and Scott – who served in the U.S. military – agrees to instruct.

“For visual effect, you get 15-20 guys all dressed in the same uniform holding shields and their boots pounding on the pavement, it has a psychological effect on people,” he tells the militia. “It intimidates people, and that’s basically what you want.  Forward, March!”

“This is changing people,” Scott says. “It’s changing who I am.  Anger does make you look at things differently.  You begin to say, ‘I don’t care how you feel about me.’ The only people helping my son are these people.”

“Any time they want to come here and train, I’ll feed ‘em,” Tamara Goodwin adds. “Through Jacob being in jail I’ve made great friends, met great people.” 

The parents attend a group meeting and get their son on Facetime from the Albemarle County Jail.

“Hey everyone!” he says,

“Hey Jacob!  How’s it going?” asks a member of the group.

“I’m doing alright,” he replies. “I’m fine in here.  They’ve been making it nice and comfortable for the darky friends in here, so at least we can reap the benefits, right?  All I can say is if this is all those commie bastards have got, I’m doing alright.  It’s not too bad!” 

Jacob’s older brother, Dustin, is also featured. 

“Me and my parents have never really seen eye-to-eye since I was 15,” he says. “I had enough of religion and racism.  I’m not into either one of those things.” 

He joined the Marines when he was 17, and today he’s suspicious of people like Billy Roper.

“They find people that are easily manipulated – males between the ages of 17 and 25 that don’t have a career, don’t have anything steady in their life – that’s a pretty easy target,” he explains.

But by the program’s end, it’s clear that Jacob Goodwin’s parents have also joined the white nationalist movement. The documentary is called Path to Radicalization.  It’s available on YouTube.”

Five Ways To Gain Influence In Your Community.

  1. If you have children in school, attend PTA and school board meetings, as well as student-teacher conferences. Get your kids involved in the County 4H.
  2. Attend city council and county quorum court meetings. Get to know your local elected officials.
  3. Make a point to meet and befriend your neighbors. Form a neighborhood watch group working with your city or county police department. Get to know your local law enforcement.
  4. Join local civic organizations.
  5. Volunteer. Help organize a food or clothing drive or other charitable event.

They’re Coming To Us

Yesterday, April 14th, tens of thousands of 2nd amendment supporters held dozens of rallies at state capitols all across America. Most of them are emerging from Civic Nationalism into an understanding that the government is the enemy of the nation and its founding people. As such, they are radicalizing in our direction. We are actively recruiting them, true, but they are finding us just as rapidly, on their own.

The ShieldWall Network encourages you to find them at firearm shops, shooting ranges, gun shows, online, and in local NRA meetings. Cherry pick those most near to us in maturation of ideology. Bring them in. They will be standing with us when the time comes. They might as well go ahead and understand why, now.

Second Amendment rally in Hartford implores hundreds to ‘fight, fight …

22 hours ago – Bearing banners, placards and American flags, hundreds of gun-ownership and Second Amendment supporters gathered in front of the State Capitol in Hartford Saturday, protesting gun-control and anti-gun legislation here and elsewhere nationwide. The rally, organized by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, a gun …

Second amendment rally held in Concord –

16 hours ago – Gun owners and Second Amendment supporters called on lawmakers to enforce current gun laws and refrain from creating newer, stricter ones.

Hundreds rally at Utah Capitol to support 2nd Amendment | Deseret …

16 hours ago – Hundreds of gun-wearing, Second Amendment supporters rallied Saturday at the Utah Capitol. The pro-gun rally lasted several hours, featuring speakers who argued the right to bear arms is under attack in the aftermath of mass shootings.

Gun rights supporters hold rallies at state capitols across US | Fox News

9 hours ago – Protesters have gathered in more than a dozen states to defend the Second Amendment. … The National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans sponsored the 45 planned rallies across the U.S. in support of the right to bear arms, according to the paper. | Hundreds rally for Second Amendment in Boise

16 hours ago – BOISE – A rally in support of the Second Amendment brought a few hundred people to the steps of the Idaho State Capitol Saturday. Rallies in support of gun rights were planned for every state capital — held simultaneously across time zones. … “(A gun) is an inanimate object.

Second Amendment Rally Held In Nashville – NewsChannel 5 Nashville

12 hours ago – Saturday on the streets of Nashville, a group held a response to the gun control marchesseen across the country in March, including right here at home. This time, those taking a stand were people…

People rally for the second amendment at Americans for America – KFYR

16 hours ago – People rally for the second amendment at Americans for America. BISMARCK, N.D. … The Americans for America rally is being held at state capitals all across the country, where supporters voiced their opinions on the constitution and their rights.

Kentuckians rally for gun rights, Second Amendment in Frankfort

20 hours ago – People gathered outside the Kentucky Capitol, some with guns slung across their backs, as part of a national effort to rally for gun rights.

Hundreds gather in Harrisburg for gun-rights rally |

18 hours ago – Several hundred people gathered Saturday afternoon at a pro-Second Amendment rallyon the steps of the state capitol in Harrisburg.

Upcoming: Call in Live With Billy Roper

On 4/22 at 7 pm central I will be a guest on the  ‘The Voice of NS Reason’ radio podcast hosted by Rosemarie. The topic will be White Nationalist prepping & survivalism, system collapse, civil war, and balkanization. You can listen HERE, and register so you can call in to ask me questions or participate in the live chat:

New online community for ShieldWall Network affiliates!

If you were formerly involved with an online, social media based group for ShieldWall Network affiliates and supporters, but find yourself no longer able to access it; or if you are interested in becoming involved in one, please contact Billy Roper on, once you have made an account there. It will be much more secure and private than the previous platform, and many of us are already there. Thanks!

Antigun Politicians Aim for America’s Most Popular Firearms With Expansive Ban

Hoping to capitalize on tragedy, ignorance, and hysteria, 174 opportunistic anti-gun Democrats – led by Rep. David N. Cicillinie (RI) – introduced legislation last week proposing perhaps the most sweeping gun ban in U.S. history. The bill, H.R. 5087, is dubbed the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2018.” Yet its scope is so vast, and its drafting so poorly executed, that that the only semiautomatic firearms it clearly doesn’t reach are those listed in an appendix of what the authors consider permissible guns (many of which will be unknown or unavailable to the average consumer, if they’re available at all). 

The bill would ban firearms by name, “type,” and generic formulae. Rifles and pistols would be included if they are semiautomatic, can accept a detachable magazine, and have – or perhaps merely can accept – any of various listed features. Semiautomatic shotguns would need only one listed feature to be banned. 

The disqualifying features include threaded barrels.  All pistol grips and folding, telescoping, and detachable stocks would be prohibited without limitation. This may mean, although it’s not clear, that only straight stocks would be permissible on semiautomatic long guns. 

…Any firearm magazine that has a capacity of more than 10 rounds, or that can be “changed” to accept more than 10 rounds, would also be banned…

Read more at NRA-ILA HERE.

Women in the ShieldWall

by Billy Roper

The decision that from this point forward public protests, rallies, and demonstrations will be participated in by ShieldWall Phalanx members and probates, rather than by the general ShieldWall Network membership, was mine alone. Noone else should be credited or blamed for it, as the case may be. It was made in consultation with others, and with their input and advice, as always, but it, like the safety of our people, is my responsibility.
Public events have become so hostile and potentially violent as America continues to polarize and divide and things heat up on the way to actual war and balkanization that I cannot in good conscience continue to put our ladies, children, and elderly at risk in them. In fact, things have developed to the point where public events are potential combat zones, and I have always opposed women serving in combat. All of the reasons why women should not serve in combat (different temperaments, morale effect on others, distraction liability) also now apply to public protests. I wish that were not the case on one hand, because having ladies and children and the elderly present at rallies does make good optics. However, I will not sacrifice their safety, or our mission, on the altar of optics. Our enemies and our friends will just have to get used to the new optics we will present, of fighting age men in the ShieldWall. And our ladies and elderly and children will have to accept that we exist to protect them.
Of course, ShieldWall Network meetings, campouts, and all social events are all open to ladies and children and affiliates of any age, as always. In fact, I hope that we can recruit MORE female ShieldWall members in the future, and welcome them. However, they will not be serving in potential combat roles with the ShieldWall Phalanx. They’re not that expendable. They’re more important than that. They are our wives, our girlfriends, our sisters, our mothers, and our daughters. They are our life-bearers, our nurturers, our healers, our teachers, and our inspiration. They are not cannon fodder. Us ugly guys are.
Let’s hold them higher than that.

Continued Evidence of America’s Balkanization

As Americans continue to vote with their feet and voluntarily self-separate due to the negative effects of racial diversity, Whites are moving out of the multiracial East Coast states, and moving to the Mountain West, the Upper South, and the Midwest, while blacks are moving out of Chicago and New York back to the deep south. This is increasing the speed at which ethnostates are emerging within the boundaries of the current United States.

This reflects the political situation predicted and discussed in Billy Roper’s ‘The Balk’, as well as the ShieldWall Plan.

Westward bound! More and more Americans are leaving the East Coast and heading west because it’s ‘cheaper, warmer and easier to find a job’

  • Americans continue to head west, while the Northeast are losing people
  • Illinois, had the highest percent of outbound moves with 63 percent of people leaving, shortly followed by New Jersey, New York and Connecticut
  • Idaho is the fastest-growing state and is fourth-cheapest cost of living in US
  • Mountain West increases in popularity with 54 percent of moves being inbound