Discuss the Balk Right and Ethnostates Tonight!

The call in number will be 724-444-7444, and the show id is 137496
Tonight, Friday, May 25th, at 8 pm Eastern time, there will be a live roundtable discussion of The Balk Right and the rise of future White ethnostates after balkanization.

Here is the link for the live chat to participate in and listen live while you wait for your turn to call in. Co-hosted by Billy Roper, Coordinator of The ShieldWall Network and the author of Ethnostate.

 I encourage all of our people, and especially thought leaders such as yourself, to share your ideas about the coming breakup of America and future ethnostates. Tom Kawczynski will also join us, not just to discuss his New Albion White ethnostate plan in the northeast but his ongoing project and book, too.

Join us tonight for this crucial live roundtable discussion!


New online community for ShieldWall Network affiliates!

If you were formerly involved with an online, social media based group for ShieldWall Network affiliates and supporters, but find yourself no longer able to access it; or if you are interested in becoming involved in one, please contact Billy Roper on VK.com, once you have made an account there. It will be much more secure and private than the previous platform, and many of us are already there. Thanks!

Three ShieldWall Network events at once on 2/17/18!

Saturday, February 17th, the ShieldWall Network will participate in a trifecta, three events at once, a feat not attempted by any White Nationalist organization since White Revolution pulled off three anti-illegal immigration demonstrations in one day in different locations over a decade ago.

While some ShieldWall Network Phalanx members are helping provide security at the Traditionalist Worker Party event at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and still others will be participating in the Confederate flag rally in Harrison, Arkansas with the League of the South and The Knights Party, where a regional commander of the ShieldWall Phalanx will be calling in live to the StormFront Action radio program to report on the rally, the regular ShieldWall Network meeting will take place as scheduled in north-central Arkansas, followed by a ShieldWall Phalanx training session there.

If you are near any of these areas and would like to get active and involved, e-mail roper_billy@yahoo.com for details. Don’t tell your grandkids that you were just too scared.

2018 StormFront Conference Planned

by Billy Roper

The ShieldWall Network has been asked by StormFront to organize and plan the 2018 StormFront Conference once again this year, and to coordinate security for the event. I have accepted their request, and as time nears we will hold planning meetings to formulate our plans. Many of you may be asked by myself or one of our representatives to take part in the planning or security for the event, and we hope that you will join with us this year in making it another great success!



The Little Red Hen

We are now less than one month away from the next regular ShieldWall Network meeting, which will be February 17th in north central Arkansas. That means that you have nearly four weeks to get a vehicle running, find the gas money, or coordinate a ride. This will be a family friendly event, voluntary potluck included, with an attached ShieldWall Phalanx training session demonstration. Remember that the ShieldWall Network is an active White Nationalist preppers organization. We are building an association to share manpower, assets, and resources for mutual defense and protection. The time is coming, SHTF will arrive. When it does, for those of you who have been invited to multiple meetings and asked repeatedly to get involved, remember this lesson:

ShieldWall Phalanx training 1/20

The next ShieldWall Network Phalanx training session will be Saturday, January 20th, in central Arkansas. All equipment will be provided except for your uniforms.

A free all-you can eat dinner will be served to those who participate, so please RSVP to roper_billy@yahoo.com so that we will know how much food to prepare.

ShieldWall Phalanx training sessions are now being held regionally under local direction! Contact us to find out how you can get involved.

ShieldWall Phalanx Mobilization Called!

All active members of the ShieldWall Network Phalanx are being mobilized for the ‘Rally For Forrest’ on Saturday, January 6th, at noon at the Health Sciences park on Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. Please report in immediately for instructions on the itinerary of your deployment.