Cindy Breen Comes Clean

This is an example of a low level Antifa supporter who promotes Satanists, Communists, and the LGBTQP movement. All information gathered on anti-White activists is publicly available online, and is not privileged or private, therefore republishing it is not illegal. We certainly don’t encourage or condone anyone doing anything illegal, quite the contrary, this information is for educational purposes only. Cynthia Diane “Cindy” Parsons Carter Ruhl Breen, 45, Viola, Arkansas. Here is the Antifa Twitter account she runs. Here is a stump she began: Her stepfather, Leon Tucker, died two years ago. Her mother, Bonnie Parsons, lives in Gassville, Arkansas. She’s a liberal gun control advocate, too. See: Oh, yeah: Here is Cindy’s facebook. Wide open with pictures of her family. Nice car: Do her customers know that their cleaning lady applauds censorship and violent attacks on those who hold oppose the LGBTQP and BLM agenda?

Up until now, all this person has done is support Satanists, homosexuals, and Communists online. Cindy’s involvement with Antifa consists of tweeting and retweeting posts by those Antifa against White activists, including the doxxing of White activists, and the public dissemination of their personal information, and information about their families. Of course, that’s a two way street. Now, again, don’t bother these people, just understand how very shallow, plastic, ignorant, and uneducated they are. More and more folks every day understand that a Civil War is coming, and they are choosing sides, just like Cindy has. And, remember that the future belongs to us, not them.

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