Survivalist Magazines Thriving Again

The decline of print newspapers and magazines as the market is absorbed by electronic media outlets only has exceptions to the pulp wood saving rule in custom niches which are experiencing remarkable growth. One such area is survivalism and preparedness. Back in the 1980s, during the Cold War when many preppers were primarily concerned with the threat of nuclear war, there was only one mainstream survivalist magazine, ‘American Survival Guide’. Now, with the Cold War over but Civil War looming, there are several.

Guns and Ammo magazine has now decided to jump into the competitive fray with their own take on a preparedness publication in print form. More and more people are getting ready. Are you?



2018 AR-15 #2

2018 Be Ready!

All you have to do is read the headlines to know why people all over the country are thinking more about preparedness. Whether it’s catastrophic weather, utility breakdowns, terrorist attack or the collapse of civil order, millions of Americans are not willing just to hope for the best. They are taking more active measures to get ready for the times when stopping at the grocery store or the ATM will not be options.

In this issue we take a hard look at a number of firearms to consider for self-protection, provide detailed training tips on how to fight with a rifle and go in-depth on sound suppressors.

Plus, we cover a variety of other topics to aid you in your quest to be prepared for whatever might come.

Only $10.00
Includes Shipping
(Canadian Orders Add $5.00 Handling Fee)
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