Christians: Don’t Fall For The Cop-Out.

by Billy Roper

So prevalent is the discussion of the coming civil war that churches are using it as a messianic tool to encourage people to salvation under the pretense that the mythical pre-tribulation rapture will allow Christians to avoid taking sides:

“…By stoking the flames of discontent, radical leftists are playing with fire. Right now that blaze is still mostly confined to the halls of academia, the media and other havens of radical leftism. But both history and Bible prophecy show that those flames will spread. Isaiah 1:7 describes the near future of the U.S., saying, “Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.”


Is a Second Civil War Coming to America?

In reality, there will be no pre-tribulation rapture of Christians, or anyone else, up to Heaven which allows them the cop-out of cowardly avoiding taking part in our secular struggle against evil, and in resistance to God’s enemies, who should be ours. Christians are instructed to “occupy until I come” by Jesus, and to fight the good fight, to stand against the anti-Christ system of globalism, multiracialism, and liberalism.

When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, as He instructed, we ask that His kingdom come and His will be done, “on Earth as it is in Heaven”. He didn’t want us to pray to avoid the fight. He didn’t want us to be recluses, and run from His enemies. He knows that sinful, weak, cowardly people would want any excuse or false justification for being gutless. But, He will tell them to depart from Him, He never knew them, because they were not willing to stand and fight against His enemies, and make them their own. They were too scared to take part in the battle of good vs. evil. Instead, they prayed for a way out of the coming struggle, really, the ongoing struggle of God’s people against the descendants of Satan whom He called out in John 8:44.

In fact, they call evil good, and good evil, even from the pulpits they defile, in order to avoid upsetting the antiChrist forces of universal equality and global unity and racial as well as spiritual union. That makes them contemptible in God’s sight. They should be contemptible in ours, as well.

Christians need to understand that there will not be a pre-tribulation rapture. Then they need to think about how perfectly the left aligns with scriptural descriptions of the AntiChrist, with their support of abortion, homosexuality, and universal racial amalgamation.

You know that God hates a coward. You know which side are His enemies. Don’t disappoint Him. Join the fight.

3 thoughts on “Christians: Don’t Fall For The Cop-Out.

  1. So very well put & explained, my Brother! Even in the early 80s when I was in a few churches preaching & teaching pre- trib & mid trib raptures & the like, I did NOT Biblically believe this. It ALWAYS troubled me vs. NOT finding it “comforting” as I have so often heard and watched around me!! It truly looked to me like “Yay, yay…we escape the big one!” Didn’t make sense, as they continued to justify this by a few Scriptures in Thessolonians (only one!!), Luke & Matthew, Revelation, & a wee bit in Mark that just plain NEVER convinced me that a “rapture” was & will be in play!! Wasn’t even taught for centuries until Schofield & others created this exegesis AND eisegesis!! I learned that they and others to follow were in fact guilty of “strict literalism.” Trying to make a case for it! The very best dictionary for God’s Most Holy Word is ITSELF! Compare Scripture with Scripture!!
    I once heard a man say this “as a rule of thumb” for discerning Biblical Interpretation= “Where the Bible is obviously being literal, look for the Truth in that, & where It is being figurative, look for the Biblically Spiritual Truth It intends to convey there!” Now “overall” that is a great & honest way to interpret Holy Scripture! Else one will come away with the Bible actually becoming “silly”, if ye will! Many warnings in Scripture concerning “private interpretations!!” Yahweh never intended for us to have 2, 3, 4 or more “various” interpretations!!! That’s why He said “study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth NOT to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth!”
    Even the original languages (Aramaic from Christ & Hebrew/Greek(Greek & Latin in Biblical translations) from the Apostle Paul) convey this; for example=the many times the Word and Purpose in the New Testament for “mystery” let’s us know that God intends us to study AND be honest with His Holy Word! Now I’m not at all stating that I am a “Mr Noitall” if ye will, but I will say this (Thank you Lord!)= I’ve been studying since 1981, and I DO know that what I’ve said is VIP!! The Bible is really for US=His elected/ predestined people! Again, thank You Yahweh, for Your Biblically & Providential Word of Truth!! Can’t beat that!✝👍😊
    Also, I have read Mein Kampf 3 & 1/2!times now and have recently opened it up for refreshing in my heart, head, and soul!
    The 3 all time best selling Books are STILL = 1)The Bible 2) Mein Kampf & 3) Pilgrims Progress!” Won’t find no strict literalism in John Bunyan’s PP= It it near TOTALLY of Spiritual and Allegorical rendering!! And he knew the Scriptures quite well indeed!!
    What I’m saying, of course, is that you don’t have to believe what I and/or Billy are saying here, but we DO have the Eternal responsibility to interpret His Most Holy and Eternally important Word honestly & throughout our lifetimes! I’m done here, and my only real purpose here is to be helpful, not divisive! Yahweh Bless✝😊👍
    Thank you for this, my Brother, Friend, and Comrade, Billy Roper! 14WORDS & 🎱🎱✝

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  2. “your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.”

    The above words really capture the nature of what’s going on for us now. Apparently it was all predicted thousands of years ago and the destruction of on advanced civilization apparently always conforms to the same pattern wherein the land is overrun with vile barbaric forces that are shockingly inferior to the former occupants.


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