Can businesses ban “racist” customers? free_enterprise/2018/07/can- your-business-ban-racist- customers.html

Last week, Khalil Cavil, a 20-year-old server for Saltgrass Steak House in Odessa, Texas, posted a photo of a receipt on Facebook. A customer with a bill of $108 had supposedly written at the top of their receipt that they “don’t tip terrorist” (sic). The restaurant manager, virtue signalling about how intolerable racism is, banned the customer from the place of business, for life. Now, we know that it was another hoax, a lie used to stoke liberal fury. The mullato received thousands of dollars in donations from leftists after spreading his lie on social media. Now, he has been fired and the company has retracted its ban on the accused customer, offering them a free dinner.

I doubt they’ll be in a hurry to go back and take them up on it. The mullato has been fired and the actual story made pubic. That’s good, as it encourages polarization and accelerates the beginning of the coming civil war. However, the fact is that yes, businesses can and do ban people for wearing or saying things they disagree with, even allegedly first amendment protected free speech.

There are some legal recourses. The ejected patron can picket, so long as they do so on public property rather than the business’s private property, or they can try to organize a boycott of the store by sympathetic people, or they can sue them, a long, expensive, and arduous process with little chance of success. They can organize creative ratings and feedback on the business’s advertising and ratings outlets. Or, they can peacefully remember who the enemies of Whites are for what is coming.

Remember the famous “bake my cake” case, which led to copycats where faggots tried to force Christian bakers and wedding planners and others to provide services to them which conflicted with their deeply held personal beliefs and values? The courts have now ruled that they cannot force service, either. So, the business owner has the right to refuse service to anyone pretty much, with or without cause, although it’s a LOT easier to ban a White person or a heterosexual than it is any self-described “minority”, of course.

When the civil war starts, how many anti-White business owners and restaurant managers who may claim that they were just following corporate policy to keep their jobs and feed their families will be dragged out of their burning buildings and used to decorate the nearest street lamp? The truth is, not many. One cannot imagine the time being taken for that kind of ceremony, in such a hypothetical situation when bullets are so much more plentiful than ropes.

And what about owners of restaurants which promote and host events like LGBTQ drag queen competitions especially targeting children, such as Steve Libbon, who runs Ugo’s Pizza in Harrison, Arkansas? Sure, he can legally welcome Communist Antifa into his place of business, no matter how unpopular his actions may be in the community. The force of law, at this time, protects him and ensures his right to do so. And certainly, noone should encourage anything illegal be done about it, so long as those laws are still in place and can be enforced. We definitely don’t. If the local police discovered that he was selling drugs out of the restaurant or sexually molesting the little mullata he parades on his facebook page, or something, then they may or may not choose to forward the evidence to the prosecuting attorney, who may or may not file charges, hypothetically. Otherwise, he’s free to do what he wants. Including being arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and DWI. 

For legal recourses, see above.

Background on Steve Libbon and Ugos. 


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    We really DO have bright and informed Kin on this site! Thank you, all! 14W & 🎱🎱


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