Tactical Red Dot Review: Aimpoint H2 and T2


The first manufacturer of red dot sights was Aimpoint. Today, Aimpoint remains at the top of the heap. Aimpoint’s red dots are proven in harsh conditions and combat the world over. They have been the mainstay for police agencies and professionals that appreciate a quality optic, and should be a top choice for you as well.

While not inexpensive, the Aimpoint costs less than some gear that is far less proven. The design is excellent, and it has a proven track record. While all Aimpoint gear is durable and useful, some are better suited than others to specific situations.

There are a number of red dot sights that I feel offer the most versatility. I think the two Micro sights, the T1 and H2, work best for most of us. Each is a good, durable sight with notable features. They are also suitable for use with a magnifier if need be.

Each has the red dot advantage of extreme speed and allowing the use of the red dot with both eyes open. An advantage of the new Aimpoint is also battery life. They will last for five years on a single battery. That is a great leap from early red dot sights and many that are still in use.

With 1x—that is one power or no magnification—the red dot is intended for the edge at very close range.

The H2 and T2 are both very compact and weigh but three ounces or so, making for a compact package. However, the H2 and T2 are both service grade. The T2 features several settings for compatibility with night vision optics.

The H2 is mounted on my personal AR-15 and a Wilson Combat AR9-9mm handgun. Picatinny or Weaver mount, either Aimpoint may be adapted to the specific firearm. When you order a Red Dot, be certain to specify whether you want a 2 or 4 MOA reticle. The choice is important, and you will need to think about how the sight will be used.

The H2 has 12 settings, but none for night vision use. That doesn’t matter at all to me, but the T2 will be choice for tactical operators. The T2 has less daylight settings but the night vision setting will be pretty important to some users. The T2 is also proofed for a wider variety of climatic conditions.

As for accuracy potential, I recently took the Wilson Combat AR9 to the range and fired over 200 rounds of Federal Syntech training ammunition—150 of the 115-grain and 50 of the 124-grain load. Accuracy was excellent at all ranges, with headshots being carried off at a long 100 yards. Firing from the bench rest firing position, and taking a careful aim, I placed five of the Federal Syntech rounds into less than one inch. This is an accurate AR-type pistol but the Aimpoint H2 Micro delivers the excellent accuracy.

If you are in a situation in which the sight cannot fail, and your life is worth the expense, then the Aimpoint Red Dot is for you.

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Do you have a favorite red dot sight? Is it an Aimpoint? Share your answer in the comment section.

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