A division not of states, but of peoples.

Just as the ShieldWall Network does not believe in equality and interchangeability between the races, nor equality within our race, not every place in states which contain seedbed White ethnostates are equally viable for White flight refugees. St. Louis and Little Rock are not good places to make a stand, even though they are in Missouri and Arkansas, respectively. It is southern Missouri and northern Arkansas where Ozarkia lies, and not even every town and county is equal demographically within it. That’s why we encourage those moving here to contact us for information on locales most conducive to accepting White flight refugees first, rather than just showing up or searching for property online.

Arkansas, for example, is two distinct states culturally and demographically, broadly defined as New Afrika in the south and east and Ozarkia in the north and west, a demarcation generally defined by I-30 running diagonally southwest to northeast. Here is a comparative compilation of data on some cities in the state, as instructive models:

The data shows that these 8 cities are currently among the most dangerous in the Natural State for 2018:
Pine Bluff
In Pine Bluff 20.96% of the population is Caucasian.
In Pine Bluff 76.63% of the population is African American.
In Pine Bluff 0.96% of the population is Asian.
Little Rock
In Little Rock 51.01% of the population is Caucasian.
In Little Rock 41.89% of the population is African American.
In Little Rock 2.95% of the population is Asian.
In Blytheville 39.36% of the population is Caucasian.
In Blytheville 59.06% of the population is African American.
In Blytheville 0.22% of the population is Asian.
Forrest City
In Forrest City 28.55% of the population is Caucasian.
In Forrest City 65.40% of the population is African American.
In Forrest City 0.40% of the population is Asian.
West Memphis
In West Memphis 32.84% of the population is Caucasian.
In West Memphis 63.50% of the population is African American.
In West Memphis 0.68% of the population is Asian.
El Dorado
In El Dorado 47.88% of the population is Caucasian.
In El Dorado 49.50% of the population is African American.
In El Dorado 0.64% of the population is Asian.
In Hope 44.23% of the population is Caucasian.
In Hope 45.09% of the population is African American.
In Hope 0.00% of the population is Asian.
The data shows that these 8 cities are currently among the safest in the Natural State for 2018:
In Greenbrier 95.14% of the population is Caucasian.
In Greenbrier 1.90% of the population is African American.
In Greenbrier 0.43% of the population is Asian.
In Lowell 85.81% of the population is Caucasian.
In Lowell 0.71% of the population is African American.
In Lowell 4.31% of the population is Asian.
Bella Vista
In Bella Vista 95.74% of the population is Caucasian.
In Bella Vista 0.83% of the population is African American.
In Bella Vista 0.82% of the population is Asian.
In Greenwood 96.06% of the population is Caucasian.
In Greenwood 0.06% of the population is African American.
In Greenwood 0.74% of the population is Asian.
In Bentonville 81.62% of the population is Caucasian.
In Bentonville 2.65% of the population is African American.
In Bentonville 10.23% of the population is Asian.
In Cabot 92.38% of the population is Caucasian.
In Cabot 1.17% of the population is African American.
In Cabot 1.58% of the population is Asian.
In Batesville 87.00% of the population is Caucasian.
In Batesville 3.78% of the population is African American.
In Batesville 2.30% of the population is Asian.
Mountain Home
In Mountain Home 97.04% of the population is Caucasian.
In Mountain Home 0.35% of the population is African American.
In Mountain Home 0.32% of the population is Asian.
Do you notice anything interesting between the best and worst places to live in Arkansas?


Updated Speakers List for ArkLaTex Regional White Unity Conference!

The Roper Report

Arklatex White Unity Conference

September 29, 2018 – Texarkana TX

The ArkLatex White Unity Conference is a White Nationalist gathering for our people from all across Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. This is a private event and there will not be any media allowed. This will be a good time to meet like-minded folk from all across the Four States. We welcome every heterosexual White Nationalist and all Pro-White organizations to come spend a day of Racial Unity in a safe and secure, family-friendly and fun environment. There will be no uncivil organizational rivalry or drama present.

Guest Speakers

Billy Roper – Shieldwall Network
Brother George – Christian Pastor and Survivalist
Pastor Tim – Imperial Wizard of the United White Knights
Pastor Stout – Christian Nationalist Movement
Brother Luke – Texas State Leader of the League of the South

More to be announced.

The event will start on Saturday morning…

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Crossing Jordons: Another Ignorant Billboard Coming To Harrison

The Roper Report

Nate Jordon, an effeminate Harrison, Arkansas immigrant who was formerly an Antifa oriented activist and member of defeated city Mayor Jeff “Carpetbagger” Crockett’s infamous anti-White ‘Task Force On Race Relations’, which organized a Black History Month presentation in the public library that no black people attended but members of the Klan did, is now hiding behind his wife, Chelsea. Chelsea Jordon, that is, not Chelsea Manning, though confusing the two is forgivable given Nate’s participation  in the recent Gay Pride parade there. In his more open Antifa supporting days, Nate spelled his name “Jordan” when he gave media interviews, each and every time, as a perusal of the article below proves. Probably he thought he could stay under the radar, that way. LOL

Poor Nate even deleted this article in his little literary blog. He was vocal in his hatred of Whites when speaking to the media…

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Ghost Country – Book 3 in the Catalyst Series

A major release in the bestselling Catalyst series, as America struggles after a global blackout, this is JK Franks, Ghost Country.

Since the Solar superstorm and CME almost two years ago, the Gulf Coast town of Harris Springs, Mississippi has suffered from gang attacks, famine, hurricanes and battled a crusading army of religious zealots. Now, they face their greatest challenge. Outsmarting a tyrannical President while escaping an approaching pandemic.

Pre-Order Now
Available for pre-order now, the latest book in the Catalyst Series which is due for release on August 14th. This is expected to be the final book in the series and a worthy follow-up to the bestselling American Exodus. Those of you who are part of my Advanced Review street team will be receiving copies in the next 7 days. If you are interested in becoming part of my review team and receiving advanced copies of my upcoming books please shoot me an email and I’ll give you the details. We only have a few slots available and they will fill quickly.

Tactical Vs. Regular Fitness

During the past decade, a new fitness genre has been developed.  Fitness programming comes and goes over time, but rarely is an entire new category created.  This new type of fitness training is now called Tactical Fitness.  What we once called Military, Police, Fire Fighter, and Special Ops Fitness programs is now categorized into the ever-growing group of Tactical Fitness.  Even major strength, conditioning, and personal training associations like the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) has a program with a peer-reviewed journal and certification program for Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC).  So, I do not see this genre losing ground like some overused concepts like boot camp workouts and functional fitness.


Tactical Fitness is not about workouts, it’s about work. It is not about working out to get good at working out, it is about creating programs that carry over into real life movements like lifts, carries, crawls, runs, rucks, swims, and mobility, even analytical and creative thinking. It uses non-traditional equipment to lift and carry loads that are not equally balanced.

Tactical Fitness is about choosing a profession where your fitness may one day be the difference between life and death for you, your buddy, or someone you are trying to help.  Not only does your health and fitness need to be developed, but your ability to react as you have been trained and think clearly under stress is an absolute must.

Knowing how to be a team player is critical too.  Find workout buddies with like goals and play sports to learn how to be part of a team.  Your workout today must make you better tomorrow in your job.  This means not only having a healthy heart, blood pressure, sugar levels, and weight, but your workout must help you with the following elements of fitness:

  • Speed and Endurance – Run and ruck farther and faster.
  • Strength and Power – Lift equipment, gear, and people too.
  • Flexibility and  Mobility – Move easily over uneven terrain and in between obstacles.
  • Muscle Stamina – Move yourself and gear up, over, under, and through space.
  • Old Man Grip – Hold gear, climb rope / mountain, grab things and people without tiring.
  • Skills – Swim to save a life, to cross a river, meet up with a ship or sub for extraction, and to be effective on 75% of this planet.
  • And more – Anything and everything in your job.


It is possible to achieve excellent results with each of these elements of fitness.  You will be naturally stronger and enjoy certain routines, but you will also have weaknesses.  You have to determine what these weaknesses are in order to fix and improve them.  When you are a Tactical Athlete, training for all of these elements will not make you the strongest or fastest person in the country, but you will be well above average in both strength and endurance, stamina, and other areas.

It is very common for an advanced Tactical Athlete to be strong enough to do 20 pullups and dead lift two times his bodyweight of 200 or more pounds and still be able to run a six-minute mile pace for several miles.  Those are excellent numbers, but a cross country runner will beat you by a minute in a mile run, but likely fail at strength events.  The strong man will almost double your lift weights, but take a bus when the mile run is tested.  The Tactical Athlete’s definition of optimal is different than the normal single-focus athlete where certain fitness elements do not matter.  They all matter to the Tactical Athlete.


There are specific stages for the Tactical Athlete in training.  As a recruit or candidate, you have to score competitively to enter these public service professions on what many refer to as the entrance exam. These are your typical fitness tests of pull-ups, pushups, sit-ups, 1.5 mile runs, and maybe a sprint or swim test depending on the service you are training for. Training to get to these boot camps, academies, or special ops selection programs is one thing, but training to get through them is another.


The post -training and active-duty worlds of a Tactical Athlete’s profession are even more different.  Your training year will require you to prepare for job specifics, and that may require you to run and ruck more, swim and dive more, or lift and sprint more. It all depends on what your mission skills will be.

Maintenance should be programmed in a way where you systematically stay strong, fast, well-conditioned in cardio, and flexible with periodic growth and peaking zones through the year. Learning about periodization is key to arranging workouts to help you with your job requirements in-country, overseas, and seasonally in your community. It also keeps you healthy and injury-free.

From Tactical Training Tips

Nazi Leader Jason Kessler Branding DC Rally As Alt-Lite, Pro-Trump

Alt-Right Exposed

Nazi Leader Jason Kessler Branding DC Rally As Alt-Lite, Pro-Trump

Deep State Plant Seeks To Galvanize #Resistance Against Trump Before Midterms – Bloodbath Predicted By Both Alt-Right Leaders and Antifa

Neo-Nazi and Charlottesville rally planner  Jason Kessler is now ordering his followers to re-brand themselves as “Alt-Lite”, to carry American flags, and to align themselves with President Trump and the Republican Party at his upcoming “Unite the Right 2” rally in front of the White House on August 12, all in an effort to galvanize the Deep State #Resistance against the GOP right before the critical midterm elections.

In a recent YouTube video, Kessler, an admitted leftist provocateur and Occupy Wall Street organizer, has called for a march down Pennsylvania Avenue and speeches in front of the White House.

Right on cue, a Soros funded group, calling itself “DC Against Hate” suddenly sprung up, seemingly out of…

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More survival hacks.

If you’ve ever been in a real survival situation, you know how quickly your brain kicks into gear to create makeshift tools, weapons and other necessities that you don’t have with you out of whatever materials you can find laying around.  Survivals hacks are these bit of wisdom that real survivors, experimenters, innovators (and bored out of their mind people) have created over the years. Below are a few top hacks. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful.

Soda Can Life Hacks

  1. A pop can opener can be fashioned into a fishing hook.
  2. Fill a soda can with oil and insert a rolled up paper towel into the opening. Light the paper towel and enjoy and oil “candle” that will last for hours.
  3. Make a light out of the Coke can by cutting the side to make a “window” with the flaps that you cut serving as shutters. Place a candle inside of the can. As the candlelight reflects, it will be significantly intensified and you will have a relatively bright lantern.

Duct Tape Life Hacks

  1. Use duct tape to repair:
    1. Your water bottle
    2. Hydration pack
    3. Backpack
    4. Tent
    5. Clothing
  2. Stick some duct tape on a lid of a jar that won’t open, leaving a piece loose. Pull on the piece and twist – the jar will open.
  3. Stick a piece of duct tape on a deep cut or onto a chunk of flesh that was partially cut off to seal it when you have no bandaging material. This helps to piece the skin and flesh together. The downer? You’ll have to keep it there until you can get to a decent first aid kit (ripping it off is not pleasant.)
  4. Freezing? Wrap duct tape to seal the gaps between your sleeves and your gloves, as well as between your boots and your pants to keep the heat from escaping.
  5. Use duct tape as a brace and as a sling to protect the broken limb until you find more suitable materials (if you do).

Milk Jugs Life Hacks

  1. Use empty milk jugs to build a raft.
  2. One milk jug hack I saw recently relates to making a light. Fill the milk jug with water. Strap a headlamp onto it with the light facing in. Turn on. You will have a much brighter light.

Other Cool Survival Hacks

  1. Place any kind of improvised wick into a jar of Crisco and light it. Now you have a functional candle that will burn for weeks!
  2. Use any type of greasy chips (Doritos and Cheetos seem to work wonders) as tinder if there is none around.
  3. Use a coffee can to create a portable stove (cut an opening on the side towards the bottom to feed in branches and other fuel.) It creates a concentrated source of heat to cook your food.
  4. Apply some baby oil on the exposed skin to prevent (or at least delay) frostbite if you have to be out looking for food or supplies in freezing temperatures.

Have you discovered some hacks of your own? Don’t keep them to yourself! Share them with us or blog about them.
To your survival,
Richard Marshall

Carpetbaggers, Scalawags and a Good Ole Boy

The Roper Report

by Paul Jones

The post-W.W. II era, that has involved the process of the final takeover of U.S. society and government by Z.O.G., has often been termed the “Second Reconstruction” as far as the South goes.

As all are aware, there was a seemingly powerful and entrenched Southern power structure involving an alliance between whites of the upper and upper-middle classes with those whites in the lower and lower-middle classes throughout the times of the segregation laws established once the Union armies left occupation of the South by 1876. There had been hordes of Carpetbaggers-Northerners, some of them Jews, who had come down to the South to take advantage of the confusion and turmoil caused by the disastrous defeat of the South in the Civil War. There had also been a good number of Scalawags-Southern whites who had “sold their souls to the Devil” and joined the Carpetbaggers in the…

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Guerrillas vs Gorillas

Along with physical prepping, such as obtaining and training to proficiency with firearms, comes psychological prepping. ShieldWall Network affiliates should read this lengthy study of the history and practice of guerrilla warfare. 

In this interview with Ted Midward of Caucasian Christian Communications, Tom Chittum, the author of “Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America”, discusses how the inevitable balkanization will likely begin and play out.

ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper will do an interview with Ted next week, to follow up and expand on this topic.

What will it take to start a domestic conflict?

From: Forward Observer

“It will never happen.”

That’s often a response I get when I start talking about why I think we’re headed towards a domestic conflict. Never mind that we’re seeing the early warning hallmarks of a civil war/domestic conflict; most people can’t be bothered to consider the possibility. But, in fact, we’re probably already in a very low grade domestic conflict and we’re just waiting to see when/if it goes hot.

Here’s the key thing about our future conflict: it won’t be a conventional war. We’re not talking about tanks in the streets or bombing insurgents into submission. The combatants of tomorrow won’t take part in pitched battles of maneuver warfare, but they’ll engage in what we’re already seeing:

  • political warfare
  • economic warfare
  • information operations/propaganda
  • cultural/class war
  • sporadic political violence

In other words, our war includes all the activities below the threshold of conventional war, but above routine, peaceful competition. Calls to boycott Tesla because Elon Musk donated to Congressional Republicans is an example of economic warfare. Boycotts of all stripes and terminating employment based on political affiliation is economic warfare; it’s intended to damage the livelihoods of political opponents. The steady stream of labeling as “fascist” and “Nazi” those who aren’t actually fascists or Nazis is information warfare intended to de-humanize political opponents and make them easier to target. Fomenting racial animosity and class war is a great indicator of social unrest because one of the requisites of domestic conflict is a politicized social base with a grievance; the bigger the grievance, the more the unrest. Politicized social bases who arm themselves to solve their grievances, instead of solving them through political channels, start insurgencies and revolutions. Violence against civilians to achieve political goals is terrorism. (We’re seeing examples of all these things, as reported in the National Intelligence Bulletin.)

It’s increasingly likely that we’ll arrive at a point where one or more of these politicized social bases arrives at the conclusion that their problems can’t be solved through political channels, or that nonviolent solutions are less preferable than violent ones. Some will scoff, but there’s a very good chance that we have another recession within the next few years. High youth unemployment is a universal early warning indicator of civil unrest, and we’re likely to see high youth unemployment during the next recession (and especially so as automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence change our economic landscape). We should absolutely consider the possibility not just that a domestic conflict is possible, but that it’s probably already here — again, just a very low level.

Let’s address the psychology of violence in general and compare it to domestic conflict. At an individual level, why is anyone moved to violence? Why do people engage in seemingly irrational behavior (like indiscriminate or targeted violence)? Because they feel that violence is justified or they’re able to rationalize their decisions (i.e., violence against “fascists” is rationalized because “the mere existence of a fascist is an inherently violent act”). Why did a shooter attempt to murder Republican congressmen last year? Because he was able to rationalize the violence against them (“Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”, according to his Facebook post). The media greatly aids in extending the myth of fascist Trump (he’s obviously no fascist), and the constant drum beat of victim pimping over issues of class, race, privilege, and capitalism perpetuate a grievance and victimhood culture. It’s this resentment, especially over issues of race and class, that’s historically been exploited to move people to violence.

At a broader level, countrymen (politicized social bases) go to war against themselves when the alternative to war (i.e., being dominated or conquered) is less preferable than fighting, and they feel that they can or should use violence to achieve their political objectives. War in America will increasingly look like tribal and gang conflict, but along the lines of politics, culture, race/ethnicity, and class, and armed with the tools of economic and information warfare that ultimately generates violence.

According to a recent Rasmussen survey, nearly one-third of Americans believe that the U.S. will have some kind of civil war within the next five years. In that same poll, half of all Americans felt that the country was more divided as a result of the Obama administration, which divided Americans by race/ethnicity and class for eight years. [source] You can’t create fault lines to exploit for political gain, and then complain later when there’s an earthquake… yet that’s exactly where we are.

No one can tell the future, but we can identify trends. We are trending towards more social upheaval, spurred on by demographic and cultural shifts (“America is for us” nationalists vs “America is for everyone” internationalists; traditionalists/conservatives vs progressive globalists; capitalists vs socialists/communists) and technological advancement (machine learning, automation, artificial intelligence, and robotics which will be very economically disruptive). All these factors will change the political landscape in America, and we should be open to the potential for generational war because that’s how long this domestic conflict could last until it can be resolved. (For some context, the Irish Troubles lasted roughly 30 years.)

Those are my thoughts this morning.

Always Out Front,

Samuel Culper