Arkansas Constitutional Carry Confirmed

It was already, due to Act 746, legal to open carry in Arkansas, and the RINO Attorney General only delayed responding on the request for clarification of concealed carry in order to allow anti-2nd amendment Gov. Ass-suck Hutchinson to be re-elected over his more gun friendly primary challenger, Jan Morgan. Now that the establishment cucks have won, she admits what we knew all along: yes, it is legal to either open OR concealed carry without a permit in Arkansas. Just like we have been doing, all along.

She does, of course, warn law-abiding citizens that they COULD be charged with carrying a weapon, if law enforcement pretends to believe we had an intent to use said weapon to commit a crime. The trick is to ALWAYS carry, not just when you think you need it, and that will make it harder for the tyrants to seek to establish unlawful intent.

Arkansas ShieldWall Network Meeting and Campout Report

The Roper Report

The 2018 ShieldWall Network summer campout was a lot cooler than last year’s, and not just temperature-wise, either. Charles gave us all a presentation on compass reading, map orientation, and wilderness direction finding both at the statewide meeting Saturday afternoon, and later as a hands on presentation in the woods at our campsites. He also made each campout attendee their own set of Ranger beads, and taught us how to use them to measure our distance travelled while walking over rough terrain.

Friday afternoon we set up camp, pitched our tents, unpacked our gear, and then made a three hour hike down the creekbed to visit a breathtaking nearby waterfall, identifying edible and medicinal plants and wildlife along the way. At one point during the hike we smelled something decaying, and at first we thought that Chris Irwin must have found us, but it turned out to just be a…

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Media coverage of SWN/LS/NSM Protest of Knoxville LGBTQP Parade

The Roper Report

University of Tennessee Beacon:

Rainbows, glitter decorate Knoxville for Pridefest, protesters respond

“…They held signs that bore messages such as “Jesus Wishes You Weren’t Gay,” “Knoxville Isn’t Your Sodom and Gomorrah” and “I’m Praying For You.” 

Groups represented included the National Socialist Movement, League of the South and the ShieldWall Network. Several attendees of the parade stopped to shout at the protestors, who yelled back at them, while police monitored the encounters nearby. 

Kynan Dutton, the Tennessee State Leader of the National Socialist Movement, said that the protestors are entitled to their freedom of speech, but that the parade attendees were trying to drown out their message.

“If we say anything akin to white power or white pride, that makes us racist,” Dutton said. “What’s being promoted here today is degeneracy. These are future abusers, future child molesters, future people that are going to be a degradation to our…

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Homosexuals and Antifa Pretend to Hate the Cops They Hide Behind

The Roper Report

“The cops only showed for pride in Harrison, Arkansas (headquarters of the ShieldWall Network, the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and the Christian Identity Ministries) when they heard armed leftists were going to show,” said Cat Fein, who lives in the area. “This year, the Nazis still showed up to harass Pride participants, and the Klan and the Christian Identity Church still showed. We had two cops, though we had death threats and doxxing of organization members.”

“Cat Fein” is an Antifa supporter who hates the police but depends on them to protect herself and other Communists and Faggots from traditional Americans. Read more, if you can stomach it, here. 

The ShieldWall Network agrees with Cat, by the way. We say, by all means, let the homosexuals and Antifa ban police from their events. Com-pletely. That’s a great idea. In fact, we look forward to the day when the…

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Thank you to Black Israelites and Judeo-Christians

The Roper Report

Pictured: TFW our side is more diverse than theirs.

by Billy Roper

The ShieldWall Network would like to extend our gratitude not only to the League of the South and the National Socialist Movement, but also to the Black Israelites and the two mainstream (non-racial) churches who stood with the SWN as allies at Saturday’s protest against the LGBTQP Pridefest in Knoxville, Tennessee. A full report on the event will be included in this week’s The Roper Report podcast, but in a nutshell when the SWN and their White Nationalist allies in the LS and NSM arrived at their chosen protest spot (rather than submitting to the previous police demands that they confine themselves to a distant ‘free speech pen’ metal enclosure), they were approached by a local church congregation. The Christians, also there to oppose the militant homosexual and pedophile agenda, were told in a straightforward manner what the…

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They DO want to shut us up! Sodomites Want Hate Speech Laws Against ShieldWall.

by Billy Roper

On the eve of the SWN/LS/NSM protest against the Antifa supported militant homosexual and pedophile Knoxville PrideFest, one of the Sodomites has publicly called for an end to free speech. Fearing people learning the truth of their perverted and disgusting agenda, the faggot, in a letter to the editor, wants “hate speech” laws to limit public discourse about political and social issues. This is very illuminating:

“Hate speech should be illegal

We are only one day away from Knox Pridefest 2018. The celebration is an event that draws tens of thousands of folks from all over the region in order to be among like-minded individuals. For a few hours on Saturday, LGBTQA people will be able to let their guard down and enjoy music, food and other entertainment.

However, in order to enter the celebration area, we will come face to face with extreme hatred and ignorance by way of a group known as The Shieldwall Network, a white nationalist group. 

Billy Roper of The Shieldwall Network claims in an article that the LGBTQA community wishes to add the letter “P” to its abbreviation in order to celebrate “pedophilia.” In his article on their website, he offers no proof of his outrageous claim. It would appear that his only goal is to stir up as much anti-LGBT sentiment as he can by lying about our community.

Their presence at Knox Pridefest concerns me. In another article authored by Roper, he spells out how Shieldwall can increase their membership by approaching others at gun shops, gun ranges and hunting clubs. 

It seems clear that their organization deeply values using weapons in order to terrorize others who wish to attend peaceful gatherings such as Knox Pridefest.

Will Roper’s disturbing claims be enough to push someone to their breaking point, resulting in violence at Knox Pridefest? I pray that it won’t happen. 

As an American, I value free speech. However, I believe free speech should have limitations. In many European nations speech that spreads, incites, promotes or justifies hatred based on intolerance is illegal and not tolerated. I think it’s time we consider similar laws. Perhaps this would reduce the number of hate groups that plague our country.

Tom Cogburn, Knoxville”

You can read his letter in the Letters to the Editor section of today’s Knoxville News Sentinel here. 

Liberals Nervously Joke About Coming Civil War

Truth In Satire

If Trump’s Impeachment Leads To Civil War, Armed Rednecks Will Be Coming For You

Desperate yahoos say they’ll go to war with “libtards and elitists” if POTUS is expelled — these 8 tips could save your life

Read more HERE.

Read the comments. Understand that they mock you, they belittle you, they feel superior condescension towards you if you are White and unashamed…but more and more they FEAR you. 

The Roper Report (TRR): Nationalist Solutions

The Roper Report

Just back from the Nationalist Solutions conference in Tennessee, Billy reports in detail on the speakers and discussions from the weekend, as well as the two most recent ShieldWall Network meetings in south Arkansas and Tennessee and this coming weekend’s organizational meetings, campout, and public protests.




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TV News interview of Billy Roper at Nationalist Solutions Conference

The Roper Report

In addition to several documentary film crews and objective academicians, a limited number of controlled media outlets were allowed to cover the Nationalist Solutions conference in central Tennessee this past weekend. After the photographer for the German Sterner magazine took several portrait shots of him for an upcoming article on the internet censorship and deplatforming of racial realists, Billy Roper gave an on camera interview to Channel 9 News from Chattanooga at the request of Rick Tyler, the conference organizer. Excerpts of that video are included in their report HERE. 

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Up Next: ShieldWall Network Summer Campout and Meeting

Many thanks to those who attended the south Arkansas ShieldWall Network meeting Thursday or the Tennessee state ShieldWall Network meeting on Sunday, especially our newest affiliates!

This Friday and Saturday will be the ShieldWall Network summer campout, accompanying the Arkansas state ShieldWall Network meeting this weekend. Please RSVP to if you are interested in attending either or both events.