SWN, LS, and NSM join forces to oppose Gay Pride parade in Knoxville June 23rd.

“Turn Left At Gay”…organizers of the Knoxville, Tennessee ‘PrideFest’ have publicly stated, when accused of trying to sexualize children, that “children need to be sexualized”. Their intended child molestation is now in your face. What do you think the “P” in LGBTQP stands for? Your choice is clear. Stand with us, or side with faggot pedophiles. Side with them, and share their fate. 

The ShieldWall Network, The League of the South, and NSM are holding a joint operation in solidarity: a protest against the Knoxville Gay Pride parade June 23rd: Knoxville News and USA Today

Here is the facebook page for the event.


Building a Survival Group: What Preppers Must Know before They Get Started

Editorial comment: while much of this information is exactly what the ShieldWall Network, as a White Nationalist prepper’s collective, is already doing on a much larger scale than this author suggests, he does make some good suggestions which are applicable for our local unit leaders to follow as they tighten up their franchises in our expanding areas. 


The prepper community tends to idolize the lone wolf- the survivor who goes out alone in the wake of a disaster.

But the truth is that we humans have our strength in numbers.  If you want to truly be prepared for disaster, you need to build a survival group.


Ideally, your survival team would consist of 4-7 adults who are:

  1. Physically fit
  2. Mentally tough
  3. Able to contribute a valuable survival skill, such as hunting or building shelters.

In the real world though, it is unlikely that you will be able to build such a team.  Good luck finding a group of people without family members they’d like to take along (whom will likely be weak links, such as children).

It might not seem hard to find at least 3 people to fit this bill and build a survival team – but even finding 3 people is a lot harder than you’d think!



Rather than trying to set up a group from scratch, start with the people who can already rely on: your family.

It is easier to train your family members in survival skills than try to find all of these skills in strangers – not to mention build up trust of such strangers.

Another reason to use your family as your survival team is that you won’t have to worry about grouping with team members who may live far away from you.

Hopefully you already have an emergency communication plan in place, so your family can quickly gather and take action.

There are a lot of ways that you can get your family prepared for survival.  These include:



In the aftermath of a disaster, you’ll have to decide whether to bug in (aka hunker down) or bug out.

You don’t necessarily want the same group for both situations.  Each type of team requires a different skill set and mentality.



Most of the preppers I’ve talked to don’t bother with a bug-in survival team.  They believe that it is better to just stockpile their own supplies and hope for the best.

But what if your home ends up being the epicenter of disaster?  Wouldn’t it be smart to have an alternate bug-in location (the home of one of your survival team members) to go to?

Likewise, what if looters attack your home? Wouldn’t you prefer to have a survival team there to help you defend your supplies – even if it means having to share those supplies with the team member?

A Bug-In Survival Team Should Be:

  • Smaller group: This depends on the size of your location. You won’t want too many people because your supplies will run out faster.  But you do want enough people that you can defend your location.
  • Live close by: You don’t want anyone to have to go long distances to reach the bug-in location.
  • Be willing to invest in supplies: Since you won’t be able to obtain new resources once you’ve hunkered down, you need to have an ample stockpile. Depending on your plan, each team member might contribute supplies to one central stockpile or create a stockpile at their own homes.  It is better for each home to have its own stockpile, but this is obviously a costlier option.
  • Have knowledge of ammunitions and home-defense: The biggest threat when bugging in is that looters will come for your supplies. A group with knowledge of home defense can prevent this from happening.


bug out survival team

One of the first steps in prepping is to choose a bug out location and make a plan for how to reach it.  If you are a lone prepper, it may make sense to form a team.  When SHTF, you will get in contact and head to the bug out location together.

The bug out team needs to be:

  • No more than 4-5 people: Ever try to go hiking with a large group? It takes a heck of a lot longer because not everyone can keep the same pace.  Plus, it is a lot harder to remain stealthy when trekking with a lot of people.
  • Physically fit and ready to run while carrying a heavy bug out bag, if necessary. More on prepper fitnesss.
  • Knowledgeable of wilderness survival: This is not the time for someone to get bit by a snake or wipe their butt with poison ivy because they have no experience in the wild!

How are 4-5 people supposed to survive through a long-term disaster, you ask?

Your bug-out team – the ones you actually head out with – should be small.  However, it is smart for several small teams to plan to meet up at the bug out location.



In contrast to the bug out team, the survival community can be large.  These are the people you will actually meet up with at the bug out location.

Ideally, you’ll have enough people that you can form a self-sustaining community.  Of course, this depends on the land you have chosen for your bug out location.

We’ve talked about how much land is needed to be self-sufficient on Primal Survivor before.  It can vary from 42 square meters for a family of four to 17 acres per person.  Again, this depends a lot on the land, how you use it, and your level of knowledge.


Choosing Members for Your Survival Community

Ideally, each member of your survival community should have a skill to contribute.  This doesn’t mean that kids and other “non-skilled” members should be prohibited from joining.  They can contribute by doing non-skilled tasks like cleaning up and weeding the garden.

However, you should make sure that you have at least one team member to fill each of the following survival tasks.  I say at least one member because it is possible that one team member won’t make it to the location.

What would you do, for example, if the only person with medical skills doesn’t arrive???

Must-Have Skills Your Survival Team Members Should Fill:

  • Agriculture: Look for people who know skills like gardening, hydroponics, and aquaponics
  • Hunting: Avoid recreational hunters. You need hunters who can actually gut and clean their kill.
  • Raising animals for food: Look for people who have the full spectrum of skills related to this, such as animal husbandry and veterinarian skills
  • Foraging: Both for food and for medicinal plants
  • Medicine: This includes doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, and first aiders.
  • Mechanics and engineering: For when things break or you need to devise tools, such as water pumps or solar energy systems
  • Defense/security: Military and military veterans are great for this
  • Mental toughness
  • Ability to work together

Make sure that each member of the group knows what his/her responsibilities will be.  Have these discussions BEFORE disaster strikes!


Mental Toughness and Ability to Work Together

Of all of the survival skills, the last two are probably the most important.

As for mental toughness, you need team members who are resilient in the face of disaster.  The last thing you want is to waste precious time/energy calming down team members having a panic attack!

Likewise, you need team members who can work together (hence the word team!).  Even in non-stressful situations, it is easy for fights to break out.

In a disaster, the stress and uncertainty can cause lots of problems.

That is why you need to put your team members to the test.  More on this below.


Assigning a Leader

A lot articles about building a survival team talk about assigning a leader.

Having an assigned leader is a good idea – but you also must set up guidelines about how decisions will be made.

You don’t want other team members getting angry if they think the leader is making bad decisions or overstepping boundaries.


Putting These Skills to the Test

abseiling team building test

Once you’ve found some members of your survival team, you need to put the team to the test. The goal is to see how the team will work together or whether fights will break out.

This doesn’t necessarily mean doing disaster simulations and drills (though that is a good idea).

Here are some team building exercises you can do to see whether your group will be able to get along:

  • Go to an escape room
  • Go camping
  • Take a wilderness survival course together
  • Have a paintball competition
  • Go rafting
  • Go on a jeep treasure hunt
  • Do an obstacle course
  • Go rock climbing or abseiling
  • Play capture the flag
  • Play football
  • Take a wilderness first aid course together

Don’t be surprised when a team member’s real personality starts to show through!

After doing a few of these activities, you might not want a certain person to be on your survival team anymore.

Do you have a survival group? How many members are in it and how did you find them? Let us know in the comments below.

Rules of Engagement for Nationalist Solutions Conference

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

After speaking to the TN State Parks police and hearing on the subject from Rick Tyler, the conference organizer, on this morning’s StormFront Action radio program, I called the Montgomery Bell state park directly and spoke with Eric Wright, the park manager. According to Mr. Wright, Montgomery Bell state park has been granted a waiver by the Tennessee state attorney general’s office to prohibit all firearms from the park for the weekend. There will be two checkpoints, one when people first enter the park where we announce that we are there to attend the conference, and a second at the door to the conference center and hotel where we will be wanded and go through a metal detector. No weapons of any kind will be allowed. Luggage may be subject to search. Vehicles probably will not be, but may be “if circumstances require”.  These extended security measures…

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The Ultimate Sacrifice

Editorial note: An interesting theological question. One might respond that God punishes His people for their failings, as when they were forced to wander in the wilderness between Egypt and Canaan for a generation, or He tests us to allow us the opportunity to face and overcome challenges on our own to make us stronger, as is happening now, and happened in 1945. The purpose of The ShieldWall Network is to help our people learn to help themselves, and help one another, in the test which is to come. 

by Paul Jones

I know that several million German soldiers were killed or seriously injured during the years of World War II, but for some reason I keep thinking of the approximately 20,000 who lost their lives and the 40,000 who were wounded at the last chance to stop the Allied advance in Europe from the west at the Battle of the Bulge. The Allies, who also tragically took part in that battle, had about the same number of casualties.

I recall being at a drive-in movie theater in Los Angeles, California in 1965 when I watched the film, “The Battle of the Bulge.” Obviously as a fully indoctrinated college student at the time I saw the Allies with “white hats” and the Germans with “black” ones. There was one scene that particularly struck me and it was when the German commander is reviewing new soldiers sent to fight and he realizes that many are quite young, 15 or 16 years old. At that point he has a presentiment that the war has already been lost and that these new soldiers are going to be likely dying in a lost cause. Their young lives would be cut short by the Z.O.G. manipulated American forces who had been propagandized into seeing what they were doing as heroic and part of a moral crusade, with the vast majority of our troops being Christians and thinking that God was on their side.

But what kind of God would have the United States allied with the brutal, anti-Christian and totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union, led by the tyrant with so much blood on his hands, Joseph Stalin? If anything, based on what has happened since the end of World War II, Germany was the force for good and the United States and the Soviet Union were the forces for evil in “The Good War,” as Studs Terkel put it in in the title of his   book.

The momentum of Z.O.G.’s victory has carried them forward steadily so as to permit the extreme cultural and demographic makeover of the United States and entire West. I only hope I’m right with my belief that the tide has finally turned in recent years so that our efforts to try to save the European races of mankind from their planned extinction from the earth won’t be in vain, as unfortunately was the case for those brave, mostly young German soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and ideology in eastern France during the months of December, 1944 and January, 1945.

Videos of the Rally for Morality in Harrison, Arkansas

The Roper Report

From the Rally for Morality in Harrison, Arkansas, June 2nd, 2018. In this first video you can see ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper, in a red baseball cap to the right of the cameraman, exchanging pleasantries with token negro Commie Antifa wannabe Marvin Letterius Spencer.

In the second video, he gives the bulldyke singer a chance to read his “Gerry The Gerbil’ sign up close.

The third video shows how sparsely attended the ‘Diversity Fest’ itself was.

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How to start a fire with a coke can.

The following prepping advice is an example of the kind of wilderness survival tips which will be taught at the ShieldWall Network summer campout coming up on June 23rd:

Wilderness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I credit my dad with a lot of what I learned and I feel privileged to pass much of this knowledge on to you.

I have to tell you, fire starting is one skill that is beyond valuable to you and your family whether you are caught in a survival situation or you are simply out camping. Things can happen out in the wilderness: matches get wet, lighters get lost…

Most people in our great country tend to enjoy a can of pop (or soda, or coke, depending on where you are) frequently, so I figured I’d share with you how you can start a fire using a soda can.

This method is based on the reflective qualities of aluminum. More specifically, it relies on you using the aluminum can to direct the sunlight onto your tinder, so you will need:

  • The sun
  • An aluminum can
  • Some way to polish the can (we’ll get to that)
  • Some dry tinder
  • A little time and patience

Once you have your materials, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Clean the coke can and dry it.
  2. Polish the bottom of the can until it shines and reflects like a mirror.
    • You can use fine steel wool to polish the can.
    • Or you can use chocolate. If you are using chocolate, be sure to complete several applications. Rub the chocolate all over the bottom of the can, polish with a rag or paper and wipe off.

    The goal is to make the concave part of the can really shiny.

  3. Experiment with positioning the can in a way that it reflects the sun well. After you find a good angle that allows you to see a spot on the ground that receives the reflection of the concentrated light, move to step 4.
  4. Throw together some good primary tinder. You can use really dry grass or leaves or (if you follow my advice and carry them with you), Vaseline-dipped cotton balls. Place the tinder in the spot that you found in step 3.
  5. Position the can in such a way that the reflected sunlight concentrates on your tinder. Wait and watch as your tinder begins to smoke and, consequently, burn.
  6. When the flame gets strong enough to spread to the rest of your tinder and sustain itself, add some larger tinder (bigger sticks) to build a better fire.

It’s a good idea to take different fire starting supplies when you go camping and store them in different backpacks. Have each member of your family carry a lighter, storm proof matches and other fire starter of choice in their own bag. Be sure you do this for your EDC bags and bug out bags and have a bunch of different fire starting supplies in your prepper pile. You just never know what you’ll need in an emergency…

To your survival,
Richard Marshall

Eulogy to Gary Yarbrough by David C. Tate

Incarcerated Order member David Tate’s eulogy for Gary Yarbrough.

Gary Yarbrough's Blog

David Tate wrote a eulogy for Gary. They were very close, and it hurt David, when Gary passed away. I ask David, since him and Gary were so close, if he could write a eulogy for Gary, and here it is. He did a wonderful job, and I cried. Thank you so much, Brother. After getting to know David, since Gary passed, I see how strong of a man David is, and I have come to truly treasure his friendship. Christ is King! Please feel free to share this on any other website or social media. David really did a wonderful job.


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How to red pill your community…

…One normie at a time.

The following is a true story recounted by a female ShieldWall Network affiliate who recently took an opportunity to question a Zionist Christian on the basis of her support for Israel. The virtue-signaling evangelical, not even well brainwashed enough to parrot the lie that those who call themselves Jews today (Rev. 2:9 and 3:9) are God’s chosen people, or that God will bless them that bless Israel (where are the blessings?), just froze:

(In the thrift store going through a craft bin….. Woman walks over and starts going through same bin….. I look at her …. Her shirt says “Support Israel” with the 6 point star under the words…….. So…..)
Me- “What’s going on in Israel?”
Her-“What do you mean?”
Me-“your shirt says support Israel and as I’m not very good at keeping up with current events I was wondering why I should support them”
Her-“Well….. Because……. “
Me-“Because why?”
Her-“Well… Because they need our help”
Me-” with what exactly? I mean did they have an earthquake or something and need food or what?”
Her-” well no. I don’t think so…. We just need to support them”
Me-” well I’d need to know exactly why I’m supporting a foreign country before I’d actually support them, I mean that’s just common sense. So if you could explain to me why you support them maybe I’d understand better why they need my support.”
Her-(huffing impatience)” well …. Just because…. I support them because……….. (Sound of frustration)…… Nevermind I’m done talking to you”
Me-” have a nice day”
Let this be a lesson that not everyone who supports Israel really supports them, they obviously have no idea what they are supporting. I hope she is asking herself why the hell she wears that shirt when she has no idea what it means.

A Second American Civil War?