The Ultimate Sacrifice

Editorial note: An interesting theological question. One might respond that God punishes His people for their failings, as when they were forced to wander in the wilderness between Egypt and Canaan for a generation, or He tests us to allow us the opportunity to face and overcome challenges on our own to make us stronger, as is happening now, and happened in 1945. The purpose of The ShieldWall Network is to help our people learn to help themselves, and help one another, in the test which is to come. 

by Paul Jones

I know that several million German soldiers were killed or seriously injured during the years of World War II, but for some reason I keep thinking of the approximately 20,000 who lost their lives and the 40,000 who were wounded at the last chance to stop the Allied advance in Europe from the west at the Battle of the Bulge. The Allies, who also tragically took part in that battle, had about the same number of casualties.

I recall being at a drive-in movie theater in Los Angeles, California in 1965 when I watched the film, “The Battle of the Bulge.” Obviously as a fully indoctrinated college student at the time I saw the Allies with “white hats” and the Germans with “black” ones. There was one scene that particularly struck me and it was when the German commander is reviewing new soldiers sent to fight and he realizes that many are quite young, 15 or 16 years old. At that point he has a presentiment that the war has already been lost and that these new soldiers are going to be likely dying in a lost cause. Their young lives would be cut short by the Z.O.G. manipulated American forces who had been propagandized into seeing what they were doing as heroic and part of a moral crusade, with the vast majority of our troops being Christians and thinking that God was on their side.

But what kind of God would have the United States allied with the brutal, anti-Christian and totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union, led by the tyrant with so much blood on his hands, Joseph Stalin? If anything, based on what has happened since the end of World War II, Germany was the force for good and the United States and the Soviet Union were the forces for evil in “The Good War,” as Studs Terkel put it in in the title of his   book.

The momentum of Z.O.G.’s victory has carried them forward steadily so as to permit the extreme cultural and demographic makeover of the United States and entire West. I only hope I’m right with my belief that the tide has finally turned in recent years so that our efforts to try to save the European races of mankind from their planned extinction from the earth won’t be in vain, as unfortunately was the case for those brave, mostly young German soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and ideology in eastern France during the months of December, 1944 and January, 1945.

One thought on “The Ultimate Sacrifice

  1. All true, including the continued take over of america.
    However the overconfident takeover and even boasting little premature . They left paper trails and not all courts are fully under thair control .


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