How to red pill your community…

…One normie at a time.

The following is a true story recounted by a female ShieldWall Network affiliate who recently took an opportunity to question a Zionist Christian on the basis of her support for Israel. The virtue-signaling evangelical, not even well brainwashed enough to parrot the lie that those who call themselves Jews today (Rev. 2:9 and 3:9) are God’s chosen people, or that God will bless them that bless Israel (where are the blessings?), just froze:

(In the thrift store going through a craft bin….. Woman walks over and starts going through same bin….. I look at her …. Her shirt says “Support Israel” with the 6 point star under the words…….. So…..)
Me- “What’s going on in Israel?”
Her-“What do you mean?”
Me-“your shirt says support Israel and as I’m not very good at keeping up with current events I was wondering why I should support them”
Her-“Well….. Because……. “
Me-“Because why?”
Her-“Well… Because they need our help”
Me-” with what exactly? I mean did they have an earthquake or something and need food or what?”
Her-” well no. I don’t think so…. We just need to support them”
Me-” well I’d need to know exactly why I’m supporting a foreign country before I’d actually support them, I mean that’s just common sense. So if you could explain to me why you support them maybe I’d understand better why they need my support.”
Her-(huffing impatience)” well …. Just because…. I support them because……….. (Sound of frustration)…… Nevermind I’m done talking to you”
Me-” have a nice day”
Let this be a lesson that not everyone who supports Israel really supports them, they obviously have no idea what they are supporting. I hope she is asking herself why the hell she wears that shirt when she has no idea what it means.

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