Media Coverage of ShieldWall Network East Tennessee Rally

Many thanks to the controlled media news coverage of the Memorial Day weekend activism carried out by ShieldWall Network affiliates and their allies in East Tennessee. One of those articles mentioned The ShieldWall Network by name, and even featured a large picture of one of our flyers with the website url address very obviously included. 

Matthew Stewart at The Daily Times has proven himself to be an exception to our generally negative perception of the lugenpresse, and we commend him for his courage in helping The ShieldWall Network advertise to many more thousands of people than the flyers themselves would have ever reached, on their own.

The Knox News coverage of the ShieldWall rally was less detailed and informative, but as a USA Today subsidiary, it will get wider (if more shallow) coverage outside of the county and state.

As stated previously, this rally is just the beginning of a summer of activism planned by The ShieldWall Network in East Tennessee.

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