Encroachments on Constitutional Free Speech [video]


It seems that the only way to

Erase Hate.jpgIs to Remove the

Free Speech Zone.jpgAnd, it seems that is what they are trying to do

There is word of all sorts of initiatives via state law to limit Constitutional Free Speech. That is one way to do it but State Laws probably won’t get very far and should assumedly be struck down in The U.S. Supreme Court.

Right now, the easiest way to punish “hate speakers” is to blacklist them and make it untenable for them to live such as was the recent case with Identitarian Andrew Dodson. He was made a non-person and stalked and harassed until he committed suicide.

That was an unfortunate turn of events.

Recently on a NY Commuter Train, an Older White Man got into a shouting match with a younger Black Woman whom he claimed was talking loudly on her phone.

We have some video of the…

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2 thoughts on “Encroachments on Constitutional Free Speech [video]

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  2. Negro women and negroes in general, being the primitives they are, have a skewed sense that their importance is in direct proportion to their loudness. Since the real truth about themselves seems to elude them, they honestly feel that all the white people around them are just dying to hear and watch them because of how wonderful they are to witness. And it’s white people, out of terror of being called racist, who’ve created this charade in the first place by constantly turning a blind eye and pretending that the negro race are our equals.

    And now the situation is beginning to be ‘legislated’ or brought under the rule of law, whereby a white individual for speaking the truth or even holding the ‘wrong’ opinion can be prosecuted and jailed.

    Of course the negroes and muslims revel in a political climate of this sort where their white superiors are being punished and shamed by the dozens.


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