Rally For Morality in Harrison June 2nd

On Saturday, June 2nd, at 11 AM, there will be a Rally For Morality in opposition to a drag queen show recruiting small children and a Gay Pride parade and Diversity Festival at the courthouse square in Harrison, Arkansas. Patriots from several different organizations will stand together to support traditional values and uphold our families against this onslaught. Bring your pro-heterosexuality signs and let your voice be heard!

Listen, over the next month there will be events in Harrison, AR., Little Rock, AR., Dickson, TN, Sevierville, TN. , and in the Ozarks. Point blank, I am asking for your involvement and commitment to the cause. Come out and stand with us if you can! I’ll be happy to give you the details on each of these opportunities if you’re interested in more information. If you cannot personally attend any of the several upcoming public rallies over the next few weeks, your partnership with our travel fund to help us get our people there is greatly appreciated. Paypal donations to roper_billy@yahoo.com or through concealed cash, check or money order made out to Billy Roper to PO Box 1937 Mountain View AR 72560. Either way, we appreciate your working with us. As you know, the ShieldWall Network doesn’t charge dues: we don’t even charge Phalanx members for patches or our affiliates for SWN business cards to use for recruiting purposes, so all of our organizational income is solely from voluntary donations. Thank you all for everything you do as my friends for our people’s future. This is going to be a VERY active summer as things heat up and accelerationism kicks in!

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