Andrew Dodson, R.I.P.

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20 thoughts on “Andrew Dodson, R.I.P.

  1. This is both very sad and very tragic.

    Andrew’s death shouldn’t be viewed as a suicide. His life was stolen from him by a degenerate, dysfunctional, evil society that’s under the control of jews.

    This tragic loss of a brilliant young White engineer emphasizes the need for Whites to be aware of the perils and keep their identities secret unless they are willing and able to withstand being blacklisted from all employment for life and face surprise attacks of physical violence and property damage. In the information age, information itself is weaponized.


  2. This is the power of the jew in our occupied country. Being bullied and demoralized to the point of suicide is considered criminal in all other cultural aspects. With the exception of the untouchable jew whose organized crime cult functions beyond our laws. What could be more self evident here regarding the degenerate state of the entire jew occupied west? And east. And north. And so much of the South………
    Billy’s efforts to keep the truth alive and plan for the inevitable final “capitalization” of our governments deserves all the support and involvement we have to offer.
    Let’s keep our emotions in check and begin using that energy toward joining this great brotherhood for the sake of our people and future of our race world wide.


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  4. You’re basically just giving the dude free publicity to any leftie (me) who clicks on this, and it’s not like people are going to harass him like they harassed Andrew. Because unlike Andrew he didn’t go around fucking with people for fun and spread poisonous messages about ethnic cleansing.


    • You are absolutely right about one thing, I certainly hope that noone harasses him, as that’s not my intent. We’re better than that, unlike your leftists. I don’t know why he took his picture down from his website and removed his e-mail address from the contact page there?


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  9. I feel rather terrible for the guy who would rather die than be associated with YOU. Because isn’t that what it comes down to? You wanna be able to say what the fuck you wanna say from behind anonymity You no longer get to have both, and a man chose to take his own goddamn life rather than to be associated with the likes of you for the rest of his life. Think about that shit.


  10. Oooops! I did not mean “24W (24 Words), but might as well add the afore mentioned 10 additional= ” One Day the World will KNOW that I was right!!!” Adolph Hitler= “Mein Kampf!” 👍😊🎱🎱✝


  11. Despite WordPress’s unwarranted censorship, all of the information republished in the article was freely available to the public online, therefore it was not public or private. I appealed the decision, but Rajid couldn’t comprehend the logic of my evidence. Anyway, this article is also published on my other website in an uncensored full version, and has been republished elsewhere on the internet, too.


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