Future Political Systems: Hail Caesar!

by Billy Roper

After the ShieldWall Network’s long-term goal of aiding the rise of White ethnostates to fill the coming vacuum of power following the inevitable balkanization of America, the Balk Right will have to develop a political system of governance. Not to put the proverbial cart before the horse, but it’s never too early to begin discussing some alternatives. After all, different regional ethnostates may find that dissimilar systems better fit their local culture and historical traditions than others.

Most people who are dedicated to securing the existence of our people and a future for White children come into the movement either through libertarianism or Civic Nationalism, and graduate into White Nationalism. As they further harden and radicalize, many mature into National Socialism. The matriculation process takes longer for some than others. Some, indeed, envision further evolutionary progress into traditional and organic natural political structures, such as feudalism and monarchism, eventually eclipsing National Socialism. After all, how far a leap is it from a fascist dictatorship to having an ethnostate ruled by a king? Indeed, such would be a guarantee that the racial nation didn’t devolve into Strasserian egalitarianism, ultimately  abandoning its very core ideals of eugenics, discipline, and the greater good outweighing individual “liberties” and a mythical and ill-advised equality of outcome for everyone White. The Roman Republic blossomed into Empire, not the reverse, after all.

In Plato’s ‘Republic’, arguably the most astute political philosopher of Western Civilization argued that a good monarchy is the best of all governmental systems, and the a bad monarchy is the worst. Then again, he had never met Karl Marx, who would contend the same about Communism. Obviously, the ShieldWall Network tends to side with Plato rather than Marx. While the question of insuring character and integrity in a monarch is a thorny issue addressed unsuccessfully in the Bible, the Magna Carta, and finally in the Declaration of Independence, it’s one that we may have to deal with again in years to come, as post-balk warlords consolidate territory and resources.

Until then, here is a cogent discussion of some alterations and alternatives to traditional feudalism. 

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