An all-star lineup June 15th-17th!

The Roper Report

The joint American Freedom Party/Council of Conservative Citizens conference will be held June 15th-17th in central Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. However, the conference is open to other White Nationalists who are not affiliated with either organization. For your conference registration fee you get to spend the weekend with prominent leaders and spokesmen of our movement such as David Duke, Kevin MacDonald, William Johnson, Earl Holt, Billy Roper, Jamie Kelso, James Edwards, Dr. Adrian Krieg, Dr. Tom Sunic, Dr. Michael Hill, Dr. Virginia Abernathy, and more! There also will be foreign Nationalist guest speakers, an  exclusive banquet Saturday evening, and many other activities to inspire networking and organizing between attendees and participants.

Click here to find out more and register!

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Controlled media journalist works with Jewish supremacist organization and other anti-White activists to doxx first amendment supporters.

The Roper Report

Matthew Stewart, a school break reporter for the Blount County, Tennessee, Daily Times newspaper, who apparently got into trouble by his editor for publishing pictures of ShieldWall Network flyers recently distributed in and around Maryville clearly showing the website address, is having to virtue signal to make up for the dozens of East Tennessee citizens who have contacted us to express support and sign up thanks to his first article. And boy, he’s signaling hard, quoting the ADL about the ShieldWall Network and allowing the Jewish supremacist organization to use his article to try to doxx White patriots:

“Protesters outside First United Methodist Church were members of the Arkansas-based ShieldWall Network, said Allison Padilla-Goodman, director of the (ADL) nonprofit’s Southeast Region, based in Atlanta. The group is run by Billy Roper, whose “goal is to create a white ethnostate,” or a whites-only nation.

The ShieldWall Network has “several dozen members” in Arkansas and…

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Antifa Involved in Harrison Gay Pride ‘Diversity Fest’: Rally June 2nd!

The Roper Report

A little over a year ago The ShieldWall Network told you about Dillon Sweeten and Drew McCormick, two of the homosexuals who founded the Redneck Revolt/John Brown Gun Club Antifa organization in Mountain Home, Arkansas. In fact, we told the world about them, and many of their supporters, doxxing them using legally available, public information in the public domain. For those playing along at home, the domestic terrorist group had planned to hold public rallies against heterosexual White Christians in Harrison, Arkansas, before the ShieldWall Network stepped forward and unmasked them. Then, along with our allies in The Knights Party and the League of the South, we held a public demonstration in the town of our own. Despite the threats of Antifa that they would “shut us down”, not a single anti-White even showed up. They were embarrassed by their own cowardice, and squashed as a potential anti-White terrorist…

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Media Coverage of ShieldWall Network East Tennessee Rally

Many thanks to the controlled media news coverage of the Memorial Day weekend activism carried out by ShieldWall Network affiliates and their allies in East Tennessee. One of those articles mentioned The ShieldWall Network by name, and even featured a large picture of one of our flyers with the website url address very obviously included. 

Matthew Stewart at The Daily Times has proven himself to be an exception to our generally negative perception of the lugenpresse, and we commend him for his courage in helping The ShieldWall Network advertise to many more thousands of people than the flyers themselves would have ever reached, on their own.

The Knox News coverage of the ShieldWall rally was less detailed and informative, but as a USA Today subsidiary, it will get wider (if more shallow) coverage outside of the county and state.

As stated previously, this rally is just the beginning of a summer of activism planned by The ShieldWall Network in East Tennessee.

ShieldWall Network (East Tennessee) Flash Rally After Action Report

Memorial Day weekend was an extremely active time for the The ShieldWall Network in East Tennessee, and for all of the right reasons. Saturday night dozens of flyers were distributed bearing the ShieldWall Network website address  ( and logo, encouraging locals in the area to shed their White guilt and stand up against the Black Lives Matter and Antifa cells trying to organize in the Knoxville region.

On Sunday a friendly group barbecue social was enjoyed, then the ShieldWall affiliates and their allies held a flash rally holding two large banners, one reading “Diversity = White Genocide”, and the second saying “It’s great to be White!”, as well as Confederate and other flags, all along a busy street sidewalk . The motivation for the demonstration was an anti-White author and speaker, an elderly boomer cuck from Mississippi, being sponsored by local anti-Whites for a seminar whose theme was “Are you racist, or are you in deep denial?”. We hope they got the ShieldWall’s answer, loud and clear!

Over recent weeks other literature distributions and banner drops have been held locally, and in this case, the scene of their courageous rally was at 804 Montvale Station Road in Maryville. Local police did show up and tried to make the peaceful, first amendment exercising pro-White protesters leave, but knowing the law and the applicable city ordinances, they cited them and though they were angry at not being able to intimidate the ShieldWall into giving up and going home, the police had to let them stay.

No Antifa or Black Lives Matter was encountered in this seedbed White ethnostate for the Memorial Day Weekend rally. Many local citizens, especially young men, drove by back and forth for much of the two hour long demonstration honking their horns and cheering their support. The only vocal opposition came from some of the Judeo Zionist Methodists who had sponsored the event featuring the anti-White author, David Billings, who gave an anti-White seminar at another Methodist church and a bookstore in Maryville, all of which were blessed with ShieldWall Network flyers prior to the event, before ending up at the First United Methodist church.

Rev. Billings, for all his literary bluster, lacked the courage of his convictions enough to engage in dialogue with the pro-White group. The local Pastor who had invited him at first wanted to debate theology with the ten person strong ShieldWall Phalanx crew, then when he quickly lost the debate lapsed into singing“Red and Yellow, Black and White, They Are Precious In His Sight…”. One ShieldWall Phalanx member asked the preacher what scripture that quote was from. The minister responded that it wasn’t from scripture, it was a song, to which the ShieldWall Phalanx responded that “Achy, Breaky Heart” is a song, as well. Thus ended the theological discussion, verily.

Interviews with interested mainstream media outlets, including the Knoxville News Sentinel, did continue, however, as did more very positive interactions with the public. This successful rally is just the beginning of a summer of activism planned by the ShieldWall Network in East Tennessee and their pro-White allies throughout the region.

Reminder: Bookmark THIS alternate TRR and SWN website!

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Just in case WordPress Shoah’s either or both of The ShieldWall Network or The Roper Report websites, please bookmark THIS site as a backup where you will be able to access all of the same information and keep up on all of the latest news and political commentary and podcasts from a perspective just to the right of Julius Streicher.

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If you can’t take the heat, get back in the oven.


After The Death Of A White Nationalist, The Alt-Right Vows Revenge On Journalists

by: Some temporarily anonymous cowardly (((anti-White))). 

“Billy Roper, a Neo-Nazi who heads a group called the ShieldWall Network, paid tribute to Dodson and gave out Jacob Rosenberg’s address in a blog post. The post was taken down after WordPress received “a valid complaint regarding the publication of private information.” On his eponymous Roper Report, the Neo-Nazi said:

Ultimately, we are all Andrew Dodson. They [Antifa, journalists, etc.] want to kill us all. They want to deplatform us all. They want to bankrupt us all. They want to take away our families and our girlfriends or our wives. They wanna take away our livelihoods. They wanna take away our freedom. They want to censor us. They want to shut us up. They want to bury us, not just figuratively but literally. And so, since we are all Andrew Dodson — they wanna kill us all — our only response is to kill them back. Whenever they dox us, we dox them back. Any of them: their family, their friends, Jew reporters. We have to show them that we are not afraid, we are not intimidated, we’re not going to go quietly into that good night. We’re going to hit them back so hard they’re not ever gonna wanna get up again.

[Emphasis added.]

It’s worth noting that Rosenberg never published private information such as Dodson’s address, phone number, Social Security Number, email address or anything else. He and the Arkansas Times only reported on his name and noted that he once resided in Arkansas. Roper made no such distinction and called for the mass doxing of journalists and their families.

He continued this tirade by boasting of he and his compatriots’ “Aryan” blood. “They should be afraid of us!” he announced. “We are Aryans! We are conquerors, our ancestors conquered the entire world, because they were Aryans!They never feared a non-white!” He continued to harp on this point — that they share the blood of the “conquistadors” and “vikings” and “crusaders” — adding that they should not be afraid of striking back against their enemies.”

Encroachments on Constitutional Free Speech [video]


It seems that the only way to

Erase Hate.jpgIs to Remove the

Free Speech Zone.jpgAnd, it seems that is what they are trying to do

There is word of all sorts of initiatives via state law to limit Constitutional Free Speech. That is one way to do it but State Laws probably won’t get very far and should assumedly be struck down in The U.S. Supreme Court.

Right now, the easiest way to punish “hate speakers” is to blacklist them and make it untenable for them to live such as was the recent case with Identitarian Andrew Dodson. He was made a non-person and stalked and harassed until he committed suicide.

That was an unfortunate turn of events.

Recently on a NY Commuter Train, an Older White Man got into a shouting match with a younger Black Woman whom he claimed was talking loudly on her phone.

We have some video of the…

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Balk Right Leaders Roundtable Discussion

The Roper Report

Here is a full unedited recording of the roundtable discussion of the Balk Right and the rise of future White ethnostates with Billy Roper, Harold Covington, Dr. Michael Hill, Tom Kawczynski, and other callers!

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Discuss the Balk Right and Ethnostates Tonight!

The call in number will be 724-444-7444, and the show id is 137496
Tonight, Friday, May 25th, at 8 pm Eastern time, there will be a live roundtable discussion of The Balk Right and the rise of future White ethnostates after balkanization.

Here is the link for the live chat to participate in and listen live while you wait for your turn to call in. Co-hosted by Billy Roper, Coordinator of The ShieldWall Network and the author of Ethnostate.

 I encourage all of our people, and especially thought leaders such as yourself, to share your ideas about the coming breakup of America and future ethnostates. Tom Kawczynski will also join us, not just to discuss his New Albion White ethnostate plan in the northeast but his ongoing project and book, too.

Join us tonight for this crucial live roundtable discussion!