“New American” Joads

Locust Blog

by Everitt Foster on April 24, 2018

I just had to laugh when I read that the globalists now think “globalist” means “Jews.” I mean, a lot of Jews are globalists, but there are plenty of boomers, cucks and lolbertarians in their ranks too, not to mention born again corporatist liberals who love big companies because they’re easier to co-opt and use their influence to undermine society. The corporations make money, the Left destroys society.

It will probably land me on everyone’s hate list to say this, but multiculturalism has taken Europe and the European diaspora and turned what was once a high trust society based on consanguinity (to which the American founders appealed prior to the Declaration of Independence) into a paranoid dystopian future, minus all the cool stuff we were promised by the great sci-fi authors.

Let’s do a quick run down. Jews are paranoid the younger generation…

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