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Following up on his controversial yet blockbuster book ‘The Balk’, Billy Roper updates the demographic and sociopolitical manifestation of the ongoing polarization and division of the United States. The coming breakup of America, or ‘balkanization’, is accelerating. Once you read this compendium of articles and essays from different sources and absorb their implications, you will agree, and be ready to prepare for the future.

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Tennessee State Legislator Endorses ShieldWall Network Vision

The Roper Report

Pictured: ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper negotiates with Memphis city defenders prior to the balkanization. 

Just hours after ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper commented that after the United States balkanizes into ethnostates the two White regions of Ozarkia and Franklin would reduce the black environs of Memphis in between them by siege and meet in the middle to shake hands in front of Graceland as the Soviets and Americans did at the Elbe in 1945, a black nationalist state legislator from Memphis is publicly quoted echoing corresponding sentiments from the opposing end of the political spectrum. Read why Rep. Antonio “Two Tone” Parkinson wants Memphis to be a black ethnostate seceded from East Tennessee. 

From the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

Talk of Tennessee secession is in keeping with an American tradition

When an angry state Rep. Antonio Parkinson suggested secession after Tennessee legislators punished Memphis financially for removing Confederate statues, he…

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ShieldWall Network on StormFront Action Radio

On the April 25th, 2018 StormFront Action radio program, Billy Roper was the guest co-host with Father Francis for the full hour to discuss the ShieldWall Network, the differences between Civic Nationalism and White Nationalism, as well as the inevitable balkanization which is America’s future; and the rise of ethnostates. If you missed the live call-in show, you can listen to it for free in the archive HERE. 

Being PARTICULARLY Nefarious

Completely unbiased and neutral documentary movie review mentioning The ShieldWall Network from a fair, honest, open-minded perspective. Not so much: 

Feel free to leave comments and rate the review. ;->

Jacob’s trial begins Monday morning in Charlottesville. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

America’s Unsustainable Empire

Pat Buchanan, who has written often about the coming balkanization of America, describes why the United States is unable economically and militarily to maintain its foreign entanglements. 


By Patrick J. Buchanan

Before President Trump trashes the Iran nuclear deal, he might consider: If he could negotiate an identical deal with Kim Jong Un, it would astonish the world and win him the Nobel Peace Prize.

For Iran has no nuclear bomb or ICBM and has never tested either. It has never enriched uranium to bomb grade. It has shipped 98 percent of its uranium out of the country. It has cameras inside and inspectors crawling all over its nuclear facilities.

And North Korea? It has atom bombs and has tested an H-bomb. It has intermediate-range ballistic missiles that can hit Guam and an ICBM that, fully operational, could hit the West Coast. It has shorter-range missiles that could put nukes on South Korea and Japan.

Hard to believe Kim Jong Un will surrender these weapons, his ticket of admission to the table of great powers.

Yet the White House position is that the Iran nuclear deal should be scrapped, and no deal with Kim Jong Un signed that does not result in the “denuclearization” of the peninsula.

If denuclearization means Kim gives up all his nukes and strategic missiles, ceases testing, and allows inspectors into all his nuclear facilities, we may be waiting a long time.

Trump decides on the Iran deal by May 12. And we will likely know what Kim is prepared to do, and not prepared to do, equally soon.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron is in D.C. to persuade Trump not to walk away from the Iran deal and to keep U.S. troops in Syria. Chancellor Angela Merkel will be arriving at week’s end with a similar message.

On the White House front burner then are these options:

Will North Korea agree to surrender its nuclear arsenal, or is it back to confrontation and possible war?

Will we stick with the nuclear deal with Iran, or walk away, issue new demands on Tehran, and prepare for a military clash if rebuffed?

Do we pull U.S. troops out of Syria as Trump promised, or keep U.S. troops there to resist the reconquest of his country by Bashar Assad and his Russian, Iranian, Hezbollah and Shiite allies?

Beyond, the larger question looms: How long can we keep this up?

How long can this country, with its shrinking share of global GDP, sustain its expanding commitments to confront and fight all over the world?

U.S. planes and ships now bump up against Russians in the Baltic and Black seas. We are sending Javelin anti-tank missiles to Kiev, while NATO allies implore us to bring Ukraine and Georgia into the alliance.

This would mean a U.S. guarantee to fight an alienated, angered and nuclear-armed Russia in Crimea and the Caucasus.

Sixteen years after 9/11 and the invasion of Afghanistan, we are still there, assisting Afghan troops against a Taliban we thought we had defeated.

We are now fighting what is left of ISIS in Syria alongside our Kurd allies, who tug us toward conflict with Turkey.

U.S. forces and advisers are in Niger, Djibouti, Somalia. We are aiding the Saudis in their air war and naval blockade of Yemen.

The last Korean War, which cost 33,000 U.S. lives, began in the June before this writer entered 7th grade. Why is the defense of a powerful South Korea, with an economy 40 times that of the North, still a U.S. responsibility?

We are committed, by 60-year-old treaties, to defend Japan, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand. Voices are being heard to have us renew the war guarantee to Taiwan that Jimmy Carter canceled in 1979.

National security elites are pushing for new naval and military ties to Vietnam and India, to challenge Beijing in the South China Sea, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.

How long can we sustain a worldwide empire of dependencies?

How many wars of this century — Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen — turned out to have been worth the blood shed and the treasure lost? And what have all the “color-coded revolutions” we have instigated to advance “democracy” done for America?

In a New York Times essay, “Adapting to American Decline,” Christopher Preble writes: “America’s share of global wealth is shrinking. By some estimates, the United States accounted for roughly 50 percent of global output at the end of World War II. … It has fallen to 15.1 percent today.”

Preble continues: “Admitting that the United States is incapable of effectively adjudicating every territorial dispute or of thwarting every security threat in every part of the world is hardly tantamount to surrender. It is rather a wise admission of the limits of American power.”

It is imperative, wrote Walter Lippmann, that U.S. commitments be brought into balance with U.S. power. This “forgotten principle … must be recovered and returned to the first place in American thought.”

That was 1943, at the height of a war that found us unprepared.

We are hugely overextended today. And conservatives have no higher duty than to seek to bring U.S. war guarantees into conformity with U.S. vital interests and U.S. power.

The Neonazi Mind – Tom Purcell about the Depiction of his Friend Billy Roper in the Media


Conservatives are often accused of being just like Nazis. It is easy to shrug it off, but to be honest repeated accusations corrode the soul. So what do we share and how do we differ? We share that we disagree with the political left in one way or another. We also share a scepticism about the media. The differences could fill endless pages. Neonazism is a cult with a mythology which spans from the Khazar myth over central bank babble, Holocaust denial and “Talmudism” to crocodile tears over Palestinians. It’s peppered with conspiracy theories about secret services and actions which Israel supposedly undertakes to grab land and grow and grow and grow to the size of New Jersey. The following text is perfectly legal under German law. You find the TV documentary it talks about as a YouTube video on top of this article. I perfectly trust that any reader…

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Anti-Whites love to promote the ShieldWall Network, too!

The transsexual Communists who run the ‘Restoring The Honor’ blog have been listening to the StormFront Action Radio show and writing their own articles discussing the ShieldWall Phalanx in fear that our guys may come to Charlottesville, and in response to the recent NBC documentary which featured the ShieldWall Network. Some pretty humorous stuff.

Psychologists agree that a lot of degenerate and mentally ill liberals have a fetishistic fantasy of being sexually dominated by Nazis. Sorry, “Emily”, it’s not going to happen.

NBC, Billy Roper & Jacob Goodwin; Path to Radicalization: A Mother Turns to Hate

by Tom C. Purcell

“I’m not a White Separatist, I’m a non-White Extinctionist.” – Billy Roper

Even I was a bit shocked by these words from my friend, Billy Roper.  You can hear Billy himself say the words in This NBC Documentary on Jacob Goodwin and The Shield Wall Network in Arkansas.


Jacob Goodwin


Now, the filmmakers did not adore Mr. Roper, as you can probably imagine.  They were not native Arkansans and perhaps the furthest thing from Southern culture.  In fact, although not shown in the final production, I was informed that one of the directors was brought to tears in a debate with Billy.  What is in the final production, is the same director’s aggression towards Mrs. Goodwin, Jacob’s mother.  She’s a sweet, motherly lady and for some reason, this person continued to badger her about “the holocaust”.  Said filmmaker didn’t show us anything of Billy Roper besides the shocking quote at the top and a few mentions and sightings, and he wouldn’t debate Billy on “the holocaust” or much at all it seems, but persisted to corner Mrs. Goodwin, who repeats that she doesn’t know that much about history and WWII.

This production is a microcosm of how the wider U.S. treats Southerners.  Leave the smart ones out of the picture (besides provocative, out of context material) and zero in on simple working folks and a sweet ole mother.  Ever seen ‘Paradise Lost’ from the 1990s?  Same approach on a greater scale.

As far as the very provocative quote, I’ll leave it to the viewer and reader to carefully consider.  My informed opinion is that he makes such comments to get your attention.  It definitely gets your attention.  I had to backtrack the video and watch/listen to it a few more times.  It gets you thinking on different levels:  What does he mean?  Does he really mean to extinct other races?  Why does he feel this way?  Who is this man?  Who is Jacob Goodwin?

I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Billy wants to genocide all but the fairest Whites on Earth.  It seems a bit impractical, does it not?  And despite his rather extreme views and extreme words, he’s smarter than that, don’t you think?  It’s especially suspect because that particular cut slips by quickly, as if they had to get that included no matter what.  It’s also clear to the viewer that pieces including Billy Roper in the final production are carefully edited to only make Billy look a certain way, and equally clear that Billy is aware of this likelihood.

“A Mother Turns to Hate” is what they chose to subtitle the documentary.  A mother turns to hate… Is that what it’s really about?  Not at all.  It’s about Jacob Goodwin and his time in the pen for defending a countryman from an urban terrorist, more or less.  These flimsy filmmakers made it about the poor man’s mother, and made it look like a problem that she didn’t know and embrace “the holocaust”.  Is that what it was about?  “The holocaust”?  Not at all, but that’s where they took it, only not to Billy or Jacob’s father or someone who studies such matters, but rather to a nice mother who’s distraught that her son is in prison for basically doing the right thing.

Enjoy the show:  Path to Radicalization: A Mother Turns to Hate

Again, they depict middle-low income Southern Americans poorly on purpose.  They are not painted very kindly for the likes of say, a Californian.