Antifa Has Richard Spencer on the Run. Does That Vindicate Its Tactics?

The Roper Report

Antifa, such as the Communist NorthWest Arkansas Antifa group led by Martin Bemberg, who was arrested last year for violence at a Confederate statue protest in Hot Springs, Arkansas, have pledged to come out to attack second amendment supporters this Saturday in league with the “March For Our Lives” anti-gun rally.

Similar to the ongoing optics debate on the right, splintered factions on the left are arguing about whether or not violent opposition to those whom they disagree with, or attempting to doxx them and ruin their lives, is the preferable tactic.

For those of us who don’t fear either their doxxing or their physical confrontations, they’re all just shit out of luck.

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In “Antifa Has Richard Spencer on the Run. Does That Vindicate Its Tactics?,” Nation contributor Joshua Holland (@JoshuaHol) discusses the longstanding debate on the left…

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New book ‘Ethnostate’ now available in paperback!

The Roper Report

EthnoState: The Best of The ShieldWall Network and The Roper Report (The Balk) (Volume 2)

Following up on his controversial yet blockbuster book ‘The Balk’, Billy Roper updates the demographic and sociopolitical manifestation of the ongoing polarization and division of the United States. The coming breakup of America, or ‘balkanization’, is accelerating. Once you read this compendium of articles and essays from different sources and absorb their implications, you will agree, and be ready to prepare for the future. 188 pages, $10.

Available now HERE on Amazon.

Here is a new discussion forum talking about the very subject of the book.

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Media Openly Discussing Coming Civil War Leading Up To March 24th Rallies

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

The ShieldWall Network

The dilemma which the controlled media faces when they aren’t able to “triple d” you (Doxx, Deplatform, Demonize) because zfg is that they don’t want to use your name or the name of your organization so they won’t help you recruit and advertise, but if they don’t, then it’s harder for them to paint your activities as racist in  order to discourage support from entryists.

Take morbidly obese leftist hack Max Brantley, who never graduated college but likes to paint gun owners who have much  more education than himself as ‘uneducated’. In this article which he wrote last night for the Arkansas Times newspaper about Saturday’s Bill of Rights rally, quoting our press release verbatim (that means word-for-word, Max) he demonstrates his abject need for spell check.

Brantley, who exercises editorial control over the NBC and Fox TV News stations in Little Rock, has…

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#MarchForOurLives Organizers Left Reeling After Roper’s Press Release

The Roper Report

Following a news story by the Little Rock, Arkansas NBC TV affiliate, KARK, about Saturday March 24th’s competing protests in Bentonville, Arkansas, the anti-gun forces are in a panic. 

Seriously, KARK Channel 4 really effed up on this one. It is irresponsible reporting at best. This post has not been taken down or edited. I am beyond livid. Please go and defend our kids if you have the chance.

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Steve Embrey
Steve EmbreyFake News…. for real fake news!


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Jane Howard
Jane HowardIt saddens me that this makes the appearance of this station supporting a white nationalist organization….


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Marti Petruccio Sanderson
Marti Petruccio SandersonWhat crap is this? Channel 4 part of BritBart ??😢


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Improved Slave Control Through Better Chemistry

by Steve Smithers

The White race is under constant attack on all fronts by its racial archenemy, the jews.  There are wars, taxes, the police state, fractional reserve usury banking, fiat currency, and the IMBRA law, something that’s intended to gum up the works for men who would seek a traditional wife outside of the country.  There are the intentionally flawed systems for healthcare, education, and law which respectively don’t dispense health, knowledge, or justice.  All of those things are done to us by the jews.  Then there’s the mind control from media, entertainment, academia, churches, government, and the many mind-controlled others who are all around us every day.  Centralized control provides the means by which the jews control us through all aspects of what should be our society, not theirs.  The pervasive control of industries by the jews is how the jews manage their wage slaves through employment discrimination.  That’s how White men have been replaced by Affirmative Action hires and how political dissidents are universally blackballed.  The jews don’t want us to recognize that collectively they’re the evil wizard at the controls behind the curtain.  That’s why they conceal themselves through name changes, intermarrying with non-jews, surgery to alter their looks, and flooding society with other non-White races so that jews don’t stand out as the aliens that they truly are.  Even with all of that, occasionally some truth about jews and what they’re up to does get out through sources that they control.  One such example is a scientific research article about using oxytocin paired with social cues to defeat the natural protective mechanism innate to Whites of racial distinguishment that results in ingroup affinity and outgroup avoidance.  I prefer to call that protective mechanism “natural racism.”  Natural racism is something that God gave us to keep us safer by wanting to be around others who are like us.  Natural racism also protects us from dissimilar others who are likely to harm us.  We innately avoid dissimilar others, so natural racism is a good thing.

We are under chemical and biological attack from the jews in the form of food and water addititves, GMOs, vaccines, medicines, illicit drugs, pollution, and chemtrails.  Excepting pollution and illicit drugs, rarely do we get any admission that such things are harmful or intentionally so.  Instead, studies that aren’t independent or are poorly designed, and “experts” trained in jew-controlled educational institutions give us false assurances that everything is okay.  An experiment with oxytocin is one rare exception.  The researchers admit that their intent was to overcome our God-given protective natural racism, which they call xenophobia.  One should question what good if any could come to us from doing that.  Throughout the natural world we see kind after its kind.  To reiterate, God’s creatures of like kind are found together, not jumbled together with those that are different.  The jews regard all non-jews as soulless animals that exist only to serve and be abused by the jews however the jews want.  The harm to us from putting us around other species and subspecies is of no concern to jews, so we’re to be drugged to make us tolerant of that which is intolerable.


This web page about the Milgram experiment explains the agentic shift into the agency state.  That psychological effect is why “authority figures” or “experts” are trusted and obeyed even when they’re wrong.  The effect is valid even though Milgram’s premise that there was a holocaust of jews in WWII is false.  Similar to using centralized control, using the agency state of their victims is another way that the jews wield power that is vastly disproportionate to the relatively small number of jews.


The Roper Report: Activism and Unity

The Roper Report

The famous bridge-builder and unifier Billy Roper outlines how the entire right wing, from entry level Alt-Right to reactionary Civic Nationalists to hard right White Nationalists and National Socialists, can work together in unity through activism on March 24th, by each of them doing their thing and letting others do theirs, rather than optics-cucking and telling others how to or not to. Show them, instead. It will be a great networking and recruiting opportunity for all who are willing to attend and get out from behind their keyboards.

Also, an update on the ongoing right wing schisms, legal fallout from the MSU event, Dylann Roof’s death sentence and more on the progress of Ethnostate, a new sequel to Billy’s book ‘The Balk’ which will update the ongoing polarization and division of America on the way to balkanization. You can already order an e-book copy of Billy’s new non-fiction book through…

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Post-Balk Fiction: Career Change

Career Change
By  Tank Takkson
ShieldWall Network Phalanx member
Today was just an average day. Having settled in nicely to my new job, I began the day like most others with my routine of one cup of coffee. Thankfully It was a habit I started long before the event. Now that coffee has become a luxury that only my new gig could afford me I’m thankful for developing a little discipline with the caffeine.
I enjoyed some fresh non-steroid-added eggs and fresh squeezed non-GMO heritage tomato juice. It’s amazing what a disaster will bring about. We lost a lot of easy living essentials like the t.v. and airliners but with this new slower pace of living the finer things in life have made themselves more evident. Farm raised food is really better tasting now that I’ve been forced to come to the realization.
After breakfast I walked into work and laughed at the thought of being an animal exterminator where the animals were delivered. Normally the biggest part of the day would be making long trips to do service calls wherever the pest problem arose. However, these days my biggest opportunity to create came from the rationing of ammunition. The new government has issued a smart resource initiative on mass produced items due to the factories not running at capacity. They will most likely be on skeleton crews till more people receive cross training for their post event careers. All in all people seem to have really shown to enjoy actually learning new skills. It shouldn’t have surprised me though, my trade change from welder to exterminator was a Godsend. I had been reluctant to make the change, but after Commander Roper suggested the role, how could I refuse. He had become a role model and mentor, and seemed to know me better than I did myself at times. Anyway, he seemed to sense my need for this job and it’s need of me. I had a lot of pent up anger that needed to be expelled and this job was exactly what the doctor ordered.
I had the opportunity to serve with Commander Billy Roper back before SHTF. He had offered me the chance to be a part of one of the first protest prior to the Balkanization of the states. It was in Memphis, Tennessee, and the local government had made an underhanded deal with one of the local liberal colleges to remove some Confederate monuments. Not only were these Confederate icons but one of these was the burial headstone of Nathan Bedford Forrest. The non-white animals had found their way into the City Council and even the Mayor’s seat and were arrogantly breaking state laws like they were just suggestions. It had always amazed me how citizens would elect these utter morons after the perfect examples set in Detroit, Boston, Harlem and the like. I reckon with the legalization of marijuana the average IQ of John Q. Public really took a nose dive. Don’t get me wrong I never thought of the plant as evil but you had to be strong enough mentally to grasp moderation. Hell even after the children had their little uprising and gun ownership was raised to 21 years of age, they still allowed any moron the ability to acquire weed recreationally. That’s when the idiocy and mental problems started to skyrocket. It seemed as if most people replaced their brain with their heart and the mushy liberal bullshit went rampant. I can’t complain though, it wasn’t long after that men started finding their nutsack and started taking back the country. That was my first encounter with Commander Roper and from then on he led me and a small band of rag tag patriots smartly through the event and into a new existence.
So my goal was to come up with an efficient way of putting down the feral non-whites that we captured during our excursions. It had been decided that euthanasia was going to be the rule of law from this point on. We would concentrate on relocating them after we had a solid head count of the animals in the immediate area and made contact with the new Government, whomever that turned out to be.
As it turned out I was really falling into my work, we ended up putting blacks on wooden pikes outside our defensive perimeters. It seemed to be a necessary deterrence. The blacks had resorted to cannibalism after the EBT cards no longer worked. Lacking the ability to read or organize without killing each other they became feral almost immediately. As for the jews they had earned a special place in my heart. After my awakening brought on after my breakdown from the cognitive dissonance I was suffering from, I began researching the internet to find my roots and start over my belief system. I had found a Christian Identity forum and eventually found my way back to Christ via William Pierce’s teachings. All the years of propaganda that I had received through public school indoctrination and Zionist pastor’s influences had given me a zeal to exterminate these jew monkeys with great pride. It was as if I had been given a purpose. Never would I be a part of the great lie of the so called Chosen ones. I had now found ample evidence to prove that whites were the Chosen people of God. No longer would I be able to deny the facts of what whites had achieved throughout history for the world. No longer would I deny the fact that through thousands of years of existence blacks never created a language or utilized the wheel. God, how could I have allowed myself to be so lazy in my education?
 As for the jews, my good fortune was in finding a thumper device that the pig farmers used. It was a spring loaded rechargeable device that shot a metal rod out about two inches, and when placed up against the head it really did the trick, quick and quiet like. The only down fall being, if you didn’t place it in the right spot one shot may not be enough, but hey you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet…

How to Make a Vegetable Oil Lamp (with Pictures)

Long before there was kerosene (aka paraffin) lamp oil, people used vegetable oil lamps for lighting their homes.

These oil lamps are really easy to make and today a lot of people prefer them to kerosene lamps.  They are natural, don’t produce toxic byproducts, and can be used in a pinch during power outages.

If you want to make your own vegetable oil lamp, here’s how to do it!

What Vegetable Oil Can I Use for Lamps?

You can use just about any cooking oil as a fuel for a lamp. Other types of fat – such as ghee or butter – will also work.

  • Olive Oil: This is the best choice for your vegetable oil lamp. It won’t produce smoke while burning.

  • Canola or Sunflower Oil: These are cheap and will burn. However, they will produce some smoke.

  • Walnut, Almond, Sesame, Flax Oils: Nut and seed oils are great for lamps. They won’t produce smoke like canola will. However, these oils are pricey so you probably won’t want to use them for your lamp.  Cheap olive oil is a better option.

  • Ghee or Butter: Traditionally, animal fats (such as whale blubber or fish oil) were used for oil lamps, especially in cold areas where veggies weren’t available. You can actually just put a wick directly in a stick of butter and burn it.  These thick fats don’t work as well in jars though.

Used Vegetable Oil for Lamps

After frying food, save the vegetable oil in a jar.  You can use this oil for lamps.

Ideally you should filter the oil through a cloth first.  Otherwise the chunks of food residue can start to smoke and smell!

Vegetable Oil Lamp Instructions:

There are a few different ways of making a lamp with vegetable oil. 

Instead of giving you just one way, I’ll talk about the supplies so you can DIY in your own way. 🙂

Container for Holding the Oil

Almost any non-flammable container will do.

To save on oil, look for containers that are wider than they are tall.

For safety, you’ll ideally want a container which entraps the flame.

You’ll obviously want the container to be transparent though so you can actually see the flame inside.

Here are some options:

  • Glass Jars

  • Clay/Ceramic/Metal Dishes: Old Roman oil lamps were made from terracotta. They were shaped like gravy boats.

  • Kerosene Lanterns: You know those antique-style lanterns with a glass globe inside? Even though they are designed for kerosene, you can use vegetable oil in them.

orange peel lamp

Orange peel lamp

DIY oil lamp

Spoon holders work well for DIY oil lamps!

metal oil lamp

Metal oil lamp

Wick (Soaked in Salt Water)

Anything made out of cotton will work as a wick.  Ideally, the wick is made out of a braided material. Otherwise it will burn very quickly. Braided wicks also produce more light. However, in a pinch, you can use:

  • Shoe laces

  • Strips of old clothing

  • String

Tip:  For the wick to burn evenly, you should first soak it in salt water.  Then let it dry before using.

Wick Holder

Here is where you need to get creative with your vegetable oil lamp.

You need the top of the wick (the part that will burn) to sit slightly above the vegetable oil.  Otherwise, the oil will put out the flame.

If you are using a ceramic dish for your lamp, then you can just prop the wick on the edge.  This is a bit of a fire hazard though.

Option 1: Wire Coil

For glass jar lamps, you’ll want to use wire to create a stand for the wick.

  1. Wrap wire around a pencil to create a coil. The coil should be long enough so your wick will stick out of the oil.
  2. Make a much bigger loop on the end of the coil. This will be your base.
  3. Thread the wick through the coil.

Option 2: Bottle Cap and Wire

wick holder in mason jar lamp

One alternative solution is to use wire + a bottle cap to create a stand.

  1. Using a hammer and nail, poke a hole through a metal bottle cap.
  2. Twist the wire to make a holder for bottle cap.
  3. Put the wick through the hole in the bottle cap. Put the cap in place.

Option 3: Hole in a Jar Lid

jar vegetable oil lamp

If your glass jar has a lid, you can just poke a hole through the lid and thread your wick through it.

Note that you’ll have to poke air holes in the lid too.

Drape the Wick

If you use a ceramic or metal container for holding your oil, you can just drape the wick off to the side.

Of course, this means you have an open flame.  It isn’t as safe as enclosing the flame inside the container.

ceramic dish lamp

A traditional ceramic dish oil lamp

How the Vegetable Oil Lamp Works

The vegetable oil will be drawn up into the wick.

The flame ignites it, causing the oil to vaporize.  Even a small amount of oil can burn for a few hours.

Even if you are using olive oil (which is fairly expensive), it still ends up being cheaper than most candles.

Paraffin Lamp Oil vs. Vegetable Oil

Lamp oil that you buy online or from hobby stories is made from petroleum.  Sometimes it is called kerosene.  Other times it is called paraffin.

They are the same thing – just a highly-refined kerosene oil.

Paraffin lamp oil will not smoke or produce odor as some vegetable oils will.

Flash Point:

Compared to vegetable oil, paraffin lamp oil has a much lower flash point.  Flash point refers to the temperature at which it will ignite.

  • Vegetable Oil Flash Point: Around 650 F
  • Paraffin Oil Flash Point: Around 100-150 F

The lower flash point of veggie oil means it takes longer to ignite.  It will burn – but it is not exactly ideal for wicks.   As it burns, it will consume the wick quickly.

By comparison, lamp oil will burn off the wick quickly.  Very little of the wick will be consumed, meaning your wick will last a lot longer with paraffin lamp oil.

As a general rule: The thicker the oil, the faster the wick will be consumed and the more smoke will be produced.

Lamp Oil Is Still the Best Choice

In a disaster situation where you need some emergency lighting, vegetable oil is a great option for DIY oil lamps.

However, if you are making oil lamps for fun, then your best bet is to buy lamp oil.

It simply burns cleaner and won’t consume your wicks as quickly.

You can find lamp oil (called kerosene or paraffin lamp oil) online for fairly cheap. If you want to really save some money, then choose K-1 kerosene.

K-1 Kerosene Lamp Oil

You can find K-1 kerosene at some gas stations and at hardware stores.  It is very cheap to buy and has numerous uses – such as for heating or jet fuel.

K-1 kerosene will still produce some odors (it contains sulfur), but the smell is minimal.

Compared to vegetable oil, the K-1 oil will burn cleanly in lamps and won’t eat up your wicks so quickly.

Recommended Reading: How to Make DIY Emergency Candles

Antigun Politicians Aim for America’s Most Popular Firearms With Expansive Ban

Hoping to capitalize on tragedy, ignorance, and hysteria, 174 opportunistic anti-gun Democrats – led by Rep. David N. Cicillinie (RI) – introduced legislation last week proposing perhaps the most sweeping gun ban in U.S. history. The bill, H.R. 5087, is dubbed the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2018.” Yet its scope is so vast, and its drafting so poorly executed, that that the only semiautomatic firearms it clearly doesn’t reach are those listed in an appendix of what the authors consider permissible guns (many of which will be unknown or unavailable to the average consumer, if they’re available at all). 

The bill would ban firearms by name, “type,” and generic formulae. Rifles and pistols would be included if they are semiautomatic, can accept a detachable magazine, and have – or perhaps merely can accept – any of various listed features. Semiautomatic shotguns would need only one listed feature to be banned. 

The disqualifying features include threaded barrels.  All pistol grips and folding, telescoping, and detachable stocks would be prohibited without limitation. This may mean, although it’s not clear, that only straight stocks would be permissible on semiautomatic long guns. 

…Any firearm magazine that has a capacity of more than 10 rounds, or that can be “changed” to accept more than 10 rounds, would also be banned…

Read more at NRA-ILA HERE.

First Aid Kits: You ARE the First Responder (DRTV)

This week Michael talks about the necessity of medical training and emergency kits.

This is the first segment of this week’s Down Range Radio )

The full podcast (audio only) can be found here and second segment continues from timestamp 17m23s.


The Michael Bane Blog

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Homeland Security/STOP THE BLEED!

How to Stop the Bleed/American College of Surgeons

Medical Training:

Greg Ellifritz/Active Response Training
Tactical First Aid and System Collapse Medicine

Choosing the Right Tourniquet

Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kit TRAUMA PAK

Streamlight Head Lamps

Bravo Concealment Holsters