A Taxonomy of Dissident Right Factions

The Roper Report

This is an interesting discussion of the broad ideologies which make up the right. I agree that Southern Nationalists and White Nationalists are often in alliance, but from my perspective the failure of creating a unified effort in the hard right comes when racist libertarians and the Alt Lite, such as Jared Taylor, are included in or allowed to influence the narrative. As the author says, without a set of common goals, there is no possibility to unite. I want a white nation free of nonwhites and homosexuals. Those who do not, have different goals from myself. That’s an unbridgeable gap. 

Please share in the comments section below which of the mentioned factions you personally are comfortable working with as allies, and which you are not. Thanks for your input! -Billy

Note:  This piece was originally posted at WRSA as commentary on an article discussing strategy and tactics.   The original…

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2 thoughts on “A Taxonomy of Dissident Right Factions

  1. Always been a Klansman, so our beliefs are similar. I agree on the alt right hanging on our coatails. If they are excepting fags and the white cuck ” I love blacks” crowd they are no friend of mine


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