Susy Buchanan’s Unrequited Love

The Roper Report

We’ve all heard the term “lugenpresse”, referring to how the controlled media lies. It’s easy enough to think of them as mindless bots spewing biased narratives. Sometimes we forget, though, that they are flesh and blood people, too. They get lonely, they fall in love, they get caught up in the ebb and flow of emotional attachments which even they themselves often don’t fully recognize or understand. When a self-styled “journalist” is too stupid, incompetent, or lazy to pretend to be a mainstream writer any more, they may slough off to lick Heidi Beirich’s croissant crumbs for the SPLC. Sometimes once they sell out and land there, they stay second tier forever. And ever. Years and years, studying those in the White Nationalist movement. Making every intimate detail of their targeted activists’ lives their own lives. Developing a parasitically dependent love-hate relationship with the focus of their passion, often as…

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