A Taxonomy of Dissident Right Factions

The Roper Report

This is an interesting discussion of the broad ideologies which make up the right. I agree that Southern Nationalists and White Nationalists are often in alliance, but from my perspective the failure of creating a unified effort in the hard right comes when racist libertarians and the Alt Lite, such as Jared Taylor, are included in or allowed to influence the narrative. As the author says, without a set of common goals, there is no possibility to unite. I want a white nation free of nonwhites and homosexuals. Those who do not, have different goals from myself. That’s an unbridgeable gap. 

Please share in the comments section below which of the mentioned factions you personally are comfortable working with as allies, and which you are not. Thanks for your input! -Billy

Note:  This piece was originally posted at WRSA as commentary on an article discussing strategy and tactics.   The original…

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Jacob is still there for you. Are you still there for him?

The Roper Report

by The ShieldWall Network

Due to extenuating circumstances largely beyond their control, Jacob Goodwin’s parents have been left holding the bag for about $10,000 in legal defense fees (and rising daily), even after thousands have already been paid thanks to previous donations from generous supporters like you. The remainder was supposed to have been covered through the auspices of an organization which, without diving too deeply into the drama of the situation, simply no longer exists. Noone among their former members seems responsible for that promise, either. So, we once again must ask for your help, on Jacob’s behalf.

At the April 21st ShieldWall Network meeting in central Arkansas, Jacob Goodwin political prisoner t-shirts will be available for $20 each. Pictures of these shirts are attached. All proceeds will go directly to Jacob’s parents for his legal defense. Please have exact change with you if possible, and let us know…

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Knocking their teeth out would be a favor.

The Roper Report

Meet Damien Ashley Smith, 38, from Springdale, Arkansas. He’s a Communist Antifa member and lapdog of Jewnibrow sporting Martin Bemberg, whom he escorted to the March 24th anti-second amendment rally in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Damien, wearing a “Security” windbreaker, approached ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper and asked him if Roper had earned the red laces in his boots. Roper replied “Yes, I have.” “How?”, Damien asked. “By shedding my blood and the blood of people like you”, Roper responded. “People like me?” Smith rejoined. “Yeah, Communists!”, Roper answered.

Roper then told Smith that he knew why the Communist favored socialized medicine, because he needed to get his rotten teeth fixed. Other ShieldWall Network Phalanx members began referring to Damien as “fang”, as he shamefacedly turned away.

There must not be a single toothbrush at 2303 Turner Street in Springdale.

One of Damien’s buddies, a wannabe vegan spic SHARP, Ryan Michael Lopez-Love…

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Susy Buchanan’s Unrequited Love

The Roper Report

We’ve all heard the term “lugenpresse”, referring to how the controlled media lies. It’s easy enough to think of them as mindless bots spewing biased narratives. Sometimes we forget, though, that they are flesh and blood people, too. They get lonely, they fall in love, they get caught up in the ebb and flow of emotional attachments which even they themselves often don’t fully recognize or understand. When a self-styled “journalist” is too stupid, incompetent, or lazy to pretend to be a mainstream writer any more, they may slough off to lick Heidi Beirich’s croissant crumbs for the SPLC. Sometimes once they sell out and land there, they stay second tier forever. And ever. Years and years, studying those in the White Nationalist movement. Making every intimate detail of their targeted activists’ lives their own lives. Developing a parasitically dependent love-hate relationship with the focus of their passion, often as…

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The Roper Report (TRR): Victory in Bentonville!

The Roper Report

Fresh from an astoundingly victorious Bill of Rights rally in Bentonville, Arkansas where he and his ShieldWall Network held a demonstration in support of the second amendment on March 24th, Billy describes how the event went down, and what constituted it as a success. But first, the sad news of the death of two notable leaders of our movement is shared, along with word of very ill health for another.

The most recent fallout from the Unite The Right rally is discussed, along with current details of the lawsuits, counter-suits, legal cases, and prosecutions, as well as the fracturing of the former TWP into different camps and a decision by the League of the South which could have long term ramifications for us all. The situations of the Charlottesville defendants are detailed, and then the contentious battle between TDS/TRS and the CivNats vs. WN and NS is parsed…

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The EDC LifeStyle – Concealed Carry Concerns

Jeremy Stafford

Read more: http://www.gunsandammo.com/gear-accessories/the-edc-lifestyle-concealed-carry-concerns/#ixzz5Ark27ni0

The number of American citizens legally carrying a concealed weapon has dramatically increased over the last several years. This is a great thing. Whether you’re a conscientious citizen who jumped through the hoops to get a concealed carry permit or a brand-­new cop carrying off-­duty for the first time, you need training on how to carry concealed.

get some shirts that provide extra room around the waist to hide the butt of your pistol.

Before jumping right into the training aspect of everyday carry (EDC), let’s talk about some of the changes required for successful and comfortable concealed carry. The first reality is that you are probably going to have to change the way you dress. Most of us don’t have an impossibly narrow waist and incredibly broad shoulders, so the first thing to do is get some shirts that provide extra room around the waist to hide the butt of your pistol. Regardless of whether you carry appendix or strong side, the pistol butt is usually what gets people “made.” Because I carry appendix (front of body, just off center to the strong side), I easily get away with wearing a T-­shirt as a cover garment. This is one of the reasons I started carrying in the appendix position nearly 20 years ago, even though most trainers at the time scoffed at it.

For those who carry at 3 or 4 o’clock on their strong side, T-­shirts might not be the best bet, and you may need to add button-­up shirts to your wardrobe. Some of the best purpose-­built concealed carry shirts are those made by 5.11. The company understands the market and offers a wide variety of cuts and styles, providing a good fit and great concealment for people of different body types without the appearance of wearing your fat uncle’s button-­ups. I gravitate toward the Freedom Flex button-­up for its athletic cut, but my friend and collaborator Alfredo prefers the extra roominess of the Ares button-­up.

Read more: http://www.gunsandammo.com/gear-accessories/the-edc-lifestyle-concealed-carry-concerns/#ixzz5ArjHbeSu

Carrying appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) requires a good belt (in this case the 5.11 Apex Gunners Belt) as well as a good holster (in this case the PHLster Glock Skeleton Holster) to be done safely and correctly. Even after 44 years of good whiskey and bad choices, the author can still carry comfortably like this.

Pant selection provides a little more flexibility. Generally, ensuring that the waist is an inch or two bigger than otherwise needed is all that is required to keep a pistol holstered inside the waistband (IWB). If you do not carry IWB, then it’s a moot point — or it used to be a moot point. EDC has come to encompass much more than just a gun and a reload. Easily accessible pockets for carrying items such as spare ammunition and tourniquets, as well as athletic cuts and stretch materials that allow for freedom of movement and all-­day comfort have started to become a virtual necessity. There are several great companies making EDC-­compatible pants; my current favorites are 5.11’s Defender Flex series and Arc’teryx’s Xfunctional AR pants. If you only carry a pistol and maybe a spare mag, then most pants will do. However, if you’re diligently running a TQ, a couple of reloads, a knife, a light and maybe a snack, then get a pair of these. You’ll thank me.

In addition to suitable pants, a good belt is one of the most important pieces of your EDC. Look here, cheapskates — if you are serious about and dedicated to the EDC lifestyle, you’re going to have to drop some cash. Offerings from Ares Gear, Mean Gene Leather and Galco should be at the top of your list. Yes, they cost more, but they’re worth every penny. Especially come hour eight of carrying a real fighting gun and being on your feet. Cheap belts sag after a short time, putting the gun in a poor position, and increasing wearer fatigue and discomfort. Crappy gun-­show belts are probably more responsible for people leaving their gun at home than crappy gun-­show holsters. Buy once, cry once. There are no free lunches in life.

Spare ammunition isn’t just a good idea, it’s mandatory. Not only may ammo run out, but many pistol malfunctions can be traced to the magazine. The PHLster Skeleton Magazine Pouch is proving to be an excellent everyday choice.


Speaking of holsters, if you’ve been in the game for a while, you’ve likely got a box full of them somewhere. It’s OK, you can admit it. We all do. This lifestyle is about finding what works for you, and sometimes that takes trial and error. Right now, my go-­to holsters are the Raven VG-­2 and VG-­3 for appendix and the Galco SSS Side Snap Scabbard for when I’m wearing a dedicated cover garment or in “soft” uniform. I’ve been testing and evaluating the PHLster Gen2 Skeleton Holster and mag pouch, and they seem very promising.

As with belts, cheap holsters cause big issues down the road. Cheap plastic breaks, cheap Kydex cracks, and cheap leather loses its shape. The latter can even cause negligent discharges if the deformed leather invades the triggerguard during a reholster. Don’t buy novice-­grade holsters and expect professional-­grade performance. If you use a hybrid holster (such as a Kydex holster body riveted to a leather or synthetic backing), realize that even the best ones start to wear earlier than nonhybrids.

They are extremely comfortable, so don’t rule them out, but they require frequent inspection and fairly frequent replacement. They will eventually crack and split, and while companies such as Galco have radiused the corners and increased the thickness of the Kydex to help with the issue, they haven’t eliminated it.


So, you’ve got your CCW, a nice new blaster, some sweet new clothes and cool new carry gear. What now? I’m glad you asked! Get off your ass and practice. EDC demands more than just good marksmanship skills. You need to diligently work on perfecting your draw stroke. Ensure that your weapon is completely unloaded, move to an area where there is no ammunition at all and practice. Draw the pistol, get it up on target and press the trigger. Reset the trigger by cycling the slide and reholster. Repeat as necessary — which is often. Start with hundreds of draws a day until your draw is smooth and efficient and you can press the trigger without the first shot disturbing the sights. I use a reduced-­size target taped to the wall but a light switch plate works, too. It really doesn’t matter; you’re refining a psychomotor skill, and that demands repetition.

Practice using every type of cover garment that you think you’ll use in real life. If it’s cold enough outside to necessitate wearing a heavy jacket yet you only practice in a T-­shirt, you are setting yourself up for failure. Once you’re comfortable drawing the pistol, acquiring the sights and pressing the trigger, you need to find a range that will allow you to practice from concealed. If there is nothing close to you that allows it, find an IDPA club and compete there. It’s not a perfect tactical training scenario, but it will allow you to put together your fundamentals and your concealed draw, and that will serve you well in the long run. It will also get you involved in the shooting sports and associating with good, like-­minded folks. That’s always a win.


The last thing I want to address is the commitment to consistency that you’ll need to internalize if you want to be worth a crap when the balloon really goes up while you are out and about.

Excellence is a long, drawn-­out process that requires hours of mind-­numbing repetition in conjunction with hours of expensive and rigorous training on the range. In the arena of personal defense, especially personal defense involving a firearm, there is no room for error or mediocrity. Get out and train in the mode that you are most likely to need in real life. If you conceal carry a stock Glock 19, don’t waste your time taking an HRT class with a plate carrier and a full-­size 1911. Remember, poor CCW decisions reflect badly on all of us. If you’re going to the bar to tie one on, leave the gun at home. If you’re 200 pounds overweight, you’re more likely to die of heart disease than a physical attack.

Prioritize your threats and train from there. Street-­level violence is very real, but most conflicts can be mitigated by exercising avoidance. Avoiding shady locations and shady people is always preferable to engaging in a gunfight. The EDC lifestyle isn’t for everyone. If you’re going to be in it, be in it all the way.


More media coverage of ShieldWall Network rally in Bentonville

The Roper Report

Pictured: Northwest Arkansas Antifa Communist Martin Bemberg and his boyfriend.

Bentonville March For Our Lives Rally Attracts Competing Views

By: Peyton Yager


…All eyes were on a white nationalist group. 

“It’s the other side that hates the founding principles of our nation and the founding fathers, not me,” Coordinator for Shield Wall Network Billy Roper said. 

Billy Roper – who coordinated the effort — was once a high school teacher.

He says these students have it all wrong.

“One day these kids are going to wake up and realize how they have been manipulated and abused and used,” Roper said. “They are going to be very outraged by the leftists who have brain-washed them, so honestly, I feel sorry for these kids when they are awakened.”

Two Sides Of ‘March For Our Lives-Bentonville’

Channel 5 News

Seth Stephenson

Groups in opposition — ShieldWall Network and the Freedom Crew — wanted…

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New online community for ShieldWall Network affiliates!

If you were formerly involved with an online, social media based group for ShieldWall Network affiliates and supporters, but find yourself no longer able to access it; or if you are interested in becoming involved in one, please contact Billy Roper on VK.com, once you have made an account there. It will be much more secure and private than the previous platform, and many of us are already there. Thanks!

Pastor James Wickstrom named “Most dangerous racist!”

In memorial: Rest in Peace Pastor James Wickstrom, who passed away this past week. He was an inspiration to many, and helped awaken more. 

The Roper Report

As compiled by former skinhead turned professional race traitor T.J. Leyden.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Racist

#1 James Wickstrom

James Wickstrom may be America’s hardest-line preacher of the racist and anti-Semitic theology of Christian Identity. Known for violent, raging sermons that call for extermination of “the Jews,” Wickstrom, who has an extensive criminal history.

# 2 Billy Roper

Billy Roper is the uncensored voice of violent neo-Nazism. Whether he’s admiring the 9/11 attacks or discussing his racial ideals, this one-time schoolteacher isn’t afraid to celebrate genocide and mass murder.

#3 Jeff Schoep

Jeff Schoep has been a neo-Nazi true believer since age 10 who has managed, largely by luck, to end up heading one of the largest explicitly Hitlerite groups in America. Schoep’s group is known for the crudeness of its propaganda.

#4 David Duke

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ShieldWall Network defends the 2nd amendment against Communist Antifa

The Roper Report

In a showdown in Bentonville, Arkansas today, the ShieldWall Network Phalanx humiliated the handful of Communist Antifa who showed up while getting our message out to hundreds of thousands through many interviews with print, radio, and television media. We also networked with dozens of other 2nd amendment supporters and exchanged contact information, as well as welcomed new ShieldWall Network affiliates to our growing coalition.

Here are some of the initial stories:

Arkansas Democrat Gazette newspaper

4029 TV News

Youtube video.

Facebook Post from TV News Reporter

NWA Online

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