Woman Jacob Goodwin saved in Cville speaks out!

This is a very inspiring letter received via The Roper Report contact form from the lady in Charlottesville last August 12th whom Jacob Goodwin rescued from Antifa:
Comment: “Omg I just stumbled across this site!!!!!! Goodwin sacrificed himself for me for just a few seconds but it was a memory ill never forget. Theres a video where I freak out when the police were shoving us down into antifa & Goodwin had 2 shields & he wrapped them around me & pushed me on through. Even such a short time my heart beams with pride knowing theres men like him out there. I have never had anyone sacrifice themselves for me & his mother deserves beaming pride for him!!!!!!! Now that I have his contact info I can finally contact him & hopefully his mother & maybe father to thank them as well. I went through a wretched divorce & my daughter whose almost 16 was so depressed about her future in a marriage. She is the 1 who seen the video & what he had done. (I was kinda inchoherent there to say the least lol so I didn’t remember a lot of stuff) anyhow because of his actions towards me a human hes never met has given my daughter hope there are real men out there. Hes our hero!!!!!! I feel so aweful hes being punished defending that white man getting attacked. idk but thank u guys for not letting these guys be forgotten!!!! thank you!!!!!”

Jacob Goodwin

#634728, 160 Peregory Ln, Charlottesville, VA 22902


Here are the instructions on how you can place funds on Jacob’s commissary.

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