Women in the ShieldWall

by Billy Roper

The decision that from this point forward public protests, rallies, and demonstrations will be participated in by ShieldWall Phalanx members and probates, rather than by the general ShieldWall Network membership, was mine alone. Noone else should be credited or blamed for it, as the case may be. It was made in consultation with others, and with their input and advice, as always, but it, like the safety of our people, is my responsibility.
Public events have become so hostile and potentially violent as America continues to polarize and divide and things heat up on the way to actual war and balkanization that I cannot in good conscience continue to put our ladies, children, and elderly at risk in them. In fact, things have developed to the point where public events are potential combat zones, and I have always opposed women serving in combat. All of the reasons why women should not serve in combat (different temperaments, morale effect on others, distraction liability) also now apply to public protests. I wish that were not the case on one hand, because having ladies and children and the elderly present at rallies does make good optics. However, I will not sacrifice their safety, or our mission, on the altar of optics. Our enemies and our friends will just have to get used to the new optics we will present, of fighting age men in the ShieldWall. And our ladies and elderly and children will have to accept that we exist to protect them.
Of course, ShieldWall Network meetings, campouts, and all social events are all open to ladies and children and affiliates of any age, as always. In fact, I hope that we can recruit MORE female ShieldWall members in the future, and welcome them. However, they will not be serving in potential combat roles with the ShieldWall Phalanx. They’re not that expendable. They’re more important than that. They are our wives, our girlfriends, our sisters, our mothers, and our daughters. They are our life-bearers, our nurturers, our healers, our teachers, and our inspiration. They are not cannon fodder. Us ugly guys are.
Let’s hold them higher than that.

Inside a Confederate Rally in Memphis…

The Roper Report

From Splinter News

by Abdul Aziz

“…Billy Roper of The Shield Wall Network, who also showed up in Memphis that day, has a different view. Roper is a self-proclaimed white nationalist who the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as “the uncensored voice of violent neo-Nazism.” Roper is known for his unabashed use of racist, anti-Semitic language and violent rhetoric, at times suggesting that genocide and eugenics should be considered as potential tools to create an all-white ethno-state within the borders of United States. “Ethnic cleansing is no new concept,” he said during the Memphis protest. “It’s always been human nature.”

The way he saw it, the Shield Wall Network was here to nudge the Confederate activists in the right direction. “My job is to be as extreme as I can be legally,” he said. “My radical flank works to make Confederate 901 more radical and extreme.”

 At one point during…

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Martin Bemberg, Unmasked

The Roper Report

All of the home-grown Tennessee Antifa punked out from the ‘Rally For Forrest’ in Memphis. Corey Lemley and Sean Liter were apparently too busy fellating each other, or were just too scared to face real life White Nationalists. Likewise, Chris Irwin’s excuse may have been that he was saving his energy for Trump’s visit to Nashville. The de facto ‘leader’ of the Antifa for the counter-protest, who showed up three hours late with three boyfriends in skinny jeans, had to be imported from Arkansas, where he’s been afraid to come out against White Nationalists, too. Meet Martin Bemberg. Now you know why he wears a mask.

His legal name, according to this mugshot from when he was arrested back in August, is Thomas Martin Bemberg. He was charged then with disorderly conduct and released on a $500 fine for his illegal actions in an anti-White protest in Hot Springs…

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Video of ShieldWall Network ‘Rally For Forrest’ March Through Memphis.

The Roper Report

Shirley Q. Liquor, a typical chicken-head Buffalina, was kind enough to take this video of our proud march through downtown Memphis after the victorious ShieldWall Network ‘Rally For Forrest’.

She was one of just a handful of obsolete farm machinery which showed up at the end of the event to trail behind us, whining that we didn’t like them. Anyway, posting the video was mighty White of her.

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More media coverage of ‘Rally For Forrest’ in Memphis

The Roper Report

Billy Roper, center, the leader and organizer of the White Nationalist rally in Memphis, is seen pictured leaving their parking area wearing a combat helmet and carrying a shield bearing the emblem of his organization, the ShieldWall Network.

From WREG Channel 3:

“Health Sciences, Tom Lee and Memphis parks were completely taped off and shut down, and some nearby streets were closed.

But the only other place WREG saw protesters was at Health Sciences Park, where a group of white nationalists held up a sign reading, “diversity equals white genocide.”

“The Memphis City Council are not going to be able to surreptitiously remove these monuments to our heritage and history and culture without a backlash,” said self-proclaimed Arkansas white nationalist Billy Roper…

(After a black news media cameraman yelled that we all bleed red, Roper responded)

“My people are being demographically replaced …in the nation, which was created of, by…

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Media reports continue on ‘Rally For Forrest’ in Memphis

The Roper Report

KUAF Public Radio:

“Billy Roper, coordinator of the white nationalist Shieldwall Network, stood with a small contingent of men in combat boots in one protest area. Those seeking access to their demonstration were searched for weapons by Memphis police and given wristbands.

“I led the largest gathering of white nationalists at the U.S. capitol in 2002 and they had less security at the capitol than they do today in Memphis,” Roper said. “I want to thank them for their professionalism. But I do not thank the city council or the mayor because it was their illegal and unethical practices which made it necessary for us to be here.”…

“The city council and the Mayor of Memphis definitely violated the spirit of the 2014 act passed by the state legislature,” Roper argued for the pro-Confederate side. “They violated their own sunshine laws which regulate how public property can be divested to a…

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Victory in Memphis!

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

The correct way to define victory in a rally or protest is whether all of your rally participants got home safely, without being injured or arrested. The ‘Rally For Forrest’ had zero casualties, either way, due to the exhaustive logistical planning and tight control involved.

Most importantly, the purpose of a rally is not necessarily to bring more people than the other side, though in this case we certainly did. Rather, the purpose of a rally is to get your message out. One does that by drawing the controlled media to the rally, then giving as many live interviews to them as possible, both one on one and press conference style. Considering the dozens of media outlets reporting on the ‘Rally For Forrest’, in that aspect it was an overwhelming victory, too.

Literally hundreds of thousands of people, our people, will hear the message of White racial…

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Reaching our people: Memphis After Action Report

The Roper Report

While over 200 carloads of Confederate supporters carried out a motorcade through Memphis Saturday, longtime White Nationalist leader Billy Roper gave interviews to the media, spoke to his supporters and the press, and led them in singing a verse of “Dixie” before leaving after spending two hours adjacent to Health Sciences park.

The actions of the Memphis City Council and Mayor were detailed and described as illegal and unethical, as well as dishonest, in their removal of the Confederate statues from the city on December 20th. While estimates are that the city was forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in providing security for the event, none of Billy Roper’s rally participants, who outnumbered counter-protesters, were arrested.

The removal of the statues was tied to what Roper called the genocide of Whites, represented by some of his supporters holding a large banner claiming that “Diversity Equals White Genocide”.


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Watch Live Stream of ‘Rally For Forrest’!

The Roper Report

Watch the ‘Rally For Forrest’ live at noon Saturday, January 6th, 2018, in Memphis, Tennessee. The ShieldWall Network and allies protest the removal of Confederate monuments. LIVE STREAM HERE

If this live stream is not working, videos will be uploaded during the rally to the Billy Roper Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/billyroper

Find out more about the ShieldWall Network here: http://aryanwarrior.com/

Billy Roper’s blog: http://whitenationalists.com/

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Continued Evidence of America’s Balkanization

As Americans continue to vote with their feet and voluntarily self-separate due to the negative effects of racial diversity, Whites are moving out of the multiracial East Coast states, and moving to the Mountain West, the Upper South, and the Midwest, while blacks are moving out of Chicago and New York back to the deep south. This is increasing the speed at which ethnostates are emerging within the boundaries of the current United States.

This reflects the political situation predicted and discussed in Billy Roper’s ‘The Balk’, as well as the ShieldWall Plan.

Westward bound! More and more Americans are leaving the East Coast and heading west because it’s ‘cheaper, warmer and easier to find a job’

  • Americans continue to head west, while the Northeast are losing people
  • Illinois, had the highest percent of outbound moves with 63 percent of people leaving, shortly followed by New Jersey, New York and Connecticut
  • Idaho is the fastest-growing state and is fourth-cheapest cost of living in US
  • Mountain West increases in popularity with 54 percent of moves being inbound