Jewish ADL promotes ShieldWall Network and Project New America

The Roper Report

In their typically snide Jewey attack on New Albion White ethnostate founder Tom Kawczynski this week, the B’nai Brith (meaning ‘Brotherhood of the Circumcised’, a kosher group originally founded to defend a Jewish factory owner who raped and murdered a young White girl and which then moved on to committing acts of espionage against the United States on behalf of Israel, inadvertently gave a boost to the Shield Wall Network and our observation of an emerging White ethnostate, Project New America:

from the ADL:

“As he pursues his racist dream in Maine, Kawczynski’s most vocal online supporter is long-time white supremacist Billy Roper of Mountain View, Arkansas, who was recently named the leader of a new group, the Shield Wall Network. Roper is currently promoting “Project New America,” a plan to build Ozarkia, an ethno-state that will start with “forty contiguous counties straddling the Arkansas and Missouri border that are…

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