Charlottesville Defendants Update

The Roper Report

Dennis Motherbaugh, after a temporary failure in his planned transportation plans was overcome when a White rights supporter voluntarily offered up their family’s rent money in order to buy him a bus ticket home, is out of jail finally and done with the travesty of justice which took place, and is still taking place, in Charlottesville.

James Alex Fields, the driver whose car was assaulted, causing him to lose control and hit some anti-White protesters unlawfully blocking traffic in the street, is still being held awaiting trial.

Richard Preston, 52, faces charges of discharging a weapon within 1000 feet of a school (which was  not in session at the time, as August 12th, 2017 was a Saturday) for firing a warning shot at a black terrorist using an improvised flamethrower against unarmed Whites.

Tyler Watkins Davis, 49, has been arrested in Florida on a warrant out…

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Guest Post – Real Life Experience – Hurricanes and Hurried Preps

The Roper Report

From SHTF School

One of my readers – Nick, commented on my last article and mentioned some details about his time during a hurricane in Florida. I asked him is he willing to write article about it, so I could post it on my blog because I thought there was some really valuable information too share.

Nick kindly responded.

I consider it as a very valuable and great written article.

He invested great effort in writing down details in it that actually show us some of the very basic and common problems that we might have during any kind of collapse.

I added my comments through the article (in italics) and few words after the article.

Nick – I guess I first started “prepping”, before it was a well-known word, in late 1999 as the threat of “Y2K” loomed.  I was living in a brick apartment building at the time…

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Jewish ADL promotes ShieldWall Network and Project New America

The Roper Report

In their typically snide Jewey attack on New Albion White ethnostate founder Tom Kawczynski this week, the B’nai Brith (meaning ‘Brotherhood of the Circumcised’, a kosher group originally founded to defend a Jewish factory owner who raped and murdered a young White girl and which then moved on to committing acts of espionage against the United States on behalf of Israel, inadvertently gave a boost to the Shield Wall Network and our observation of an emerging White ethnostate, Project New America:

from the ADL:

“As he pursues his racist dream in Maine, Kawczynski’s most vocal online supporter is long-time white supremacist Billy Roper of Mountain View, Arkansas, who was recently named the leader of a new group, the Shield Wall Network. Roper is currently promoting “Project New America,” a plan to build Ozarkia, an ethno-state that will start with “forty contiguous counties straddling the Arkansas and Missouri border that are…

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“Why are you so EXTREME?”

The Roper Report

I use the radical flank effect, I’m purposefully publicly IRL as extreme as I can be legally in my media interviews, protests, rallies, et. al., so that I can create elbow room to my left for others to say nearly the same thing in a much more palatable, by comparison, manner. Compared to me, they sound reasonable, and are much more likely to fall rightwards into the vacuum I create by dragging the Hegelian dialectic behind me and throwing bricks through the Overton Window. And you know what? It’s working, fam…

The left understands the radical flank effect. – The Roper Report

Sep 12, 2017 – When will the right? Radical flank effect. The radical flank effect refers to radicals’ effect on moderates within a social struggle. Many moderates warn that radicals discredit moderate groups. The political scientist Herbert H. Haines has argued that radicals often strengthen moderates…

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WHERE YOU DON’T WANT TO BE… When It Hits the Fan

The Roper Report


When it hits the fan America’s population centers will explode in violence, looting, and total breakdown of law and order.
It’s a theory put forth by numerous survival and relocation specialists, and one that makes complete sense if you consider what happens in a truly serious collapse-like scenario.

Survival Blog founder James Rawles calls them the golden horde:

Because of the urbanization of the U.S. population, if the entire eastern or western power grid goes down for more than a week, the cities will rapidly become unlivable. I foresee that there will be an almost unstoppable chain of events:

Power -> water -> food distribution -> law and order -> arson fires -> full scale looting

In his recent documentary Strategic Relocation, retreat expert Joel Skousen echoes Rawles’ warnings:

The number one threat that I concentrate on. It’s not terrorism, it’s not natural disaster, it’s not even government or war.

The major threat is population…

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The Little Red Hen

We are now less than one month away from the next regular ShieldWall Network meeting, which will be February 17th in north central Arkansas. That means that you have nearly four weeks to get a vehicle running, find the gas money, or coordinate a ride. This will be a family friendly event, voluntary potluck included, with an attached ShieldWall Phalanx training session demonstration. Remember that the ShieldWall Network is an active White Nationalist preppers organization. We are building an association to share manpower, assets, and resources for mutual defense and protection. The time is coming, SHTF will arrive. When it does, for those of you who have been invited to multiple meetings and asked repeatedly to get involved, remember this lesson:

Congress is Balkanizing in 2018.

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

With the 2018 mid-term elections coming up this fall, blue states are on track to become more deeply blue, sliding even further leftwards, and red states are looking as if they will turn even deeper crimson red, and edge further to the right. Each are reacting against the other. Both sides of the divide are radicalizing in their own stewing echo chambers. The Pacific Northwest and the Southwest, as they become even more liberal, will become more extreme in that, and in the upper South, which is becoming more conservative due to ongoing regional White flight from the darkening deep south which is going under nonWhite control, RINO Republican establishment politicians will be challenged by more populist right wing candidates in the primaries.

Both coasts will be fully Democratic, in all likelihood. In fact, far-left candidates will challenge moderate Democrats in blue state primary elections. Republicans will…

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Here are the areas in the US most likely to be struck in a nuclear attack.

The Roper Report

The author of this piece ignores cultural and social targets and focuses simply on military targets. While that is useful, it doesn’t fully embrace the mindset of war. If every single nuclear-armed submarine can’t be located and destroyed, the ability of the armed forces to strike back devastatingly against an attack cannot be fully nullified.

A better plan for any enemy would then be to use nuclear terror to either decapitate the government in a strike on Washington D.C., or to destabilize it through attacks on population centers such as New York and Los Angeles in order to demoralize the rest of the country. Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and key military targets such as Cheyenne Mountain, Omaha, the Pentagon, San Diego, and Norfolk would take the U.S. out of any fight which required more than pushing a button, due to the scale of the loss and…

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ShieldWall Phalanx training 1/20

The next ShieldWall Network Phalanx training session will be Saturday, January 20th, in central Arkansas. All equipment will be provided except for your uniforms.

A free all-you can eat dinner will be served to those who participate, so please RSVP to so that we will know how much food to prepare.

ShieldWall Phalanx training sessions are now being held regionally under local direction! Contact us to find out how you can get involved.

More Leftists Calling For Balkanization of America

The Roper Report

Anti-White Communists now want a divorce and division just as much as we do. Here’s what they are saying about it:

DIVISIBLE: Breaking up the U.S.

by Bromma

 What will the dismemberment of the U.S. look like? There are lots of theoretical possibilities, with different timelines. But more than likely, a breakup will happen along the deep national fault lines that already exist.

“Unfortunately, on a practical level, the radical Right is ahead of us here. Many die-hard fundamentalists and neo-fascists have already started building enclaves of their own. They’ve grasped a harsh reality: that in a chaotic, deteriorating, violent society, a group’s chances of survival increase according to their social unity, self-sufficiency, control of territory, and capability for self-defense.

With or without our intervention, the U.S. will disintegrate eventually. If it happens without us planning it, or even expecting it, we could be disoriented and caught in the…

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