Meet the woman who financed the Memphis grave desecrations.

The Roper Report

Gayle Rose, the divorced former wife of the recently deceased Jewish casino and hotel millionaire, Michael Rose, put up money she inherited from her dead ex, personally, to finance the desecration of the graves of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife. The money was used to form the fake private shell company called Memphis GreenSpace in October of this year.  It was this private entity which was used to “buy” the two public parks from the city of Memphis so that the statues of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and Confederate President Jefferson Davis could be illegally removed. The token nigger figurehead of Memphis Greenspace is  Van Turner, who is a stepandfetchit Shelby County Commissioner.

Rose is a carpetbagging Yankee immigrant to Memphis, of course. Since she gladly got in bed with a Jew, it’s not surprising that she is just as eager to get in bed with…

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One thought on “Meet the woman who financed the Memphis grave desecrations.

  1. Seems to me Sherman’s march to the sea marked a period of unrestrained rape, murder and arson against the good people of the south by ‘soldiers’ (sic) from the north. This incident finds no mention in modern day textbooks. I’m not reading about anyone on the left crying out for reparations for the people of the south.


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