Resource Location and Allocation, Part II: Examples

The Roper Report

During a SHTF, collapse scenario, what if you were deputized and called upon by your local Sheriff to help protect and defend local community resources from thieves and looters? Would you know where to begin?

In THIS ARTICLE, we identified some of the community assets and resources which might need to be defended, in place or by removal if necessary.

Here are my personal responses to this mental exercise:

Here in Stone County, the small convenience stores would be well defended by the families which own them. The two largest warehouses would be the back rooms of the Harps grocery store and the Super Wal-Mart, especially the latter. Its location and construction makes it difficult to defend: lots of glass doors, multiple door loading dock, in the center of town. Moving the food to a more defensible position protect it would be a more viable option. For that, thereā€¦

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