ShieldWall Phalanx Mobilization Called!

All active members of the ShieldWall Network Phalanx are being mobilized for the ‘Rally For Forrest’ on Saturday, January 6th, at noon at the Health Sciences park on Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. Please report in immediately for instructions on the itinerary of your deployment.

Noon January 6th: ‘Rally For Forrest’ in Memphis!

The Roper Report

At noon on Saturday, January 6th, a large rally protesting the illegal removal of the General Nathan Bedford Forrest and President Jefferson Davis statues from Memphis will be held at Health Sciences park on Union Avenue in Memphis.

Health Sciences park is circled in red on the accompanying map.

Many different organizations are involved in this event, from pro-Confederate heritage advocates to the hard right. However, it will be a much less cucked and degenerate big tent overall than ones which were involved in the planning and organizing of past events, such as Charlottesville. All White Nationalists and Alt Right are invited to stand together on Saturday, January 6th, in Memphis. Nationally known leaders and speakers as well as local and state political figures have expressed interest in attending and speaking. Other related events in protest of the statue removal will be held throughout the city over the weekend, as…

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Meet the woman who financed the Memphis grave desecrations.

The Roper Report

Gayle Rose, the divorced former wife of the recently deceased Jewish casino and hotel millionaire, Michael Rose, put up money she inherited from her dead ex, personally, to finance the desecration of the graves of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife. The money was used to form the fake private shell company called Memphis GreenSpace in October of this year.  It was this private entity which was used to “buy” the two public parks from the city of Memphis so that the statues of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and Confederate President Jefferson Davis could be illegally removed. The token nigger figurehead of Memphis Greenspace is  Van Turner, who is a stepandfetchit Shelby County Commissioner.

Rose is a carpetbagging Yankee immigrant to Memphis, of course. Since she gladly got in bed with a Jew, it’s not surprising that she is just as eager to get in bed with…

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The Roper Report: The Memphis Mafia

The Roper Report

A special ShieldWall Network Community Service Announcement begins the show this week, offering sound advice for patriots on how to avoid legal issues, even when agents provocateur are at play. Refusing self-incrimination is not just your right, it’s a great idea, as well!

In the last The Roper Report broadcast for 2017, Billy discusses ‘The Memphis Mafia’, the corrupt White renegade and Black anti-White politicians and activists who conspired to have the Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis statues removed from their parks, under the cover of darkness. Along the way he talks about his memories and thoughts on Memphis in general and the statues in particular. Billy wishes good health to those who worked to remove the statues, so they can live to face justice when America balkanizes.

The location and future allocation of local assets and resources for the benefit of our communities is a major consideration…

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You’ve been looking for us.

If you are a racially conscious, heterosexual White person and are interested in networking with other like-minded people in preparation for future economic collapse, natural disaster, war, or civil unrest, The ShieldWall Network is for you. E-mail or visit to get involved.

Resource Location and Allocation, Part II: Examples

The Roper Report

During a SHTF, collapse scenario, what if you were deputized and called upon by your local Sheriff to help protect and defend local community resources from thieves and looters? Would you know where to begin?

In THIS ARTICLE, we identified some of the community assets and resources which might need to be defended, in place or by removal if necessary.

Here are my personal responses to this mental exercise:

Here in Stone County, the small convenience stores would be well defended by the families which own them. The two largest warehouses would be the back rooms of the Harps grocery store and the Super Wal-Mart, especially the latter. Its location and construction makes it difficult to defend: lots of glass doors, multiple door loading dock, in the center of town. Moving the food to a more defensible position protect it would be a more viable option. For that, there…

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Resource Location and Allocation

ShieldWall Network homework assignment for over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays: For your local area, research where are the nearest of these resources and assets to your location:

-non-perishable food distribution centers and food warehouses

-Water treatment facilities

-sources of live water (rivers, creeks, lakes)

-Electric power production facilities

-Propane storage facilities

-Gasoline storage facilities

-National Guard Armories

When the collapse happens, those who are able to feed themselves, their neighbors, and their fellow citizens, and provide access to the other above-mentioned resources, will become the persons of influence in their communities.

After you locate the nearest locations to you of each resource, in the next phase research what would be necessary to secure and defend each of those sites from looters. Think about roads and rail lines and waterways accessing them, existing security emplacements there, and how they could be improved. In the final phase, consider what kind of transportation resources would be needed to move those resources to another, more defensible location, where applicable, and how those means of transportation may be accessed near you.

Eventually and inevitably, ShieldWall Phalanx training will expand into wargaming exercises based on the defense of these kinds of locations from thieves and looters, for the good of the community at large, and the distribution of these resources to the community under our supervision in a SHTF scenario as America balkanizes.



U.N. Peacekeepers Coming to America in Balkanization?

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

Whether the trigger for the breakup of the United States is an economic downturn, natural disaster, large scale riots, insurrection, an external war, or a secession movement by sanctuary states which the federal government simply lacks the will to forcefully oppose, the result will be a vacuum of power in some regions from the national level. State and local governments will become more autonomous, and in some cases completely independent. They will be free to form new alliances, or even desperate to do so.

When America begins to balkanize, some locations will invite in outside help. Large Chinese communities on the West Coast, from Vancouver to the San Francisco Bay area, and including the Pacific Northwest where they are the largest growing population, may invite in Chinese “humanitarian” efforts spearheaded by the Chinese military, which will generously offer to aid and assist there since the U.S. government…

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ShieldWall Phalanx Training Videos

Prospective members of the ShieldWall Phalanx are expected to watch these videos prior to their first Phalanx  tactical training session.

The First Two Hours Of Boot Camp

Beginner drill: how to stand at attention and do basic facing movements.

Parade rest/at ease/halt.

About Face

Basic Marching

Basic Facing Movements

Close Order Drill

Upcoming ShieldWall Network Events

Upcoming Events

January 20th, 2018: ShieldWall Phalanx tactical training session, central Arkansas.

February 17th, 2018: ShieldWall Network meeting in northern Arkansas, followed by ShieldWall Phalanx tactical training session.

E-mail for more details if you’d like to get involved, or help start a ShieldWall Network in your local area!