Come out from among them.

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

The ongoing turmoil in Zimbabwe, formerly White ruled Rhodesia, provides another stark lesson to those who would return to a multiracial society with Whites controlling a nonWhite population, rather than being separate from them.

This very interesting article is two years old, but demographic data from 2015 and 2016 support the thesis expressed, namely, that some southern states are on the way to becoming majority nonWhite within the near future. In fact, as regional White flight out of the black belt accelerates, so will this process.

Texas, of course, is already majority nonWhite, though north Texas may well be preserved as a part of New America, where their Gulf deepwater ports would be very useful. Georgia and Florida will both go majority nonWhite within less than a decade. Louisiana and Mississippi are projected to follow suit the decade after, with Virginia and North Carolina not far…

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In (New America) how will we recover people?

The Roper Report

by Haman

As many of you are aware, the Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus (It proposes Stormfronts of the street, partly visible and partly invisible, with one foot in the local system and one foot out) has many recommendations about how we might bring White Nationalists and therefore White Nationalism itself into a position of enormous influence in a very short time.

Our survival tools are supposed to be available within our Western culture, and within local reach, so that’s exactly where we’re installing them.

We know this would work because it’s about engaging – largely for the first time in our history – the time tested option of community organizing; the very principles which enable all our opponents and competitors to eat up the living spaces and culture of the existing type of White community.

You know, your community, the one going down like the Hindenburg and taking you with…

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How to write to Jacob Goodwin in the Charlottesville Jail

The Roper Report

Jacob Goodwin

#634728, 160 Peregory Ln, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Jacob is in housing, and can accept phone calls for 50 cents a minute. The jail’s number is 434-260-6640.

Here are the instructions on how you can place funds on Jacob’s commissary.

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Ignorance and deceit

The Roper Report

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, who was formerly a lawyer and a federal prosecutor who targeted Whites, and his Correctional Affairs Counsel, Joe West, both claimed that if another state asked for an Arkansas citizen to be extradited, they had no choice but to accede to that demand. That was why, allegedly, the governor refused Jacob Goodwin’s family’s plea that he meet with them, and ignored the petition signed by hundreds of concerned citizens that he delay or stipulate the extradition request of Jacob to Virginia. In a letter Hutchinson wrote to Jacob Goodwin’s mother, received on the day Jacob was extradited, he claimed that neither the merits of the case, nor claims that the person sought for arrest would not receive a fair trial in the pursuant state, mattered a whit.

That’s bullshit. Asa Hutchinson is either a liar or stupid. Or both. Joe West knows better, too, and his…

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Tennessee State Contact named for ShieldWall

The Roper Report

An official state contact has been named for Tennessee for The ShieldWall Network. This officer has been dedicated to our people for decades, going back to his partnership with Dr. William Pierce. Any and all patriots in the Volunteer State who are interested in networking with other like-minded Nationalists should contact:

Derek Gooden

The ShieldWall Network contact page can be found on the ShieldWall website, here.

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Changing the world, one person at a time.

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

A lot of people feel frustrated about the growing degeneracy of the world. They understand that the electoral system is rigged, and that we won’t be able to vote our way out of this mess until we have control over who the electorate is, once again. They comprehend that we cannot openly rebel against the Federal government at this stage, until it is weakened through an abdication of power or through its lessening will to exercise that power, and the erosion of support for it from both the right and the left. That phenomenon will accelerate as America polarizes and division grows further. Things fall apart, and the center cannot hold. As The ShieldWall Plan describes, our task during that process is to exacerbate the natural and organic voluntary separation of the races as we migrate towards emerging ethnostates.

On an individual level, we all have…

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Jacob Goodwin is on the way to Virginia, and ultimately, freedom.

The Roper Report

Arkansas Man Charged In Unite The Right Beating Of Black Man Extradited To Virginia

Federal authorities, including the U.S. Marshal’s service, had apparently passed on to the Lonoke County Sheriff’s department their mistaken belief that Billy Roper and his ShieldWall Network would be organizing a rally outside the jail to protest the extradition. For this reason, Jacob Goodwin was first transferred early in the morning to the Lonoke city jail from the Lonoke County jail, before the U.S. Marshals snuck him away to carry out the extradition order signed by anti-White cuck and Antifa-loving “Republican In Name Only”, Asa Hutchinson. Governor Hutchinson, who according to his attorney Criminal Justice Counsel Joe West, refused to meet with Jacob Goodwin’s family before signing the extradition papers, despite the large amount of evidence supporting their claim that Goodwin will not receive a fair trial in Virginia and an online petition signed by hundreds…

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Hate in America: Where it comes from and why it’s back

The Roper Report

This extremely lengthy article purposefully avoids any real truth, such as the origin of the United States as a White nation built and founded by White Nationalists, or the biological reality of race. It does show how frustrated, desperate, and panicky anti-Whites are, though.

Hate in America: Where it comes from and why it’s back

To better understand the current spike in bigotry and hate in the United States, Yahoo News interviewed historians, sociologists, psychologists and experts who study hate groups. And we spoke to four individuals caught up in the white nationalist movement, including a former Ku Klux Klan leader and a young ex-“social justice warrior,” whose stories are told here.

(Don Black, at the close of the article)

“We have never had a more racially polarized country than we do now. I mean, we have antifa [i.e., far-left-leaning militant groups] smashing things and beating up Trump supporters…

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The ShieldWall Phalanx Oath

The Roper Report

The ShieldWall Phalanx Oath
As a member of the ShieldWall Phalanx…
I do affirm that I am a White heterosexual.
I pledge to defend our people with honor and courage.
I will protect our women, our children, and our elderly,
I will protect our weak, our wounded, and our sick.
I will bravely stand between them and our enemies.
I will stand side by side with my comrades.
I will follow the chain of command with discipline.
I will represent the ShieldWall and my brothers with loyalty.
I will not run away from the fight.
I will not leave my brothers behind.
I stand in the ShieldWall.

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ShieldWall Network Phalanx continues growth.

The Roper Report

The ShieldWall Phalanx, the defensive arm of The ShieldWall Network, which has already scared the John Brown Gun Club and Redneck Revolt into cancelling three planned protests in Arkansas, and which has participated in successful demonstrations and public events in Pikeville, Charlottesville, Crossville, Harrison (twice), Batesville, Little Rock, Searcy, Memphis, and Shelbyville so far in 2017, continues to expand.

Over the Veteran’s Day weekend, while ShieldWall Network members visited political prisoner Jacob Goodwin in jail, where he awaits extradition to Virginia, others held a very constructive Phalanx training session. As some spent the next two days with embedded NBC cameramen working on a documentary featuring Jacob’s story in order to help raise awareness for his legal situation, new defensive shields were constructed and both individual and group practice in their use, along with hand to hand and unarmed combat, continued.

As their ranks grow, the Phalanx will become…

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