The true meaning of Thanksgiving

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

(Technically, I understand that the Jamestown colonists celebrated a day of Thanksgiving in 1619, a year earlier, but since they were operating under the auspices of the British crown and the pilgrims were independent, I still like the traditional story.)

We here at The ShieldWall Network would like to take the opportunity, as we enter this Holiday season, to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. We’d also, if it is needed, like to remind you that Thanksgiving is a Holiday remembering the White Christian origins of our nation, and was not originally a multicultural love-fest. Thanksgiving is a time to think of those bold, courageous White men and women who crossed a storm-tossed ocean in a rickety wooden ship called The Mayflower in 1620 for separation, to avoid corruption by the mainstream, trendy, sinful society of anything-goes which they were escaping. They left behind everything they knew…

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