Are you ready for Nov. 4th’s ‘Purge’? Are they?

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

Those of us who have been around long enough to see the limp-wristed faggots, Communists, and nonWhites sell wolf tickets before are cautiously optimistic that they MAY really do something on November 4th. They’re threatening to riot and protest until they drive Donald Trump and Mike Pence out of office. I personally doubt that they have it in them to loot and burn with enough momentum and stamina to make it out of a few cities such as Chicago and Seattle, but hope springs eternal. The side that doesn’t know which bathroom to use has been itching for a fight, they think, with the side that has stockpiled a trillion rounds of ammunition. Whether they can kick off an actual civil war or not, as they claim to desire, may be more of a fantasy (for us) than a reality.

Literally tens of thousands of us on…

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The Alternative Media show on the Republic Broadcasting Network

The Roper Report

On Saturday, 10/21, at 9 am central time I will be the guest on the Alternative Media radio program with Farren Shoaf and Dr. Patrick Slattery on the Republic Broadcasting Network, to discuss Jacob Goodwin’s case and his legal defense fund and petition opposing extradition. Listen live here.

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Auction II for Jacob Goodwin Legal Defense Fund

The Roper Report

These two beautiful historical items, generously contributed by an Arkansas Traditionalist Worker Party member for Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense fund, are authentic W.W. II era German artifacts.

It’s a package deal for BOTH pieces of rare memorabilia:

A genuine W.W.II German Wehrmacht 25 year long service medal, first class. These were presented ONLY to German army veterans who had served for a quarter century, bearing the “25” on the back and the German eagle and swastika on the front.

AND, a 1933 Brandenburg Gate rally postcard, with 6 pfenig stamp, addressed and mailed with hand-written message on the back. It was mailed from Oppen to Ziegenhals. Authentic and original.

As before, please place bids for both items (together) in the comments section, and thank you for helping with Jacob’s legal defense fund.

You can give directly to Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense fund HERE.

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StormFront Radio Discussion of Jacob Goodwin’s case.

The Roper Report

On the October 17, 2017 StormFront Radio show, Billy Roper, Don Black, Dr. Patrick Slattery, and Father Francis discuss the legal case of Jacob Goodwin, an incarcerated hero of Charlottesville.

Listen HERE on Youtube.

You can support Jacob’s legal defense fund here.

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Auction 1 for Jacob Goodwin Legal Defense Fund

The Roper Report

The first item up for auction to raise funds for Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense is this high quality reproduction HJ Hitler Youth knife, pictured, generously donated to the fundraiser by one of Jacob’s best friends and a fellow ShieldWall Network member. The blade reads “Blood and Honor” in German, and the handle bears the distinctive Hitler Youth swastika emblem. This is a great collector’s piece!

The Hitler Youth Knife may be the most famous knife of World War II. From the time of the formation of the Hitler Youth to the end of the war, the Hitler Youth wore knives of this style as a part of their uniform. With minor differences being made during this production era, the most significant being the engraving of the Hitler Youth motto on the blade starting in early 1937.

With the importance of this knife being established long ago, there has been a…

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ShieldWall Network hosts Jacob Goodwin’s parents at legal defense fundraiser.

The Roper Report

What had originally been planned as a ShieldWall Network OktoberFest Social evolved into a much-needed fundraising event for Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense fund on October 14th in central Arkansas. While there still was plenty of German food: bratwursts, sausages, frankfurters, and kraut and spicy mustard, potato salad and a buffet table of snack foods, drinks and German chocolate cakes and other delights such as pumpkin soup, the main focus was on our guests of honor.

Jacob Goodwin’s parents spoke with passion and emotional strength about their son,  a young White patriot now held in the Lonoke County in jail in Arkansas on a warrant out of Charlottesville, Virginia, following his arrest by U.S. Marshals. Jacob’s mother discussed the unfair contrast between how Jacob and his co-defendants from the August 12th free speech rally have been held without bond, and how the two black assailants arrested in their assault were immediately…

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Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Asked to Protect Arkansas Citizen

The Roper Report

An Open Letter by Arkansans to Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson

Dear Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson,

Jacob Goodwin, a young Arkansas man arrested recently on a social media-driven witchhunt crusade inspired charge out of Charlottesville,Virginia, has never had so much as a parking ticket. He will not receive a fair trial in the politically charged, biased climate of Charlottesville. Just the day after he was arrested, the man he is alleged to have assaulted was booked on a similar charge stemming from the same incident, but was instantly granted bail. In stark contrast, the other two co-defendants of Jacob Goodwin’s have not been allowed bail, nor has another man who simply used pepper spray in self defense the same day. Because he will not receive a fair trial in Charlottesville, we ask Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson to NOT agree to extradite Jacob Goodwin to Virginia, as he will be requested to.

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The Roper Report (TRR) podcast: Activists Act!

The Roper Report

In this week’s episode of The Roper Report, Billy’s Balkanization Podcast, the ShieldWall Network’s upcoming Oktoberfest Social on October 14th is announced and Billy shares with us the first half of his 10 point lecture seminar on activism from the 2017 StormFront conference.

The following are Billy’s notes from the conference:

1. 2001-2002: German Embassy in DC. Israeli Embassy 3X. Battle of York, PA. U.S. Capitol.
Our tactics then were to set a date, time, and location with a cause attached. Contact all allied groups and organizations to let them know this was where the event would be. Contact ARA/Black Block and goad them into coming out in opposition to us, shaming them into it. Pick a Fight. Then contact local and regional media and telling them that there was going to be a big, newsworthy confrontation between the two sides. Then going back and playing it up to…

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