Update on the StormFront Conference

Sadly, Mr. Don Black will not be able to attend the regularly scheduled StormFront Conference this September 29th, 30th, and October 1st in Eastern Tennessee.*

Because so many people have prepaid air fare or made nonrefundable motel reservations and arranged to take time off of work to attend this conference, Father Francis of StormFront Radio would like to assure everyone that there will still be a wonderfully educational and inspiring weekend of hands-on workshops, brainstorming sessions, and seminars on activism planned. Some of the scheduled speakers for the meeting will include Father Francis, Billy Roper, Matt Heimbach, and other experienced activist leaders.  In a slight shifting of gears from previous conferences, this year’s event  will be more activism oriented. We will discuss in real life ‘Agitation Propaganda’ techniques, pro-White flash mobs, counter-protesting of opposing forces and political candidates’ events, and other proactive tactics in group session settings.

This will be a very educational, inspiring, and informative meeting. If you have already made arrangements to attend, we encourage you to proceed with your plans and come join us for the weekend! We’ll see you September 29th, 30th, and October 1st in Tennessee!

E-mail roper_billy@yahoo.com for details.

(*Mr. Black has indicated that there may be a later scheduled meeting he will attend in a different location at a so-far undetermined date.)

A deeper look at the big white pill: We’re winning.

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

As a ShieldWall Network affiliate has pointed out, “Trump supporters should note that Trump signed this official declaration of policy that is specifically antiWhite in its wording.  This is certainly part of the genocidal Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan to wipe out the White race.” The danger of this is that is further blurs the line between hate speech and hate crime.

This doubling down by anti-White lawmakers defending the interests of the shrinking centrists in the establishment elite is a stark indication of their anxiety. Why are they anxious? Well, let’s take a deeper look at some of the results of the recent polls indicating that tens of millions of Americans publicly identify as White Nationalists.

“Nearly a third of respondents failed to express support of interracial marriage—with 16 percent agreeing outright that “marriage should only be allowed between two people of the same race,”…

63% of Republicans, and…

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White Nationalists: 26 million strong, and growing…

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

According to this new poll, “8 percent of respondents said they supported white nationalism as a group or movement, a far larger percentage said they supported viewpoints widely held by white supremacist groups: 31 percent of Americans polled strongly or somewhat agreed that “America must protect and preserve its White European heritage,” and 39 percent agreed that “white people are currently under attack in this country.”

Let’s give some context to those numbers, for a MAJOR white pill. If thirty-one percent of Americans are willingly to publicly state, even despite the bandwagon effect and stifling intimidation of politically correct expectations, that they believe America must protect and preserve its White European heritage, then that means that nearly a MAJORITY of White Americans do, despite the Jewish controlled news and entertainment media’s contrary depictions. That means that one-hundred million Americans publicly agree that “America must…

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An Alt-Future

The Roper Report

Responding to many requests by listeners for a description and recommendation of his books, Billy gives a synopsis of all his published fiction and non-fiction works. Along the way he discusses the Solutrean theory that Whites were in North America prior to the Asiatic Mongoloids, whom we commonly think of as being Native Americans, 10,000 years ago.

In addition, he describes in detail his own Balkanization theory, that the multiracial United States will break up into several smaller, racially based countries, why this process is inevitable, and how it is already beginning to happen. Based on years of demographic research and Census analysis, his projection paints a picture of what the world may look like, a generation from now.

Finally, he discusses the likely outcome of DACA and The Dreamers. Through Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Donald Trump handing over the unConstitutional program to Congress to be fixed, it…

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Tips for first time ShieldWall Network meeting attendees.

So you will know what to expect:

ShieldWall Network meetings are family friendly environments. No alcoholic beverages or personal or inter-organizational drama, please.

The next ShieldWall Network meeting will be on Saturday, September 23rd, in central Arkansas, beginning at 12 noon and lasting approximately two hours. At that meeting you will also be informed about three upcoming events which we urge you to attend, two in-state in different regions of Arkansas, and one out of state. Due to this meeting being expected to be our largest so far, we have secured a private location. For that reason, those whom we have not met with previously will be provided with a rendezvous point for vetting prior to admission to the secure site. Security will be on hand both at the rendezvous point and at the meeting location. E-mail roper_billy@yahoo.com for the exact time and location of the rendezvous.

The meeting itself is free. If you would like to eat with us, dinner will be provided at $10 per plate. Live musical entertainment will be supplied to accompany the meal while you socialize and eat.

During the Introduction period, you may use your own name or a nom de guerre, if you prefer, and can share as much or as little about yourself as you would like. For networking purposes, however, we would appreciate being given a way to contact you for future events and meetings.

There will be free raffles and door prizes, as well as the auction of a unique, one of a kind handmade swastika blanket as a fundraiser for the ShieldWall Network.

You will be given a recap of recent ShieldWall Network media contacts, rallies, protests, and demonstrations, as well as our in-real-life and social media outreach and online recruitment efforts. Acknowledgements of recent contributions and donations will be given, along with a full report of how those donations have been spent, and suggestions for our next projects as well as a report on ongoing projects.

Due to its growth as one of the leading faith-based worldviews within the right wing, an adherent of Christian Identity will give an introductory testimonial presentation about that religious belief system. While The ShieldWall Network does not require that its affiliates pay homage to any particular faith, we do ask that everyone be civil and respectful of one another’s beliefs.

Our Acting State Coordinator for a neighboring state’s ShieldWall Network will speak about his recent recruitment and organizing efforts there, as a model for activism by others.

Two ShieldWall Network affiliates who were present at the Battle of Charlottesville will deliver a joint presentation about the pros and cons of the event, highlighting what was done right, and what can be improved upon for future similar events.  Following their presentation, we will announce and discuss the launching of The ShieldWall Network’s new defense arm, ‘The Phalanx’.

At the end of the meeting, we will discuss the three upcoming events schedules, coordinate transportation for them, and vote on the location of the next ShieldWall Network meeting.

We’d like to meet you!

The Roper Report

From September 29th-Oct. 1st, you will have an opportunity to network and socialize with some of the most experienced and committed White Nationalists in the movement today. The 7th annual Smokey Mountain summit in Eastern Tennessee will be a time for fellowship, sharing, and learning, with educational lectures, workshops, and a weekend full of unity and bridge building! Meet Dr. David Duke, Don Black, Billy Roper, Sam Dickson, and other spokespersons and leaders for our people in person in a secure and private setting surrounded by the beauty of nature. Get energized, encouraged, and white pilled!

Registration is $85 per attendee, which includes all of your meals on Saturday. Send check or money order to:

Don Black

P.O. Box 6637

West Palm Beach, FL. 33405

We want to see YOU there!

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Come out and Play!

The Roper Report

Reminder: ShieldWall Network Meeting in central Arkansas on Saturday, September 23rd. E-mail roper_billy@yahoo.com for details. This is the meeting you don’t need to miss, because the ShieldWall Network is the organization which you need to make a commitment to. It’s about planning and preparing. It’s about making friends you can trust now, and when SHTF. It’s about having people you can rely on. It’s for real. It’s for you. Get involved. Let’s meet on the 23rd.

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Please take note: for those of you who have asked for a shorter, easier to remember website address url to reach The Roper Report, check out WhiteNationalists.com.

That makes THREE (count’em) addresses at which you can find daily updated news and political commentary articles unavailable anywhere else, from just to the right of Julius Streicher.

WhiteNationalists.com. If you can’t remember that, we don’t need you.