SPLC Helps Promote SWN Once Again

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

In between funneling their donations to offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands, the anti-White Southern Poverty Law Center, linked to a violent hate crime attack against Christians, has continued to help advertise for us. Thanks, Jews!

“Verkler said she has no idea exactly how many people attended the “well-orchestrated event,” but said she has learned some attendees “flew in and were vetted off site” before being driven to the secret restaurant location.”

Social media abuzz after Nazis secretly gather at Arkansas cafe

Following the publication of this SPLC article, several Conway area residents have contacted The ShieldWall Network expressing their interest in getting involved. Now, if we can only get the fags to put us on their nifty, user-friendly “hate map”….

…Heidi? After second lunch, maybe?

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Billy Roper quoted in new Newsweek article on coming Charlotte rally.

The Roper Report

“…Other white nationalists are enticed by the prospect of the rally. Billy Roper, a white nationalist organizer, told me he expects to attend the event along with ShieldWall Network, a group that aspires to radicalize conservatives to white nationalist politics.

The Next Charlottesville Is Descending on North Carolina

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Dr. Michael Hill of LOTS now joining list of leaders at StormFront replacement conference!

The Roper Report

Dr. Michael Hill, the courageous and eloquent national leader of The League of the South, the largest and most prominent Southern Nationalist organization in the United States, will be joining Billy Roper of The ShieldWall Network, Matt Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party, Father Francis of StormFront Radio, and many other Nationalist leaders and spokespersons at the StormFront replacement conference being held Friday, September 29th through Sunday, October 1st, in Eastern Tennessee.

The conference is free for all vetted and approved Nationalists who would like to attend, at no charge. This meeting will focus on activism, with breakout sessions, seminars, and discussion forums on future tactics and strategies for our movement. E-mail roper_billy@yahoo.com ASAP to RSVP.

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The Arkansas Times, they are a’changin’.

The Roper Report

Max Brantley, the morbidly obese anti-White liberal who recently lost an extreme eating competition to the SPLC’s Heidi Beirich by a chin, is the Senior Editor of the Arkansas Times newspaper, which once did a full cover story on the rise of White Nationalist Billy Roper. Now, Brantley and other leftists in the state try their best not to give the growing number of Alt Right and Identarians in Arkansas any news coverage, but sometimes, he just can’t help himself, as old Maxi Pad admits:

Conway coffee shop apologizes for white supremacist gathering

PostedByMax Brantley on Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 8:00 AM

 BILLY ROPER: His meeting at a Conway coffee shop triggers controversy. - BOSTON MOUNTAINS ARA
  • Boston Mountains ARA
  • BILLY ROPER: His meeting at a Conway coffee shop triggers controversy.

Also on the race beat and the theme of where we stand 60 years after Central High:

Anti-racist organizations posted on Facebook over the weekend photographs and news (here the…

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Arkansas Democrat Gazette Uses Antifa as Unvetted Source Against Billy Roper.

The Roper Report

Arkansas’ statewide newspaper, the editorial department of which is run by antique left-wing Jew (((Paul Greenberg))), a Holocaust survivor, now uses Antifa social media posts as unverified sources for their mainstream “news” stories:

Conway Coffee Shop Apologizes following White Supremacist Meeting

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — A Conway coffee shop apologized over the weekend after a white supremacist meeting was held in the business.

Mean Bean Cafe said an employee asked if the business could host a meeting for a “conservative group.” The owners questioned their employee in great detail about the group, and the employee said no “extremist or other hateful views would be exchanged.”

As the owners left town for the weekend, Billy Roper, identified by Southern Poverty Law Center as a neo-Nazi, and others held their meeting. Anti-racist Facebook page Boston Mountains ARA posted pictures of the meeting.

The company said when it learned of the meeting, it fired the…

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Arkansas ShieldWall Network Meeting Report and Videos:

The Roper Report

The Arkansas ShieldWall Network meeting held 9/23/17 was an inspiring success, with over thirty attendees, about a third of them new people joining together for the first time. Following a shared lunch with live musical entertainment there were raffles, auctions, and introductions all around. Hundreds of the new SWN business cards were passed out to be used for contact as well as recruitment purposes.

Past activity reports of our summertime rallies, protests, and demonstrations preceded speeches by a Christian Identist introducing the faith and the sharing of religious and political material with everyone, in addition to print-outs explaining the purpose and method of the ShieldWall. Patches were presented to three ShieldWall Network members who had earned them since the last meeting, the new uniform shirt and flag were introduced, and a report was given by the ShieldWall Network Acting Coordinator for Missouri about his recruitment efforts there. There were five…

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Activists Act, Part 1

The Roper Report

Activism: Activists Act

  1. 2001-2002: German Embassy in DC. Israeli Embassy 3X.  Battle of York, PA. U.S. Capitol.

Our tactics then were to set a date, time, and location with a cause attached. Contact all allied groups and organizations to let them know this was where the event would be. Contact ARA/Black Block and goad them into coming out in opposition to us, shaming them into it. Pick a Fight. Then contact local and regional media and telling them that there was going to be a big, newsworthy confrontation between the two sides. Then going back and playing it up to supporters and allies as a big event they didn’t want to miss out on, to create attendance.

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September 29th-30th in E. TN.

The Roper Report

Activism Conference Schedule:  Most of our pre-registered conference attendees should plan on arriving in the Knoxville area on 9/29/17. The evening of Friday, September 29th, will primarily be a ‘meet and greet’ social gathering, giving StormFront forum members and other conference attendees an opportunity to break the ice and become acquainted personally. For some of you this may be your first opportunity to meet one another in person, so it will be helpful to get to know your ‘teammates’ before you work together to take the next step forward in ‘in real life’ activism for our movement and cause.

All day long on Saturday, September 30th, there will be activism-based seminars, workshops, breakout groups, and brainstorming sessions led by Billy Roper of The ShieldWall Network, Matt Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party, Father Francis of StormFront Radio, and other experienced White Nationalist leaders and activists from The League of…

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