Get Real Now, Before It’s Too Late

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

Yesterday, according to some reports, ICANN stole’s domain name. After 20 years of being one of the most active and productive internet resources for Whites, it will be a struggle to bring it back online. This, combined with the ongoing intense and concerted effort to deny the first amendment to our people online through deplatforming, make the warning I gave out almost  a year ago especially poignant and urgent. Go to The ShieldWall Network website. Begin to network with and meet local patriots of like mind in your area. Get alternative contact information (e-mail, phone numbers, mailing addresses, rendezvous points and plans) set up with them NOW. It’s coming.

At this time, The StormFront Conference in Eastern Tennessee is still ON for September 29th-Oct. 1st. You can come out and meet David Duke, myself, Don Black, Sam Dickson, and dozens of other White Nationalist leaders and…

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