ShieldWall Network launches combat division.

The Roper Report

The ShieldWall Phalanx

The phalanx (Ancient Greek: φάλαγξ; plural phalanxes or phalanges, φάλαγγες, phalanges) was a rectangular mass military formation, usually composed entirely of heavy infantry armed with spears, pikes, sarissas, or similar weapons.

Not all members of The ShieldWall Network are temperamentally or psychologically suited to recruit and cherry-pick new organizational affiliates through local government or civic organizations. In some cases, just as there are those whose professional occupations require that they be financiers and planners of The ShieldWall Network from behind the scenes rather than public activists, there are also ShieldWall Network affiliates who, frankly, have criminal records which may preclude them becoming persons of influence in their community directly and openly.

The ShieldWall Phalanx is an athletic association of all of the male members of The ShieldWall Network who are interested in improving their overall physical health through teamwork-driven activities. Open to all ShieldWall men regardless of…

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